Luggage Storage On Italian Trains

Italy, the country of Dolce Vita, romance, espresso, and exceptional cuisine! There’s always a reason to visit Italy and you can always do so as the weather is pleasant year-round. There are so many choices in the whole country that can meet every traveler’s needs; from pristine mountainous nature to volcanic islands and from attractions dating back to Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages. In other words, Italy is a must-go for every traveler!

Luggage Storage On Italian Trains: What Is It?

Its cobblestone alleyways, enveloped in a passionate ambiance, make Italy a must-see vacation. Only the anguish of having to take your belongings with you can detract from the romanticism of a day in Rome or Florence. Who wants to lug their baggage around with them wherever they go? The best way to travel around is without luggage, and you may do so by using luggage storage facilities in Italy.

Of course, Italy is a big country so its wide and contemporary rail network connects all of the major Italian cities. As a result, this allows you to effortlessly travel around the nation. However, traveling by train in Italy necessitates the use of carry-on luggage at all times. Meaning that you have to bring your luggage on board and properly stow it in the storage compartment. 

Italian Railway Network

There’s no better way to visit Italy’s cities than by train, which connects nearly every city or small town. In Italian cities, driving and parking are a headache, while high-speed trains are now faster, more convenient, and more soothing than flying. There is no need to check-in, no need to travel to and from remote airports, and there are no baggage fees or weight restrictions inside the train.

The main online platforms where you can book your tickets are and . It’s always advisable to book your ticket in advance, especially for long-distance trains. Also, note that depending on the railway, there are many possibilities for luggage storage on board.

Types of Italian Trains

The Frecciarossa is Trenitalia’s flagship high-speed train, with the original ETR500 trains and the newer Frecciarossa 1000 trains, all of which include free WiFi. 

There are also Frecciargento trains that run the typical Venice-Bologna-Florence-Rome route. And, Frecciabianca trains that run the Milan-Bari-Brindisi route. And, of course, the Intercity trains which are now refurbished and conduct the route Rome-Naples-Sicily. There are many more train categories like the Regionale Veloce or the Italo high-speed trains.

Keep in mind that luggage is seldom an issue on Italian trains, and whether you travel first or second class, there is always space for your belongings. There is no luggage car and you do not check your bags in. You just bring everything you want onto the train and put your bags on the racks above your head, or in the area between the seatbacks. If there aren’t any racks available on regional trains, your luggage goes on the floor next to you.

Luggage Storage at Italian Train Stations

Luggage lockers used to be found at practically every European train station, but they have been phased out due to security concerns. Today, most large stations feature a staffed luggage storage facility, or left luggage, that charges hourly and daily rates. This type of service is more expensive than lockers, but if it’s your sole luggage storage choice, the cost may not be an issue. However, luggage storage offices are more expensive than luggage lockers were previously. But, you can keep stuff for longer than 24 hours; just check beforehand the hourly and daily prices when dropping off your luggage.

Luggage Storage In Milan Train Stations

Luggage Storage In Milan Train Stations

Luggage Storage In Venice Train Stations

Luggage Storage In Florence Train Stations

Luggage Storage In Naples Train Stations

Luggage Storage In Turin Train Stations

Luggage Storage In Palermo Train Stations

Storage lockers at the train station are ideal for passengers who are only passing through for the day and do not want to lug around their bulky baggage. In Italy, most, if not all, major train stations feature luggage services or storage facilities dedicated to this purpose. Expect to spend between €15 per day on average, and to save money, attempt to fit two bags into one locker. 

Which Train Stations Offer Luggage Storage Facilities?

Turin Porta Nuova, Milano Centrale, Verona Porta Nuova, Venice Santa Lucia, Florence SMN, Rome Stazione Termini, and Naples Centrale all feature luggage storage options, either lockers or a manned facility. Pisa Centrale, Venice Mestre, Trieste, Genova Brignole, Genova Piazza Principe, La Spezia, Treviso, Padua, Pescara, Rimini, Ancona, Pesaro, Assisi, Perugia, Bari, Messina, Palermo, and Reggio di Calabria also have luggage storage facilities.

The daily opening hours are: 

What is the Cost of Luggage Storage in the Train Stations?

The cost per bag is €6 for the first 5 hours, €1 for the next 6-12 hours, and €0.50 for the thirteenth and subsequent hours. There is a weight limit of 20kg per item, which may or may not be enforced in practice. Lastly, note that the maximum deposit period is five days.

Do All Train Stations Have Luggage Storage Facilities?

Not all train stations in Italy offer luggage storage, whether in the form of lockers or a left-luggage office. However, the official Italian rail network’s website has information on whether or not there is a left luggage service at Italian train stations. The English version of this information indicates it’s “under construction”, but with a little help, you can figure out the Italian version rather quickly. If you can’t, you can always call them to find out whether there is luggage storage in a specific train station.

Other Ways to Store your Luggage at Italian Train Stations

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