Convenient, safe and affordable

Stasher is the perfect solution for temporary luggage storage, whenever and wherever you may need it. Whether you are waiting for your check-in, visiting a venue with a strict bag policy or catching a red-eye flight, there are many reasons you might need a place to leave your bags for a few hours. This is where Stasher comes in! With a few taps on your phone, you can find a place to store your bags around you and make the most of your day!

  • What is Stasher?

    Stasher is the world's first luggage storage network. Acting as an agent, it connects you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe while you enjoy your time in a city.

  • Why Use Stasher?

    Trust is at the heart of what Stasher is about. It works with respected brands and vetted businesses. Their 4.8/5 review score is a testament to this and their customer support is multi award-winning. Each bag is also fully guaranteed up to £1,000.

  • The Lightbulb Moment 2015

    How did it all start? People were always asking to store their stuff at Anthony's home near King's Cross. When a friend asked, Anthony replied "Sure, but I'm charging you for it". This joke was the lightbulb moment. On 21 September 2015, Jake and Ant, at the time roommates at Oxford, incorporated CityStasher Ltd (now Stasher).

  • Prototyping and Expansion 2016–2017

    Ant and Jake worked on the prototype while finishing their studies. Over the summer, they sent a cold email to the CEO of Big Yellow Storage, James Gibson - he loved the vision and joined as their first investor. They turned the prototype into a fully functioning business.

  • The Venture Investment Years 2018–2020

    Between 2017-2019, Stasher raised VC funding from Howzat Partners (Cheapflights, Trivago etc.), VentureFriends and investors from Hotels.com and Spotify. Their growth has seen them partner with companies including Hotels.com, Klook and Marriott, as well as brands like Premier Inn, Expedia and Accor. With 2020's $2.5m round, they planned to add more high calibre partners, grow the team and expand to 10,000+ cities. Stasher is currently present in every continent and over 400 cities.

  • Covid & Recovery 2020–2022

    The coronavirus pandemic was, as you can imagine, a disaster for business. Having started 2020 on a high, Stasher went into hibernation. During the hiatus, the team kept busy with Treepoints.green, which is now a thriving social enterprise. With travel recovering, the Stasher team is now back in business, storing more bags than ever before! To work with them, reach out to any of the team below :)

The faces behind the scenes

  • Jacob Co-founder and CEO

    Jacob and Anthony, friends from their time studying economics at Oxford together, co-founded the business in 2015. They were both recognised in 2020 on Europe’s Forbes 30 under 30 list. Jacob's interests include football (he is a long-suffering supporter of Charlton Athletic), fitness and game theory.

  • Anthony Co-founder and CCO

    Ant's interests include eating and complaining about being hungry…. Always. Along with Jacob, Anthony was recognised in 2020 on Europe’s Forbes 30 under 30 list. The pair also run a podcast - The Morality of Everyday Things - which is in the top 2.5% of podcasts worldwide.

  • Oscar Commercial Director

    Oscar runs Stasher's host and partnerships network. Prior to joining us he studied business & digital marketing and worked in sales before moving into business development. He's passionate about business, self-improvement and everything food related.

  • Luke Head of Engineering

    Stasher Chess Champion, King of the North and hasn't seen sunlight in months. Occasionally known to break stuff. Works best when fueled with a chicken Parmo or two and the girliest alcoholic beverage you can find.

  • Megan Backend Developer

    Megan joined Stasher in 2019 as our host community manager after graduating from King’s in Spanish and Portuguese and transitioned into software development during covid. Having lived in Brazil and Mexico, Megan can often be found daydreaming about her next trip, and failing that she’s at the pub!

  • Jc Backend Developer

    Jc is a nocturnal coder who's also known to chase the sunrise on two wheels. By night, he's your go-to backend robot, crafting digital wonders in the glow of his screen. But come morning, you'll find him tearing up the streets on a bike, fuelling up for another night of coding conquests.

  • Pedro Product Designer

    Having transitioned from a background in law to the realm of design, Pedro is captivated by the pursuit of pixel-perfection and UX evangelization. He is obsessed with The Simpsons and classic movies and as a holder of a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he's skilled in the delicate art of folding clothes while people are still in them – a talent that that could be handy during refinements with developers or while delivering compelling demos to the team.

    At his core, Pedro's mission is to enhance user experiences, alleviating any sense of "suckage." and If you wish to reach out to him, be sure to raise a flag that declares: "I am not my user, my user is not me.”

  • Mario Frontend Developer

    Hailing from the ancient land of Egypt, Armed with his papyrus scroll and a cup of milk latte, Mario can be found brainstorming innovative solutions while gazing at the mesmerizing Nile River.

  • John Frontend Developer

    John always dreamed of being a professor in an academy. But he needed to make a living so he became a Software Developer. Right now, his son is teaching him how to be a father first. You can find him measuring the water on the feeding bottle on his coding breaks.

  • Diane Frontend Developer

    Diane is an introvert who found her way in the world of code and pixels. She likes keeping things simple, both in her work as a Front-end Developer and her personal life. She still claims to be a bookworm even though she has not read books in a long time.

  • Kristoffer Software Engineer

    Throughout his career, Kris has been a Software Engineer focusing on mobile applications. He was in the Middle East when the pandemic struck which allowed him to upskill that bolstered his career even further. Wanderlust made his young heart venture back to the beautiful beaches and seas of the Philippines , because why not?

  • Ian Quality Assurance Engineer

    Meet Ian, our QA Engineer. He's on a mission to break things (in the best way possible) to keep our applications running smoother than ever. When he's not testing code, you'll find him indulging in his favorite pastimes: binge-watching YouTube and Netflix or playing mobile games. He also loves outdoor activities such as biking and hiking through scenic routes

  • Cris Head of Operations

    Cris is a in-progress digital illustrator with a nomadic soul. He founded Airkeep.me, another luggage storage platform focused on the Latin American market. He met the Stasher’s team in 2020 and after a few years Airkeep was acquired, where Cris joined the Stasher team in 2022.

  • Iara Operations Manager

    Iara is a Leeds College of Music graduate who joined Stasher as an Operations Associate, and is now managing Operations. She enjoys composing, singing, travel, any fighting game ever and talking about books for ridiculously long amounts of time.

  • Periklis Partnerships Manager

    Periklis joined us in 2022 after he graduated with his master's degree in Marketing & Data analytics. He is passionate about innovation and finding ways to make things done. Travelling in remote nature locations and skiing are his favourite things.

  • Paloma Partnerships Manager

    Meet Paloma, a Spanish girl from Cartagena (Murcia). She joined Stasher in 2023 as the Partnerships team focused on the French-speaking market. After spending her whole life moving from one place to another around Spain and abroad, she realized how much she enjoys traveling and getting to know new cultures and new cities. She studied Tourism at her hometown and after graduating, she flew to Brussels to start her professional career in the world of tourism. The next cities where she decided to start a new adventure were Paris and Cobh, ending in Madrid. She loves singing, traveling, cooking and being with her family and friends.

  • Kelly Supply Manager

    Kelly joined Stasher in 2022 to help grow our host network. She may not know what a trophy looks like, being a lifelong Tottenham fan, but she holds the record for the fastest Stashpoint sign-up in Stasher’s history. She enjoys roast dinners and eating celery at odd times, is triggered by tangerines, and in her spare time helps to organise Summer Soulstice festival.

  • Abi Business Analyst

    Abi joined Stasher in 2022 bringing a Mexican touch to the company. She graduated in Tourism and considers herself a specialist in the Riviera Maya. She is passionate about pastries and has a small Alfajores shop. Abi enjoys crypto winter as a hobby.

  • Miguel Rev-Ops Manager

    Miguel joined Stasher in 2024, after having worked a few years in the B2B SaaS industry, he decided to return to the travel industry which is his passion. He joined Stasher to help the sales team with operations and CRM. He's a great chef, and when he's not in London you can find him traveling or skiing in the mountains.

  • Michael Customer Support Team Lead

    Michael joined Stasher in 2024. He has been in the Customer Support and Tech Support industry for over a decade and has worked with some of the major tech companies out of Palo Alto. He is passionate about traveling, the future of technology and A.I.. He enjoys movies, cooking, and exploring new cities he has never been to before.

  • Caique Growth Marketing Manager

    Meet Caíque, our Growth Marketing Manager. With a background in Civil Engineering and over 6 years of expertise in Growth Hacking and Performance Marketing, he spearheads our expansion efforts. Like our company, he also considers the world his home. A digital nomad with a Brazilian heart, Italian blood, and a Spanish address. Caíque ensures seamless travel experiences for all, embodying Stasher's mission with flair.

  • James PR and SEO Manager

    Introducing James, our PR and SEO Manager. After a quarter life crisis pivoted his life from the legal field to digital marketing 6 years ago - he has been honing his SEO expertise for the last 4. A Dubai native turned UK resident, James is driven by the joys of slow travel and the challenge of pleasing the Google gods. He blends analytical skills with narrative creativity, aiming to elevate our brand’s online presence and engage our audience on a meaningful level.

  • Danny Data Analyst

    Meet Danny, our resident Data Analyst who joined us in November 2023, armed with an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Kent and a Masters in Business Analytics from UCL. When he’s not busy turning data into decisions, you can find Danny supporting the only football team that matters (according to him) – Arsenal. Like most of the Stasher crew, he loves to travel, and is on a mission to stamp his passport as many times as his annual leave — and our patience — will allow.

  • Sarah Brand and Content Manager

    Meet Sarah who joined us in 2024 as our Brand and Content Manager. Coming from a background in travel content creation, Sarah now handles all things social media here at Stasher. When she’s not creating videos, she can usually be found having a latte and almond croissant at a cafe, or on a plane heading somewhere new.

  • Edmond Chief Strategy Officer

    Edmond joined Stasher as a team mascot, but his tireless dedication to the cause has seen him rise the ranks to the executive team. During Covid, Edmond took some time off to recharge.

  • Rascal E Raccoon (aka Raz) Head of Waste Management

    Raz joined Stasher in 2022, following the mysterious disappearance of Edmond, our former Chief Strategy Officer. Raz enjoys swordfighting, wearing fun hats, and plotting to take over the world. Rumours that Edmond has been seen running a solar farm in Mexico are as yet unconfirmed.