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Hotel Agorà


453 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Hotel California


182 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Wheely Bike Rental

Open Late

120 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Gallery Souvenir

Open Late

106 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h


102 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Hearth Hotel


85 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Luggage Storage

78 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Foto Digital Discount

72 views last month

€6.00 on first 24h - €5.00 on extra 24h

Rome Free Lounge

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Landimension Travel

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Rome Left Luggage Guide

Built on seven hills, Rome is the capital city of Italy and renowned for its beauty and historical sites, making it a popular spot for tourists and travellers. But if you want to be free to roam magnificent locations such as the Catacombs, you’ll need a place to leave your bag. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most convenient options on offer.

Stasher Left Luggage

About: Stasher left luggage offers you a range of places where you can drop your bags. These luggage storage locations are trusted Rome shops and hotels with extra space. Every ‘StashPoint’ has been vetted by the Stasher team, where you can safely store your bags.

Opening hours: depending on the StashPoint, many are open 24/7, 7 days a week.

Cost: 6€ for 24 hours, and 5€for each additional day. Your luggage is insured up to 750€.

Here are the most popular luggage storage facilities in Rome:

  • Luggage Storage Termini Station – You can drop your luggage at the Hotel Agorá, just a 5-min walk from Termini Station and open 24/7, any day of the week.

  • Luggage Storage Colosseum - Leave your luggage at the Wheely Bike Rental, just a 5 minute walk from the Colosseum and open Mon - Sun 9am - 20pm.

  • Luggage Storage Trevi - Luggage Storage at Luggage Deposito, just around the corner from Trevi Fountain, open Mon-Sun 9am - 19pm.

Roma Termini Train Station Left Luggage

About: Based at the train station, the left luggage is manned by staff rather than self-service.

Opening hours: 6am-11pm

Cost: Charged per bag, the first five hours cost 6€, with an additional 1€ per extra hour up to a maximum of 12 hours. Beyond 12 hours, each additional hour is charged at €0.50.

Facts to consider: If you’re expecting to need baggage storage for a number of hours or have lots of bags, this can be an expensive option. There can also be considerable queues, so it’s advised to set off in advance.

Rome Airport Luggage Storage

About: Found in Terminal 3, International Arrivals on the ground floor.

Opening hours: 6.30am-11.30pm

Cost: 6€ per bag up to 24 hours. No lower tariffs are available for storing luggage for shorter periods.

Bear in mind: leaving your luggage at the airport is only convenient if you're staying in the city fro a brief layover and then going back to the airport. Otherwise, it's better to consider other options.

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Flexibility is key when you travel. Pay once, just £6 per item, and 24 hours of storage is yours, to use as much or as little as you need.
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Stasher's luggage storage solution connects you with local businesses who can store your bags securely.
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Every bag is insured up to £750. All our StashPoints are vetted for secure storage and friendly staff.


We're over 50% cheaper than station left luggage. We're just £6 per bag per 24h.


We have a range of locations to choose from and no queues!

Easy to book online at short notice, and a good price. The location was easy to find, very central and the service in the shop was lovely. Luggage was kept safe and it all felt completely secure so I’d definitely use Stasher again.

Susan Jane Tarr

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