Luggage Storage in European Trains

Traveling by train is the most affordable and, for many, enjoyable way to explore Europe. You get to choose your stopovers, specific routes you want to take, and combine many destinations within one journey. Another advantage of traveling by train is that you can take your luggage aboard, use the train stations’ lockers, or use luggage storage facilities. 

So, if you have had enough of airline luggage standards like weighing, measuring, plastic bags, and beverage limitations, train travel in Europe is guaranteed to be the way to go! 

During your journey, all of your bags can be carried into the train and stored in the luggage racks at the end of the carriage or over your head. It’s that easy — all you have to do now is relax and enjoy your rail holidays!

Luggage Storage Inside EU Trains

Storing your luggage inside European trains is quite simple. You just put your luggage on the rack above your seat, in the space between the seatbacks, or on floor-standing racks at the car ends or in the seating area. Note that on European trains, there is no dedicated baggage car. 

Almost all of Europe’s larger stations will provide luggage lockers or even manned luggage offices when you exit the train. These are ideal for passengers who have lengthy rail connections. You just drop your bags off, get your left luggage ticket or key, then come back later to pick up your belongings. Like this, you’ll be able to explore your surroundings without the burden of large bags. 

Weight and Size Limits on EU Trains

The most crucial factor to consider when packing your luggage for a rail trip is how much you can carry. This is because you will carry your bags around through the stations and onto the trains. 

In mainland Europe, there are no weight and size luggage limits on trains. Large suitcases are not a problem on Eurostar because each adult is allowed two pieces of luggage, each measuring up to 85cm. You’ll also be able to bring one piece of hand luggage per person, as well as pushchairs and prams, for free. 

In general, Eurostar limits luggage to two large items per person, each measuring no more than 85cm in any one dimension, plus one small piece of hand luggage. However, they’re not that strict and won’t bother measuring your bags if they’re a little bigger. 

A few European trains, such as Ouigo trains in France and Spain, now have luggage limits and extra bag fees. These are ‘low-cost’ trains attempting to replicate inexpensive airlines. But, these trains are the exception inside the large EU railway network.

Left Luggage Facilities on EU Train Stations

Luggage lockers used to be available at almost every European train station, but due to security concerns, many train stations don’t have lockers. Most major stations now have a staffed luggage storage facility, often known as left luggage, that costs hourly and daily fees. Although this service is more expensive than lockers, it is your only option for luggage storage inside European train stations. Passengers who are simply passing through for the day and do not want to carry their large luggage around can use the train station’s storage facilities. 

Left luggage facilities, on the other hand, are more expensive than luggage lockers. Keep in mind that most, if not all, large train stations in Europe have nearby luggage storage facilities because of that. If you store your bags inside the luggage storage facilities of the train station expect to spend between €10 and €15 each day on average.

Luggage Storage at Victoria Station – London

The station is open 24 hours a day, Monday through Sunday, and luggage can be stored on Platform 8. The cost of storage varies depending on the length of time it is kept. You may store your luggage for £6 for up to three hours. It costs £7.50 for a period of 3-6 hours and £10 for a period of 24 hours. For every 24 hour period, you must pay an additional £6.

Victoria Coach Station’s left luggage offers lower short-term prices than the train station’s counterpart, and you can use it even if you don’t have a coach ticket. It’s on the opposite side of Gate 6 inside the coach station. It charges £3 per item for up to 2 hours, £7 per bag for up to 24 hours if above 20kg, £5 if under 20kg.

Alternatively, you can use Stasher luggage storage facilities near Victoria Station for only £6 per day. Stasher offers numerous safe and reliable locations across the UK and mainland Europe and helps travelers to find convenient locations so as to store their luggage with reputable businesses in Europe.

Luggage Storage at Euston Station – London

Unfortunately, there are no self-service luggage storage facilities at Euston station. Nearby is a storage facility offered by The Excess Baggage Company, but it costs £12.50 per bag, which is more than twice as much as booking with Stasher. Furthermore, because you can’t reserve ahead of time, you won’t be assured a spot and may wind up queuing only to be turned away! So, choose a StashPoint in Euston Station in order to rest assured about your luggage.

Luggage Storage at Paddington Station – London

Excess Baggage Co. on platform 12 at Paddington Station currently has one Left Luggage facility. It is a basic storage option that may be rented hourly or daily, depending on your requirements. The left luggage facility is open from 7:00 a.m. until 23:00 p.m. Rates start at £7.50 for the first two hours and rise to £20 for a full day. 

Needless to say, if you want to stay in the neighborhood for more than 2 hours, this might get pricey. Thankfully, Stasher has numerous StashPoints in Paddington Station where you can safely store your luggage. Check them out! 

Luggage Storage at King’s Cross Station – London

King’s Cross Station has a left luggage facility. However, it is rather pricey, starting at £7.50 for the first two hours and £20 for the entire day, and they tend to fill up quickly. Their service is offered from 7:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m. every day. 

There are no self-service lockers at King’s Cross, although Access self-storage luggage lockers on Belgrove Street, across Euston Road, can be an alternative. Keep in mind that they have limited hours of operation, so if you arrive late, you won’t be able to access your belongings. Also, at £20 per day, they’re only cost-effective if you can fill the locker with multiple bags and just need storage for a day. 

So, if you want to visit the surroundings of King’s Cross without carrying your luggage and without paying too much, check our StashPoints right here.

Luggage Storage at Amsterdam Centraal

Baggage depots called “Bagagekluizen” are available at Amsterdam Centraal train station, where you can store your luggage for one hour to 72 hours. Luggage lockers cost €7 for the first 24 hours for a small storage locker and €10 for the first 24 hours for a large storage locker. 

Every day from 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m, the locker room is open in the station. But, by using Stasher’s luggage lockers you will pay less, have access to reliable locations and make your reservation in one minute. So, check our StashPoints here !

Luggage Storage at Paris – Gare du Nord

One of the most visited train stations in Paris, the Gare du Nord has numerous daily train connections. Regarding left luggage, the station has coin-operated luggage lockers. They’re on Level -1, near rail lane #3, just below the NW information booth. Look for a sign that says “consignes” in order to find them. 

The fee of a left luggage locker at Gare du Nord is determined by the locker’s size. For 24 hours, they range from 5.50€ to 9.50€. You can also check our StashPoints near Gare du Nord to find convenient, safe, and cheap luggage storage locations.

Luggage Storage in European Trains

Luggage Storage at Madrid – Atocha

At the Madrid-Atocha train station, there are left luggage lockers available for € 5.20 per day for large bags. The hours of operation are 5:30 a.m. to 10:20 p.m. They’re in the station’s Embarcadero section, which is where passengers board the trains. Alternatively, you can check our StashPoints located nearby Atocha to store your luggage in proximity to your current location.

Luggage Storage at Barcelona – Sants

Sants Train Station is one of Barcelona’s largest train stations. It serves as a central center for the majority of Barcelona’s arrivals and departures, and it also offers luggage storage. However, these services are usually quite costly. 

The left luggage lockers at Barcelona Sants are open from 05:30 to 23:00 every day of the year. Rates range from €6 for two hours to €10 for the entire day. That’s more than twice as much as Stasher’s one-time €5 cost. So, check our StashPoints right here!

Luggage Storage at Venice – Santa Lucia

Venice’s beautiful main station located on the Grand Canal offers left luggage facilities at Platform 1. However, travelers frequently report long waits only to find that the facility is full. Luggage storage is available at the independent Deposito Bagagli, which is located adjacent to the main entrance. A regular-sized bag costs €6, while large bags cost €8. But, you’ll simply pay €5 per item with Stasher, and there are no size restrictions. See the list of our StashPoints around Santa Lucia right here.

Luggage Storage at Santa Maria Novella – Florence

The luggage office at the Florence station is located on the right side of track 16 and there’s a sign “Deposito Bagagli” to find it. It’s open from 6:00 a.m. to 24:00 a.m., and it costs € 3.80 for the first 5 hours and € 0.60 per hour if you store for 6 to 12 hours.

However, because there are weight and size restrictions, consider using one of our StashPoints near the railway station to take advantage of low costs and secure luggage storage. However, there are weight and size restrictions so consider using our StashPoints around the train station to benefit from affordable prices and safe luggage storage locations.