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Luggage storage Brisbane

Luggage storage Brisbane

£6.00 per day


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Where can I store my luggage in Brisbane?

With Stasher, you can store your bags in secure locations all around the city and enjoy the rest of your trip.

The convenient alternative to lockers

Here's how it works:

Book online and receive directions

Stash your bags with Stasher's store or hotel

Enjoy your luggage free day!

Stasher locations in Brisbane

What customers say about us

Super easy and smooth service

Such an easy and smooth service. I needed leave my bag as I was watching a play for 2 hours. I cannot recommend this service enough.

Oner Ozdamar

Excellent service

Brilliant service. Such an easy process start to finish. Would deffo recommend.

Sharon Dodd

Safe and secure

First time using Stasher... with 5 hours until my Airbnb was available. Great service, very well organised and bag was locked away in a safe and secure area. Will definitely use again.



Easy to book and secure storage. Good access times. Simple.

Amanda Lucas

Excellent professional service

Fantastic service, very friendly, definitely will use again.

Peter Williams

Seamless Experience

First time user, experience was easy and fast.

Carmel Luttrell

Convenient bag drop

Convenient location, secure, long opening hours, friendly service.

Claire Ralph

Best service, rules and price

Great service. Best for luggage storage in any town.

Lukasz Dygas

Want more info? Here's the full guide:

Our guide to luggage storage in Brisbane

If you ever asked yourself “Where can I find luggage storage near me?”, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re early for your Airbnb check-in, or have a couple of hours before your evening flights, bags are bound to get in the way of your day

Storing your luggage is the best way to make the most of your time, without feeling like you’re missing out. Read on to find  the best luggage storage solutions in Brisbane.

1. Luggage Storage in Brisbane With Stasher

Stasher puts you in touch with local shops and hotels where you can safely and affordably store your bags. 

Dropping your bags with us is easy, secure and fully insured - our StashPoints allow you to safely store your luggage right where you need to.

Why store your luggage with Stasher?

Leaving your luggage with Stasher is:


Booking online takes less than 2 minutes!


Our locations are near all major transport hubs and tourist attractions. No need to lug a luggage behind to reach a far away location!


Storing with us is 50% cheaper than luggage storage lockers and traditional services

✔️ No size restrictions

Landing from an international flight? Worry not, our luggage storage rooms can accommodate bags of all sizes.

✔️ Fully insured

Every bag is insured up to £1000.

How much does it cost to store your luggage in Brisbane?

It’s only £6.00 per day, and £5.00 for every extra day!


Our StashPoints are ideally located near all major transport hubs and tourist attractions so that you’re never too far from a drop-off location.

 Use the search bar above to find the StashPoints that best suits your needs and get booking.

Opening hours

Opening hours vary depending on the luggage storage location. We recommend checking online before making a booking.

How to store your luggage in Brisbane with Stasher

Storing with Stasher couldn’t be easier!

  1. Use the search bar to find your ideal location
  2. Select your drop-off and pick-up times
  3. Book online!

You will then immediately receive a booking confirmation email with all the necessary info. Need help with your booking? We are always available to give you a hand! Get in touch through the online chat or send us an email at [email protected]

2. Luggage storage and lockers in Brisbane CBD

Where can I find luggage storage in Brisbane CBD?

Unfortunately, due to security reasons there are no luggage lockers available in the CBD. Luckily, companies like Stasher have luggage storage points where you can safely and affordably leave your bags. 

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find the location that best suits your needs.

Opening hours

The majority of Stasger's locations are open 24/7.

How much does it cost?

It costs AUD $8 per day, including insurance.

Useful information about Brisbane CBD

  • The main bus terminal and the central train station are both located in Brisbane CBD, which makes this an ideal area to start exploring the city.
  • Queen Street Mall is the central shopping and eating district, as well as a venue for live entertainment during the weekends.
  • If you are a specialty coffee snob, this is the right place for you. Almost every coffee shop in the area serves top class fancy single origin espresso brewed using all sorts of methods.
  • During weekends, many waterfront cocktail bars and seafood eateries pop up. We highly recommend having a stroll around here and sipping a cocktail while admiring the breathtaking views.
  • Before or during your trip, we highly recommend checking out our city guides and travel hacks blog posts

3. Luggage storage and lockers at Brisbane South Bank

Where can I find luggage storage at Brisbane South Bank?

The luggage storage lockers are located by Stanley Street Plaza, opposite Streets Beach.

Opening hours

The lockers are available for use during the Parkland’s opening hours, from 5am to midnight.

How much does it cost?

  • Small locker: $4 for four hours and $1 per hour extra after that
  • Large locker: $6 for four hours and $1.50 per hour extra after that

Bear in mind you can only store a small backpack or day bag, as even the large lockers are quite small.

4. Luggage storage and lockers at Brisbane Airport

Where can I find luggage storage at Brisbane Airport?

Brisbane Airport offers self-service storage solutions both at the Domestic and International Terminals. 

  • Domestic Terminal: You’ll find lockers outside the Qantas and Virgin Terminal areas
  • International Terminal: Lockers can be found on Level 1, next to the car park entrance.
  • Alternatively, there are luggage storage lockers available at the Skygate Centre, a shopping centre located just down the road from the airport. Lockers are located next to the transfer bus stop between Skygate Centre and DFO.

Opening hours

The lockers are available 24/7

How much does it cost?

  • Small locker  $12 per 24 hours
  • Medium locker  $14 per 24 hours
  • Large locker  $16 per 24 hours

Useful information about Brisbane Airport

  • Brisbane Airport is approximately 14km away from Brisbane CBD and well connected to the city center. 
  • The Brisbane Airtrain departs every fifteen minutes, last train is at 10:04pm, and costs $15 per person.
  • There are also several bus services operating between the Airport and the city. Taking the bus is without a doubt the cheapest option, although it’s also the longest as there are often traffic delays.

Don't carry your bags around

Store them safely and enjoy your day