Introducing Stasher Luggage Shipping Service

Whether you’re relocating abroad, going on a business trip, or bringing home souvenirs from your vacation, you’ll move around a lot easier with Stasher’s new luggage shipping service. Our convenient service offers affordable options for all kinds of shipping needs.

Business Travelers

Waiting in long queues to check and claim luggage can ruin even the most meticulously planned business trip. With Stasher’s door-to-door luggage shipping, you can feel confident that you’ll make all of your appointments on time and maybe even find a few extra hours to see the sights while you’re on your next business trip.

Sports Enthusiasts

Traveling with a bicycle, surfboard, golf clubs, or any other sporting equipment can be a real hassle. You’ll probably only use your gear for a fraction of your trip, but you’ll have to lug it around the entire time you’re away. Stasher makes sure your equipment is where you need it when you need it. Even better, we’ll help you get your gear back home, so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.

Traveling Musicians

Gone are the days when flight staff would reserve a space for musical instruments or let you check them at the gate. Today’s traveling musicians live with the constant threat of airlines mangling their gear or instruments failing to materialize at the airport baggage claim. With Stasher, you can safely and affordably ship your musical instruments through standard shipping, pallet delivery, or delivery via van.


How many times have you scored a great price on an artwork you loved while on vacation only to realize that shipping your treasure would be prohibitively expensive? With Stasher’s secure luggage shipping, you can save up to 80% on typical FedEx or DHL shipping costs. As long as you’re not shipping federally prohibited items and you attach a customs tag, Stasher will send it anywhere in the world, either within the UK, throughout the EU, or even to the USA.

People Moving Abroad

Bringing some of the comforts of home really helps ease homesickness when you’re moving abroad for school or work. But with weight limits on baggage and costly fees for extra bags, bringing your belongings with you can become a serious expense. Stasher offers affordable, standard shipping for items up to 30 kilograms and custom quotes for even heavier luggage. You won’t have to leave anything behind when you move abroad. 

How Stasher’s Luggage Shipping Works

Shipping luggage with Stasher is quick and easy. All you need to do is book your luggage shipping, pack your items, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

When you ship your luggage with Stasher, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your items are at all times. Our luggage shipping includes custom text messaging, real-time online tracking, and email updates every step of the way.

To get a free quote, just tell us where you want us to pick up your luggage and the destination where you want your items sent.