Shipping your bags with Stasher’s delivery service couldn’t be simpler! Stasher offers affordable luggage shipping around the world, even for those bulky items like bikes and skis that it is difficult to take on a plane. 

Great, so you’ve wisely chosen to send your bags ahead of you and save money on costly airline luggage allowances. Now read on to find out everything you need to know about packing your belongings ready for shipping. 

How to package your luggage

When packing up your belongings, there are lots of options available to you from suitcases to cardboard boxes depending on the size and shape of what you want to send. 


Depending on your preference, you can pack your belongings in a hard or soft suitcase, just make sure all the straps are tucked in, taped down, or taken off. For this reason, we recommend avoiding rucksacks and holdalls. It is better to opt for a sturdy suitcase, rather than lightweight, and we do not recommend shipping designer luggage.  

Pro tip: Tape down your bags extending handles to stop them from popping out and protect them in transit.

Do not lock your suitcase when closing it, as customs and/or the courier may need to verify the contents of your items and you may find they break the lock or send it back to you in order to do so.  


If you decide to package your things in boxes rather than suitcases, go for cardboard rather than plastic, as plastic is very brittle. We also suggest opting for double-walled cardboard for extra protection. 

Within the boxes, we recommend packaging up individual fragile items with some form of cushioning, like bubble wrap, tissue paper, or material. Ideally, spread your heavy items out between boxes rather than packing a whole box of books or dumbbells, as this will increase the chances of the box splitting. 

When closing up your boxes, make sure to use parcel tape or duct tape rather than sellotape, and tape over every closing. Your items should not be visible anywhere from the outside of the box. Also, make sure that the flaps of the boxes aren’t overlapping, as this will make the box weaker and the contents more liable to fall out. 

Our tiered pricing system means that you only pay for as much space and weight as you need. Check out this handy guide to see the size allowances for boxes and suitcases. 

Size allowances

Weight Box Size Suitcase Size 
10kg108 cm119 cm
15kg124 cm138 cm
20kg138 cm152 cm
25kg149 cm164 cm
30kg159 cm174 cm
40kg171 cm184 cm

Packaging unusual items 

At Stasher, we know that everyone’s idea of adventure is different, and sometimes that requires special equipment, be that a pair of skis, a surfboard, or a mountain bike. Our delivery service can accommodate most items, read on for a few tips on packaging up your sports equipment.


Got a cycling holiday planned or taking your bike home after uni? Not a problem! With Stasher you can send your bicycle easily, all you need to do is package it in a travel case or suitable box. 

To pack it into a case you will probably need to deflate the tyres and remove the handlebars. Your local bike shop should be able to help you with this.


The advantage of shipping your skis rather than bringing them on the plane is that there is no limit to the amount of equipment you can transport. As long as your skis, poles, and/or snowboarding equipment are packed into suitable bags, we can send them wherever you need them to go. 

Golf bags 

Planning your next golf trip? We can transport all your golf equipment for you no problem. Just make sure that your golf bag has a proper hood fastening, or package your golf clubs in a travel case or box. In addition, we suggest wrapping your club heads in bubble wrap to protect them in transit. 

If you have any queries regarding the shipping of specific items, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team who are on hand to help. 

Attaching labels 

First you need to create your labels by logging on to the Stasher website. Here you can enter your pickup address and destination as well as your desired dates. Stasher will then provide you with shipping labels to attach to your items. 

Before you attach the new labels, make sure you have removed or covered all old labels to avoid confusion. Having multiple labels visible may result in your items being sent to the wrong address or delayed. 

In addition, please do not simply tape the labels to your items as they are liable to be damaged and will result in slowing down the delivery time if they cannot be read clearly. 

We suggest that you put the label into a clear plastic wallet, tape it shut and attach to your case or box with tape or string.

Alternatively, you can attach your label with tape and then wrap your bag in plastic wrap or cling film to protect the label and prevent it from falling off. This will also help protect your suitcase in transit. 

Helpful pro tip: Include a backup label and packing list inside the luggage and attach your address label and packing list separately and readily visible.

What not to pack

You can send almost anything with Stasher. There are only a few items  that are prohibited from shipping by law. These include pressurised cans (hairspray or deodorant), inflammable items (like nail varnish), and items containing alcohol (perfume). 

Make sure not to include any prohibited items in your boxes as they may be stopped at customs and confiscated or sent back to you. 

Stasher’s service covers most of your goods, but some high value items such as musical instruments and artworks may not be covered. We also suggest not sending items of irreplaceable value, such as jewelry or heirlooms. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. 

Customs Regulations

Although luggage delivery can be used within countries, we understand that often people need to ship their belongings internationally. There are some instructions you should be aware of regarding clearing customs. 

This is one of the reasons you should not lock your suitcase. Customs officials may need to inspect them, and they will break the lock or send it back if they do not have easy access. 

Please be attentive to customs requirements. This may mean additional charges, although most countries offer generous duty-free clearance for personal items.

Check the customs requirements in your destination country before booking and packaging. Stasher will try to make the process as easy as possible, providing documentation forms when you book pickup and delivery, which you can print, sign and attach prior to sending your belongings. 

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