Top 8 LuggageHero Alternatives for Your Luggage Storage Needs

No matter where you live in the world, if you have any sort of travel experience, you know that many of the problems we encounter during trips are luggage-related.

The questions begin even before we get to the airport: 

  • How big of a suitcase should I get? 
  • Do I need a backpack as well?
  • Should I bring with me another bag for souvenirs or in case of an emergency?

But, even when we get to the airport, the luggage problems continue to mount: 

  • Am I going to pay extra for my suitcase’s weight? 
  • Where do I check-in? 
  • Is my luggage going to be with me at the next airport?

Another issue that arises during a trip is the safety and storage of our luggage

After all, when we arrive in a country and city of our choice, whether we are staying at a hotel, a youth hostel or somewhere else, we want our luggage storage to be dependable.

Regardless of the activities that we elect to partake in, whether it’s hiking, sightseeing or simply going to shops, museums and cafes, it’s relieving when we do any of the aforementioned luggage-free.

Thankfully, there’s a variety of Airbnb-style platforms that can help us store our luggage safely, such as LuggageHero and its alternatives which we’ll dive into now.

Alternatives to LuggageHero: Comparison Table with Pricing and Features

LuggageHero is one of the most prominent options in the luggage storage industry.

While it offers a variety of features, it’s worthing doing a quick overview of itself as well as its alternatives, in the following table:

Comparison table of the top lugagge storage apps

As you can see, each platform has different policies when it comes to pricing, insurance and more.

Let’s start with the first LuggageHero alternative on our list, which happens to be our very own Stasher.

Note: Data is valid as of October 2023.

Alternative #1: Stasher

Similar to LuggageHero, Stasher is a luggage storage app that focuses on affordable and safe storage of your belongings, in thousands of locations worldwide.

Stasher Homepage

The booking process is quite simple; you search for a city like London, a time period that you wish to store your luggage for, along with the number of bags, and Stasher presents you with available locations that fit your criteria!

Simple, right?

Here’s an overview of some basic information about Stasher.

Price/bag: £4.99 + booking fees

Locations: 3600+ in over 890 cities

Insurance: £2.500/bag

Trustpilot Rating: 4.8/5

Additionally, among others there are 3 key advantages of Stasher in comparison to other luggage storage apps:

  1. Extensive coverage
  2. Storage flexibility
  3. Money back guarantee

Let’s examine each advantage extensively.

Key Advantage #1: Extensive coverage

Compared to most luggage storage apps, Stasher provides you with more storing locations around the world. 

More specifically, there are more than 3,600 locations across 890+ cities worldwide, from major locations like Paris and New York, to museums like the British Museum and landmarks like the Acropolis.   

Therefore, no matter which country you decide to visit, chances are that you will find a Stasher location nearby (we call them Stashpoints!).

Plus, Stasher has a plethora of luggage storage options. From hotels and airports, all the way to train stations and local shops just around the corner.

Key Advantage #2: Storage flexibility

Other than luggage, Stasher offers flexibility allowing you to store bags, sports equipment, bikes or any other items upon request. 

You can store your luggage for a few hours, or for as many days as you like, depending on your budget.

Key Advantage #3: Money back guarantee

We all know that sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. 

We might have a medical emergency, a canceled flight, or we simply want to extend our vacation and go explore another destination. 

Well, Stasher has you covered, as there’s a free cancellation on all unused bookings, and we even offer a full refund, as long as you cancel before the drop-off time has elapsed.

Pretty neat, right?

How does Stasher Work?

The way Stasher works is super easy and you can book one of our locations in less than 2 minutes!

Why not give it a go and see for yourself? 👇

Pretty simple, right?

With so many locations worldwide, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs!

Let’s have a look however at some other LuggageHero alternatives, for you to have a better idea of the available options.

Alternative #2: LugLockers

Our next LuggageHero alternative is LugLockers.

LugLockers Homepage

LugLockers is a luggage storage platform with more than 500 locations in cities that span mainly across Europe, the United States, and some Asian countries. 

Their services are credible, with a straightforward policy in terms of booking and payment issues, making it a solid choice for your luggage storage needs.

Price/bag: Hourly or daily rates. Varies by time and luggage size.

Locations: 500+ worldwide 

Insurance: None listed

Trustpilot Rating: 3.7/5

Let’s continue.

Alternative #3: Vertoe

Our next option is Vertoe, a short-term storage provider that offers luggage storage services. 

Vertoe Homepage

You can also store bags or other items, with the company offering over 1.000 locations in more than 65 cities.

Their service is designed to be convenient for travelers who may need to store their luggage before checking into their accommodations or after checking out, as well as professionals who may need to store work equipment. 

They also cater to individuals attending events where bags aren’t allowed inside the venue.

Price/bag: £5.95 + booking fees 

Locations: 1.000+

Insurance: £4.117

Trustpilot Rating: 2.5/5

Alternative #4: Nannybag

NannyBag focuses on providing a user-friendly service with a straightforward booking process through its website or mobile app.

Nannybag Homepage

They have 24/7 customer support, biodegradable safety seals, and free cancellation.

It has strict limitations on the type of luggage and items that can be stored, including weight and size restrictions and exclusions for goods exceeding £1000.

Their service fits travelers with standard luggage requirements who value a simple, streamlined booking process.

Price/bag: £6 flat rate per day + booking fees

Locations: 500+ countries

Insurance: £1.000

Trustpilot Rating: 4.6/5

Alternative #5: Bounce

Bounce is a luggage storage app with a network of over 2.000 cities around the world. The company was founded in 2015 and has a heavy US presence.

Bounce Homepage

They recently expanded to some cities in Australia, Europe, and parts of Asia, but their core-audience is still US based. 

Bounce is one of the most used and well known luggage storage apps, as it has over 20,000 reviews, with a solid rating as you can see below.

Price/bag: £5 + booking fees

Locations: 10,000+

Insurance: Up to £10,000

Trustpilot Rating: 4.4/5

Let’s continue with our next alternative, shall we?

Alternative #6: Radical Storage

Radical Storage is another solid choice in the luggage storage industry.

Radical Storage Homepage

It offers more than 7,000 locations worldwide for its users to store their belongings in, and also guarantees 100% security, which is attractive to all safety-conscious people!

Price/bag: £4.33 + booking fees

Locations: 7000+

Insurance: £3.000

Trustpilot Rating: 4.2/5

Alternative #7: StoreMe

Our next LuggageHero alternative is StoreMe.

StoreMe Homepage

The main consideration is that they’re only available in certain cities across the U.S, but they’re a good LuggageHero alternative if you’re traveling in the states. 

Especially in cities like Austin, Denver, and Miami.

Price/bag: Depending on size

Locations: 200+

Insurance: $3.000

Trustpilot Rating: 0 reviews

Let’s move on to our last option of this list.

Alternative #8: Station & Airport Lockers

Last but not least, we have the old-fashioned way of luggage lockers

Station and airport lockers

They might not provide you with a lot of space, but they are a solid access point for your baggage upon arriving at your destination. 

We usually see luggage lockers at airports of big European cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

As well as major train stations like the Kings Cross and Victoria Station.

As a result, with station lockers the pricing can be quite hefty and insurance isn’t usually covered.

Price/bag: £10+

Locations: >10 stations in London, all airports

Insurance: None

Trustpilot Rating: >3.5/5

Nevertheless, they’re always an option if needed.

Let’s wrap things up with some final words.

Now Over to You

So there you have it! That was our full list of the top LuggageHero alternatives.

Traveling is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves. After all our hard work and perseverance through life’s challenges, we deserve a vacation to relax and recharge.

Regardless of which app you choose, all of them are worth checking. The point is to pick the one that best accommodates your needs.

After all, everyone wants to travel without distractions and unnecessary problems, right?

That’s exactly why here at Stasher, we try to accommodate the luggage storage needs of every traveler, offering thousands of locations in cities worldwide.

If you want to store your luggage safely during your next trip, head over to Stasher and store your bags in over 890 cities globally!