13 Best Restaurants in Manchester for Finger Licking Food

Let’s face facts: Manchester was never a huge foodie destination.

Until the late ’00s, the authentic Manchester food experience was mainly rag pudding and Eccles cake. However, in the last decade, the city’s culinary scene has witnessed a revival, with a large number of indie restaurants breathing new life in it.

The best restaurants in Manchester are now considered some of the best in Britain.

Which are they though? Let’s have a closer look at them.

Restaurant #1: El Gato Negro

El Gato Negro is a highly acclaimed Spanish tapas bar located in an opulent former townhouse. Although the architecture is upscale, El Gato Negro has a highly relaxed atmosphere and includes a rooftop bar with a retractable roof.

Chefs working at El Gato Negro place a high priority on using fresh, local ingredients to create iconic Spanish dishes. A few favourites at El Gato Negro’s include crabmeat with gazpacho and avocado, chargrilled beef filets, and Jamón Ibérico croquetas.

El Gato Negro also offers set lunch menus and sharable group menus. Anyone travelling in a group of more than seven must reserve a table. You’ll find El Gato Negro on King Street just a short walk from the historic St. Ann’s Church.

  • Cuisine: Tapas
  • Area: Central Retail District
  • Address: 52 King St, Manchester M2 4LY, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 694 8585
  • Website: elgatonegrotapas.com
  • Map

Restaurant #2: Albert’s Shed

Albert’s Shed is an unpretentious, family-run restaurant offering cuisines from around the world. As the name suggests, the building that now houses this canal-side restaurant was originally a toolshed, which gives Albert’s Shed a highly rustic feel.

Although there are plenty of international dishes available, Albert’s Shed primarily focuses on modern British cuisine. Just a few entrées on Albert’s Shed’s dinner menu include Lancaster cheese and onion pie, tomahawk pork chops, and rabbit stuffed with blackcurrant, mushrooms, and apple.

Guests can find Albert’s Shed near Bridgewater Canal at 20 Castle Street. 

Restaurant #3: Australasia

Australasia is a chic modern restaurant that offers guests a fusion of traditional Australian and Asian cuisines. After descending the restaurant’s distinctive glass pyramid, guests are transported into an elegant dining space meant to resemble the beaches of the Pacific Rim.

A few classic main courses at Australasia include pork belly with pineapple curry, an Australian wagyu filet, and chicken with sesame miso.

In keeping with its Asian theme, Australasia also has an extensive sushi and tempura selection. Groups of more than seven people need to book a reservation.

  • Cuisine: Australian, Asian, Fusion
  • Area: Spinningfields
  • Address: 1 The Avenue, Manchester M3 3AP, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 831 0288
  • Website: http://australasia.uk.com/
  • Map

Restaurant #4: Umezushi

Umezushi is a tiny Japanese restaurant that serves authentic sashimi and sushi in a cosy atmosphere. Besides its wide assortment of sushi and sashimi, Umezushi is well-known for its daily changing specials that highlight the freshest possible ingredients.

A few popular seafood options you could try in your sushi include salmon, pickled mackerel, and octopus. Umezushi is located in Unit 4 on Mirabel Street, which is within walking distance of the Manchester Arena. 

  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Area: Manchester Arena
  • Address: 4, Mirabel St, Manchester M3 1PJ, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 832 1852
  • Website: https://www.umezushi.co.uk/ 
  • Map

Restaurant #5: Mowgli

Mowgli is a bustling restaurant that serves classic Indian street food in a comforting wood-panelled atmosphere. Online personality & Mowgli founder Nisha Katona’s main goal has always been to bring people together around authentic Indian cooking, which makes Mowgli a perfect place for group dining.

In addition to traditional curries, Mowgli’s menu features agra ginger chicken, lamb chops with turmeric chips, and lentils with cumin, coriander, and lemon. 

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Area: Exchange Square
  • Address: 16, Corn Exchange House, 37 Exchange St, Manchester M4 3TR, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 832 0566
  • Website: https://www.mowglistreetfood.com/
  • Map

Restaurant #6: Don Marco

Don Marco is an Italian-themed brasserie that’s ideal for couples in the mood for a romantic dining experience. Many of the dishes on Don Marco’s menu are especially colourful thanks to the heavy use of fresh vegetables in most dishes.

Pasta fans will find dozens of dishes at Don Marco to choose from ranging from standard spaghetti alla carbonara to tagliatelle with salmon, spinach, peas, and asparagus. Other Don Marco favourites include filet mignon with cherry tomatoes, tuna with capers and tomatoes, and duck with cabbage, balsamic onions, and apples.

Restaurant #7: Tattu

Tattu is a high-end Chinese restaurant in an ultra-modern, ultra-sleek setting. Customers who visit Tattu will feel as if they’ve stepped into an Oriental dreamscape as they walk through sliding doors and dine underneath glowing cherry blossom trees.

As for the food, Tattu offers old Chinese standards with a few modern twists. For instance, Tattu offers crispy shredded chilli steak, coconut chicken salad, and chicken curry clay pot with coconut and wasabi pea purée. 

  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Area: Hardman Square
  • Address: 3 Hardman Square, Gartside St, Manchester M3 3EB, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 819 2060
  • Website: https://tattu.co.uk
  • Map

Restaurant #8: Mughli Charcoal Pit

Mughli Charcoal Pit is a budget-friendly, family-run Indian restaurant often voted one of the best curry houses in Manchester. As the name suggests, most of Mughli’s most famous menu items are charred to perfection in a traditional charcoal pit.

Popular menu items include charred lamb with coriander, mini lamb burgers, and chicken tikka. Mughli also has a large assortment of gluten-free and vegan menu items for guests with dietary restrictions. 

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Area: Rusholme
  • Address: 30 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TQ, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 248 0900
  • Map

Restaurant #9: Rudy’s Pizza

Rudy’s is a tiny pizzeria that specialises in making budget-friendly handmade Neapolitan pies. Employees at Rudy’s create their dough early every morning and allow it to ferment for an entire day before they cook it up for customers.

The result of this labour-intensive process is an extremely light and thin slice of pizza just like you’d get in la Bella Napoli. In addition to classic pies like marinara and margherita, Rudy’s has unique options like a calabrese with spicy sausage and a red pizza topped with tuna, parmesan, and red onions. Currently, Rudy’s only accepts walk-ins at its 9 Cotton Street location in Ancoats.

  • Cuisine: Pizza
  • Area: Ancoats
  • Address: 9 Cotton St, Manchester M4 5BF, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 820 8292
  • Website: https://rudyspizza.co.uk
  • Map

Restaurant #10: Miller and Carter

Miller and Carter is a hip steakhouse located in a former King Street bank. All of the steaks at are supplied from local Irish or British farms and are aged for at least 30 days before being served. A few prime cuts offered at Miller and Carter include rib eye, filet, sirloin, and bistro rump.

For those not in the mood for steak, Miller and Carter also offers signature burgers, chicken dishes, pork meals, and seafood. Consider giving the bacon-wrapped pork filet or give the BBQ glazed chicken a try. 

Restaurant #11: Viet Shack

Viet Shack is a small Vietnamese restaurant that’s become a fan favourite with residents of Ancoats.

Created in the early 2010s as a simple shack near the Arndale food market, Viet Shack now has its own restaurant space and legions of fans on Instagram. Here you’ll find filling Vietnamese fare such as chicken Banh Mi and Pho Ga soup all at reasonable prices. Just so you know, no walk-ins are accepted at Viet Shack and the queue can get pretty long at lunchtime.

You’ll find this hidden gem at Ancoats, although there is also a second location in the Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre.

  • Cuisine: Vietnamese
  • Area: Ancoats
  • Address: 65 Great Ancoats St, Manchester M4 5AB, UK
  • Map

Restaurant #12: Yadgar Cafe

Yadgar Café is a no-frills Indian takeaway venue that’s earned a positive reputation in Manchester for its curries. Although Yadgar might not look all that flashy on the outside, it’s a great option for anyone craving a quick & satisfying Indian meal for a cheap price. A few menu items that have earned high praise from locals include the lamb curry, keema, and lentil dahl. 

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Area: Northern Quarter
  • Address: 1es, 71 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1LQ, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 831 7753
  • Map

Restaurant #13: Fazenda

Fazenda is a fine dining Brazilian restaurant where customers are treated to succulent skewers of meat.

Before you enjoy your meat cuts, however, you’ll be guided to Fazenda’s salad bar its wide assortment of healthy veggies, stews, and cured meats to choose from. Once you’re ready, place a green card on your table and tell your waiter what cut of meat you’d like brought to your table.

Popular meat options include lamb cutlets, beef tenderloin, and chicken wrapped in bacon. After you get your food, switch your card to red until you’re hungry for more. 

  • Cuisine: Brazilian
  • Area: Spinningfields
  • Address: The Avenue, Manchester M3 3AP, UK
  • Reservations: +44 161 207 1183
  • Website: https://fazenda.co.uk
  • Map

Let’s wrap things up with some final words.


Our list with the best restaurants in Manchester has now come to an end.

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