Discovering La Ville Lumière: The Best Paris Blogs of 2023

Wanderlust: a desire to travel, far away, and to many different places. And boy has the last year given us all some serious wanderlust. 

With the days getting longer and lighter, we’re all looking forward to one thing: the coming of spring. And what’s spring if it’s not strolling down the Champs-Elysees, croissant in hand, with trees coming into bloom all around – La vie en rose as the French put it. 

Hopefully we’ll be free to enjoy the delights of belle Paris soon enough. But in the meantime, we’ve rounded up ten of the best travel blogs of 2021 you can get your wanderlust fix. Bon voyage! 

Blog #1: Salut From Paris

As an expat and avid traveller herself, Lena from Salut From Paris, knows exactly what readers want from a travel blog. Salut From Paris  provides a perfect combination of an essential travel guide with valuable local insider tips. Whether it’s finding the best hotel, getting around town or discovering secret spots and little known sights – Salut from Paris has the answers. 

This blog is a great source of knowledge that helps visitors to navigate Paris by providing itineraries to sights and around neighbourhoods, and it also tells us when it’s worth heading off the beaten path to see more of Paris than the usual guidebooks suggest. 

Blog #2: Falling off Bicycles

Julia, the brains behind the Falling Off Bicycles blog, moved to Paris over 14 years ago, and has been in love with the city ever since. She writes about the joys of navigating life in Paris, particularly by bike, her speciality. From Paris film recommendations to how to throw a traditional Parisian Christmas. 

Her blog and instagram account will help you live Paris vicariously through all the seasons. Her shots of Paris during lockdown are particularly special for evoking the tranquility of the city. 

Blog #3: A Hedgehog in the Kitchen

The duo behind A Hedgehog in the Kitchen and A Hedgehog Travels are Alix and Hugo –  one New Yorker and one Frenchie, both food and travel lovers, living in Paris. 

This blog is a goldmine for food and travel inspiration. Filled with recipes, tips, and beautiful pictures, even from the other side of the world you can practically taste the crispy baguettes and creamy fromage. The perfect antidote to lockdown, they’ll walk you through how to cook like a Parisian in your very own home, as well as sharing inside tips to make sure you don’t get caught in any tourist traps when you get to France. 

Blog #4: KEVMRC Travel

As travellers, we’re always looking to get that perfect photo – the one that captures the beauty of the city and the joy of exploring. And that’s exactly what the Kevmrc blog helps us do. 

Inspired by the beauty of Paris, his hometown, and France, Kevin started taking photos of his travels and sharing them with the world. As a born and bred Parisian, Kevin offers an insight into the city as only a local can.

Whether you’re looking for places to visit, spots to take the perfect photo, or just dreaming about France, Kevin’s blog has got what you need.

Blog #5: World in Paris 

Elisa, Norbert, Valérie and Cédric, the team behind World in Paris have created the perfect blog to satisfy our wanderlust, precisely because they are missing travel just as much as we are! During a one year world tour, Elisa kept a blog of her travels and experiences. When she came back to Paris, she found it tough being in the same place with the same routine (we feel your pain!) and so she decided to create a blog to bring some of the magic of travelling to her hometown – Paris. And so, World in Paris was born. 

As well as cultural info and helpful travel tips for Paris, the blog also offers mini-guides and self-guided treasure hunts to help your exploration of the city. Reading this blog, it’s easy to fall in love with Paris as much as the team that made it clearly love their city. 

Blog #6: Misadventures with Andi

“The merry musings of a feisty foodie, globe-trotting wannabe Frenchie”. Andi is a self-confessed lover of all things French, especially the City of Light. Misadventures With Andi has a rich section dedicated just to Paris, where you can find advice on what to eat, and where to eat it, where to stay, and what to do whilst in the city. Having built a strong network of local friends over the years, her blog covers everything you could possibly want to know and more. She’s missing Paris just as much as we are at the moment, which makes her blog the perfect reading for this time. 

Blog #7: Mama Loves Paris 

Mama Loves Paris is the ultimate blog for parents and kids exploring Paris. They make it their mission to keep on top of what’s going on in the city and what’s good to do for families, to save time for visitors. 

“Mama Loves Paris is a mix of honest reviews, previews, opinion, insight and storytelling. Underpinning all of this is the idea of escapism. By that I mean, just letting go and having a great time with your family and friends, avoiding the pitfalls and creating great memories while you are here in Paris”. And you know what, a bit of escapism is exactly what we could do with at the moment. 

Blog #8: Secret Food Tours

The best way to get an inside track into local gastronomy, wherever you go in the world, a Secret Food Tour should be top of your to do list. However, given we can’t travel at the moment, we’ve got the next best thing: the Secret Food Tour Paris blog. 

This blog is a great way to pry into the Parisian lifestyle through one of its most important cultural aspects: food. Articles include bursting myths such as foie gras or macarons not being French, and explaining how traditional rillettes or pâtés are made. Written by Parisians, experienced cooks or keen historians each blog gives a little bit more than just facts. By the time you have read a few of them you’ll be seeing the city not with a tourist’s eyes but like a true Parisian.

Blog #9: France Travel Tips

Although the name may lead you to think this is just another France travel guide, the France Travel Tips blog actually focuses on unusual and off the beaten track experiences in Paris and across France. Overlooked by Top 10 guides, these experiences will give you a true flavour of the real France. 

From watching a fashion show at Galeries Lafayette to celebrating Bastille day, French style, this blog has it all. And it’s not just cultural insights, France Travel Tips also shares (as the name would suggest) practical advice for getting around the city of Lights and useful hints for anyone visiting from abroad.  A combination of dreamy inspiration and sensible tips, making sure that we have the best possible experience when we can get travelling again. 

Blog #10: French Together

This handy blog started as a language learning blog for anyone looking to brush up their French or even start completely from scratch. The aim here is sharing French culture to give an insider’s view into what it’s really like to live in Paris. This way, you’ll know how not just to speak French, but to act French. 

But what makes French Together really stand out from other blogs is it’s insight into what the city of love is really like. For example, this quirky article on rats in Paris?! And no, we’re not talking about the ballerinas…. This blog is guaranteed to give you a flavour of all aspects of life in Paris. 


We like to keep this post up-to-date with the latest and greatest, so feel free to contact us if you find a new Paris blog that you love! Email [email protected].

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