Airbnb Luggage Storage: What to Do With Luggage Before Check-In

Airbnb Luggage Storage: What to Do With Luggage Before Check-In

by Elsa Corcione

Airbnb is undeniably an amazing app that changed the way we travel and stay all over the world. However, as convenient as it is to stay in actual homes instead of hotels, it doesn’t come without a few flaws. The most common one is what to do with luggage before checking in or out an Airbnb.

When you’re staying at hotels, this issue is not really obvious. Assuming you’ve arrived too early for checkout, you can still go there and drop off your excess luggage. Then, you’re free to enjoy your day without dragging bags with you. However, this is not possible with Airbnb rentals, leading to many lost hours that could have been used more productively (i.e., walking around, eating, shopping, etc).

City breakers understandably want to cram as much sightseeing as they can before both before they check in and after they check out, preferably without carrying heavy luggage with them all the time. Thankfully, there are many solutions out there if you don’t know what to do with luggage before and Airbnb check-in or check-out.

1. Stasher – A sharing economy solution to luggage storage

You bet we will suggest our service first! And why wouldn’t we? After all, we are the pioneer of sharing economy luggage storage, and known as the ‘Airbnb of Luggage’, Stasher connects travellers with local shops and hotels for a very reasonable price – it costs £6 for 24h, including unlimited customer support, and insurance. Not to mention, we operate worldwide, so you can find our StashPoints all over the UK, US, Asia and Europe!

An advantage of Stasher left luggage is its convenience – booking can be done online in less than 5 minutes. There are currently 300+ locations available, so this means that potentially you can find storage right around the corner from your Airbnb! The booking process is easy and you can find out all about it in the video below.

Easy as pie, isn’t it? With Stasher, you can store your luggage for as long as you’d like, either before check-in or after check-out.

Check out our most popular locations:

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Insider tips for Airbnb hosts: When guests ask if they can leave their luggage at your apartment, instead of getting a headache trying to figure out how to fit that in your turnover schedule, direct them to the closest luggage storage location.

If you’ve faced this problem before, you might want to check out our exclusive promotions for Airbnb hosts. By signing up to our mailing list, you’ll receive a discount code to share with your guests. Less headaches for you, better Airbnb experience for your guests, more 5* reviews.  That’s a win-win all around! Register here to receive an exclusive coupon code.

2. Station Lockers

There are left luggage facilities or lockers at most cities’ main train stations. They range from relatively affordable to ludicrously expensive as they charge by the hour or by bag size. Something to bear in mind is that most train stations only have a limited number of lockers, resulting in long queues or insufficient storage space.

Something worth considering is that not all Airbnbs are located in the proximity of a train station. Moreover, while travelers eventually need to head there to catch a train, they usually want to do a last bit of sightseeing before leaving – spending their last few hours around a train station is not generally ideal.

3. Free storage at Museums

It is sometimes possible to leave bags with museums or galleries. This can be for free or for a small charge. However, these services are only intended to store your bags during your visit to the venue and you will likely be refused if you try to use these services as a left-luggage service. Some examples would be the British Museum and Le Louvre, they both have a cloakroom where you can store small bags during your visit.

4. Ask your host

If none of these is available, the last resort is just to store the bags in your Airbnb. You could always ask your host about it, but that’s unlikely to happen. As many will tell you, Airbnbs are not hotels and hosts are not required to offer a luggage storage service.  If a guest asks to leave their luggage with you after checking out, they are under no obligation to organize it for them.

Insider tips for Airbnb hosts: Managing guests’ luggage after or before check-out can be a logistical nightmare. You have to be available to meet guests for a much larger window of time each day, which is not always possible unless you already have a very flexible schedule. Moreover, when guests give an approximate pick-up time it’s usually off a bit – they arrive either far earlier or later.

Still, the whole point of being an Airbnb host is to make sure travellers have the best possible experience. And let’s be frank, you want those 5* star reviews so as to attract more guests and build your reputation on the platform. Another way of dealing with this issue without having to be personally present while they pick up or drop off their bags would be to install a keypad, which many Airbnb hosts already use regardless of left luggage.

Store your luggage with Stasher!

Storing your luggage with Stasher is an amazing way to make the most out of your time both before check-in and after check-out. Don’t fret over your heavy suitcases — book a StashPoint now and enjoy your trip!

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