Stasher Layover Guides: Things To Do In London Heathrow

Are you wondering what to do during your layover at London Heathrow airport?

Heathrow Airport area is known mainly as a lodging and restaurant area where commuters spend a night until their flight departs. If you’re in the Heathrow Airport area for a long layover need a few ideas of things to do, rest assured the options will entertain you. Central London is a 45-minute train ride from Heathrow Airport, but there is no reason to go out of your way for fun thanks to the assortment of attractions nearby the airport.

Before you pick an activity, make sure to store your luggage in Heathrow with Stasher. Don’t let luggage and bags ruin your mini-excursion. Stash them and go have fun!

Can You Leave Heathrow Airport During a One-Hour Layover?

If you’ve already checked in and only have an hour before boarding, you may want to stay close to the airport or take advantage of the many airport amenities. The airport offers plenty of activities to fill your 1-hour layover at Heathrow.

What to Do During a 2-3 Hour Layer at London Heathrow

Explore the Historic Ham House

Located on the River Thames, the Ham House is a rare 17th-century home that was built in 1610. Situated near Thames House, Ham House is a historic building that contains original artifacts, furniture, and plenty of historical information available for visitors.

Michael Coppins, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The accommodating land is quite impressive as well. Plan a visit to the Ham House for 2 or three hours so you’re sure to have time to enjoy all of the property. This is an activity best for adults and teens, although some younger children may enjoy the trip.

Visit Windsor Castle

Spend a couple of hours touring Windsor Castle, and you’ll feel like royalty for a day. Windsor Castle is the most famous of the royal residences in London. The iconic British landmark also holds rank as the oldest, largest inhabited castle in the world. Queen Elizabeth II resides at Windsor Castle. When she is in residence, you’ll see the Royal Standard flying. Windsor Castle is located about 7-miles from the airport.

windsor castle
Chaxzakak, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Things to Do During a 5-6 Hour Layover at Heathrow

If you have a 6-hour layover at Heathrow or even just a 5-hour Heathrow layover, you can pack in plenty of activity.

Get close to nature at Hounslow Urban Farm and Kew Gardens

Hounslow Urban Farm is a great spot for families and children. The farm is home to a variety of animals that children can learn more about as they view and pet them. Animals include ducks, ponies, sheep, cows, rabbits, goats, and many others. Special events take place each week at Urban Farm. The farm is open seven days per week, except for major holidays. Hounslow Urban Farm is located approximately five kilometers from the airport, so it’s a stone’s throw from fun.

One of the cutest residents of Hounslow Urban Farms

If you love nature and beauty, a visit to the lush Royal Botanic Gardens, also known as Kew Gardens, should be on your itinerary. This beautiful garden has been a part of the Heathrow area since 1840. Today the gardens contain the world’s most extensive collection of living plants. In fact, over 30,000 plants are waiting to explore at the Botanical Gardens. Educational shows and special events take place regularly at the gardens if you are lucky enough to visit when something takes place. There is a library adjacent to the Botanic Gardens, where you can find more than 750000 volumes. Kew Gardens is located approximately 6 km from Heathrow Airport, nearby the Urban Farm.

Take the Kids to Legoland

Every kid loves Lego blocks and Legoland Windsor! Several Legoland locations exist throughout the world, but many find the London location among the best. If there are kids in the crew, buy tickets to this attraction, and keep the little ones happy and sound throughout the trip.

Built in 1996, the theme park is great for all ages. It’s open 7-days per week, built on the old Windsor Safari Park property. More than two million visitors enjoy Legoland every single year. With the plethora of Lego-themed rides and attractions, games, and other fun, every kid has a grand time during his awesome adventure.

Get a breath of fresh air at Windsor Great Park

This Royal Park covers 5,000 acres of land and attracts 5.4 million visitors, making it one of the top destinations in Britain. Situated just 10.1 miles from the airport, this park is an excellent spot for a quick layover at London Heathrow. What’s unique about this place is that for many centuries, it served as a private hunting ground of Windsor Castle, dating back to the mid-13th century.

The park has a varied landscape, such as coverts, small woods, big ancient oak trees, and more. On the north end, there is a small river known as Battle Bourne. You can see ancient forests, historical monuments, and unforgettable horticultural displays. Sometimes you might encounter rare plants, wildlife, and fungi. So, if these attractions amaze you, then you should make the most of your layover.

What To Do with a 10-12 Hour Layover at Heathrow

A 10-hour layover at Heathrow allows for a wide range of opportunities to explore the surrounding area.

Spend the Day at the Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures has several roller coasters and theme park rides, as well as a zoo. Zufari: Ride into Africa; Bubbleworks; and Scorpion Express are some of the top attractions.

The zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals. An on-site playground also entertains the kids when they need a change of scenery. Chessington World of Adventures is situated approximately 9 km from Heathrow Airport. It is a short drive for top-notch fun suitable for any animal lover of any age.

Visit the world’s biggest rugby stadium at Twickenham Stadium

Get a close-up of this world-class, award-winning stadium. This iconic venue was built in 1907, evolving over the years. Here, England plays their home matches. It hosted some of the most iconic matches, such as the World Rugby Sevens Series, Gallagher Premiership finals, and two World Cup finals.

A guided tour of the stadium can take you on a fun journey through different areas. You can gain some valuable knowledge and insight, and marvel at the architecture. Plus, this stadium is just 5.4 miles from the airport. So, you can do a quick stop for some sightseeing if you are looking for things to do near Heathrow.

Check the prestigious atmosphere of horse racing at Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse is one of the most elegant and oldest sporting venues. Even if you don’t visit it in spring, during the famous Perth racing, or over the carnival months, you can still enjoy the view. The Royal Enclosure is available to members only, while the Queen Anne Enclosure is available for general admission.

JohnArmagh, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This place combines fashion, and world-class racing, with fine dining. People can grab a bite at the various restaurants, and bars, or enjoy casual dining. But it does have a dress code. Although it is not as strict as the one in the Royal Enclosure, it does require you to wear formal attire. Besides, the Ascot Racecourse is just 11.2 miles from Heathrow Airport. So, if you have time to spare, you might want to dress for the occasion.

Get a guided tour at the Musical Museum, Brentford

If you are a fan of music, then an informative guided tour at the Musical Museum at Brentford might spark your interest. Here, you can learn some excellent information about musical instruments and music. The time here goes by so fast. A tour guide will demonstrate various self-playing instruments from the 1800s to the 1900s. 

You can get a 1-hour or 2-hour ticket, depending on how much free time you have. They have an impressive collection of inventions and instruments. However, tours with live demonstrations occur at different times. There is one at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. So, you might want to book a ticket beforehand if you want to make use of all of its unique experiences. 

Things to Do During an Overnight Layover at London Heathrow

An overnight layover at Heathrow offers many possibilities for enjoying London. Here are a few options.

Shop, Dine, and Party in Little India

No reason to travel to Mumbai for a sample of Indian culture when a visit to nearby Southall, aka Little India, is a great way to spend your day and night near Heathrow Airport. Southall has a variety of street vendors and restaurants offering authentic foods, as well as shops and boutiques, artwork and displays, music, and fun. Walk around Little India to explore the variety of items and the scenery, and be sure to take home a souvenir or two. You’ll never fall short of celebrating an adventure while discovering Little India in London.

Turn Your Heathrow Layover into An Action-Packed Adventure

Although intended as merely an overnighter area filled with restaurants and hotels, Heathrow Airport area nonetheless offers a myriad of attractions, landmarks, and things to do while you wait for your flight to arrive or spend a night or two in the area. The list of attractions on the list is among the most popular Heathrow Airport activities. Plan your agenda with one (or more) of the above offerings, and you’ll leave London with a smile on your face.

Go for a ride in Thorpe Park

If you are looking for things to do near Heathrow Airport, then you might want to check out this exciting theme park. The park is made up of multiple themed areas, and there are live events, rides, and cabins you can find in each of them. 

It is situated just 7 miles from Heathrow Airport, so you can have plenty of time to explore it. Here you can find places to eat, shop, or drink. You can also grab a bite at Fin’s Bar & Grill or enjoy a sky-high water ride. Thorpe Park is a popular destination for adults and children. Just make sure you watch the clock, so you won’t get carried away.

Enjoy fascinating exhibits at the Brooklands Museum

Relive the thrills and glam of the birthplace of British aviation and motorsport. This spacious 32-acre site is renowned for its history linked to record-breaking achievements. The Brooklands Museum is here to celebrate the invention and genius minds of pioneering women and men that shaped the world of aviation and motoring we know today.

Brooklands Aircraft Factory is one of the highlights of the exhibition. You can see how early aircraft of fabric and wood looked like, to the superior airline technologies we use today. This factory has a unique atmosphere and is full with hands-on activities. Another excellent attraction is the MCLAREN MP4-21 F1 simulator. The show car represents the first F1 that Sir Lewis Hamilton drove. After his debut in 2007, Hamilton went on to become the most successful F1 driver of all time.

If you want to get a rare glimpse of the Napier-Railton, an aero-engined racing car designed in 1933, then this museum makes for a great pick. This car won multiple high-profile races at Brooklands, set a remarkable lap record, and broke countless endurance records. Besides, this place is just 12.4 miles from the airport, making it a perfect destination for a short layover at London Heathrow.