Luggage Storage and Lockers at Arena AufSchalke – Euro 2024

What to Expect at Arena AufSchalke

Arena AufSchalke, set in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, is a premier destination for football fans and architectural enthusiasts alike. Constructed in 2001, this state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a retractable roof and a slide-out pitch, distinguishing it as a pinnacle of modern stadium design. The arena, originally named Veltins-Arena and referred to as Arena AufSchalke during Euro 2024 due to sponsorship regulations, has a rich history in hosting significant sports events. Notably, it was the venue for the 2004 UEFA Champions League final and several matches during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. For Euro 2024, it has been announced that the stadium will accommodate 50,000 spectators, ready to add another chapter to its illustrious legacy by hosting key matches in the tournament​.​.

EURO 2024 Match Schedule at Arena AufSchalke

Arena AufSchalke is scheduled to host four exciting matches during UEFA EURO 2024. The fixture list is as follows:

To double check games and dates, please go to the official website here.

  • June 16, 2024, 21:00 CEST: Serbia vs. England
  • June 20, 2024, 21:00 CEST: Spain vs. Italy
  • June 26, 2024, 21:00 CEST: Georgia vs. Portugal
  • June 30, 2024, 18:00 CEST: Round of 16

Where to Store Luggage at Arena AufSchalke

For visitors seeking luggage storage solutions during EURO 2024, Stasher offers convenient and secure services near Arena AufSchalke. Stasher provides a network of hotels and shops where guests can safely store their bags, allowing them to enjoy the games without the burden of carrying their luggage around. This service is particularly useful given the strict bag policies enforced at Euro 2024 venues, ensuring fans have a hassle-free experience while attending the matches.

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Arena AufSchalke Bag Policy and Rules

The bag policy at Arena AufSchalke is stringent to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees. Only bags smaller than A4 size are permitted inside the stadium. Additionally, while small power banks similar in size to a mobile phone are allowed, professional cameras and large umbrellas are prohibited. Attendees are required to carry a valid form of ID, and all EURO 2024 stadiums, including Arena AufSchalke, are designated smoke-free zones. Compliance with these rules ensures a smooth and enjoyable match day experience for all fans​.

Matchday Travel: How to Get to Arena AufSchalke

Traveling to Arena AufSchalke on matchdays is efficiently planned to ensure convenience for all attendees. The recommended mode of transportation is public transit, owing to the availability of a 36-hour travel pass for match ticket holders, which allows free travel within the local transport network. This eco-friendly approach not only eases traffic congestion but also supports the stadium’s sustainability goals. For those who prefer to drive, it is crucial to pre-book parking as spaces are limited and prioritized for pre-approved passes. Carpooling is highly encouraged to reduce the number of vehicles and promote environmental responsibility. Detailed information on routes and schedules can be found on the stadium’s official website or local transit websites​.

Euro 2024 Essential FAQs

1. What is the bag policy at Arena AufSchalke during EURO 2024?

  • Only bags smaller than A4 size are permitted inside the stadium to ensure safety and smooth entry for all fans.

2. How early should I arrive at the stadium?

  • It is recommended to arrive at the stadium when gates open, approximately three hours before kickoff, to ensure a relaxed entry and to enjoy the pre-match atmosphere​.

3. Can children attend matches at Arena AufSchalke unaccompanied?

  • No, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who also holds a valid match ticket.

4. Are there provisions for gender-neutral facilities at the stadium?

  • Yes, Arena AufSchalke includes gender-neutral restrooms and entrance lanes, accommodating all guests without distinction.

5. What should I do if I have an emergency or require assistance during a match?

  • In case of an emergency, you should immediately contact the nearest steward, first responder, or volunteer. The stadium is equipped with a dedicated team to handle any issues swiftly​.

Beyond the Game: Exploring Arena AufSchalke Amenities

Arena AufSchalke isn’t just about football; it boasts an array of amenities that enhance the spectator experience. The stadium offers various dining options ranging from fast food to local specialties, ensuring there’s something for every taste. Moreover, its retractable roof and slide-out pitch are not just functional but also architectural highlights that visitors can admire. Those interested in learning more about the venue can join a stadium tour, which includes access to the Schalke Museum, providing insights into the rich history of the club and the stadium’s unique features​.

Beyond the Game: Exploring Gelsenkirchen

While in Gelsenkirchen for EURO 2024, take the opportunity to explore the city’s cultural and historical offerings. Known as the “city of a thousand fires” due to its mining heritage, Gelsenkirchen offers a unique blend of industrial culture and modern recreation. Key attractions include the Nordsternpark, a green oasis developed on a former coal mine site, and the Zoom Erlebniswelt, an innovative zoo that provides immersive wildlife experiences. The city’s industrial past is also celebrated at the Ruhr Museum, where visitors can delve into the region’s coal mining history and its impact on the local community.

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Preparation Complete: Kickoff is Approaching

As you prepare for your visit to Arena AufSchalke for EURO 2024, remember to book your accommodations and travel arrangements well in advance. Ensure you understand the stadium’s bag policy and plan your travel to arrive early, allowing ample time to navigate security and soak in the pre-match atmosphere. Check the local weather forecast to dress appropriately, and consider exploring Gelsenkirchen’s attractions beyond the stadium. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or a casual visitor, your experience at Arena AufSchalke during EURO 2024 is bound to be memorable. Prepare well, and enjoy every moment of this thrilling sporting event.