Stasher Business Guides: 4 Photoshoot Ideas To Improve Your Hotel’s Online Presence

Searching for hotel photoshoot ideas? The digital transformation isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Whether we like it or not, having an online presence for our business is essential. The power of quality images in this era of aggressive marketing and short attention spans cannot be overstated. For hotels, this means capturing infectious and captivating photos that will fill the reservation books. That said, not every hotel in the world wants to invest in a full-time professional photographer. Fortunately, you don’t have to go that route.  Here are a few hotel photoshoot ideas to help your business stand out online.

Photoshoot Idea #1: Guests arriving at the hotel

When arriving at a hotel, guests are looking for high-quality service and a comfortable environment. These features should be emphasized in the photos you capture. Here are a couple of scenes that best display these aspects of a hotel:

  • The main entrance of the hotel. Prospective customers want to see that the entryway and surrounding outdoor area meet their standards. If they don’t feel comfortable with the exterior and location, they’re unlikely to look any further. Be sure to give travelers a sense of the setting with this photo. Do this during golden hour for the best color.
  • The lobby and receptionist’s area. Photos of this main area should seek to portray the ambiance of the lobby, and warmth of your staff. Capture the natural light and major spaces of your entryway. Show travelers interacting with friendly and patient staff.

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Photoshoot Idea #2: Tell the story of the hotel room

When browsing a new hotel online, some of our first impressions are made by looking at the room. These images are critical to converting lurking travelers into customers. The style of these photos may take a bit of thought, depending on the experience you are trying to portray. Is this a room for a romantic getaway? Or maybe a family adventure? Whatever your market may be, make sure you have it in mind when photographing this area.

Steer away from taking photos that exaggerate the rooms. Fisheye lenses and skewed perspectives lead to dissatisfied guests. Be authentic in your photos. Let them speak to your confidence in the value you are providing travelers. 

Prioritize the areas that guests are most interested in. These are the bedroom, kitchenette/living area, and bathroom. Don’t leave any of them out – nobody is looking for a surprise when booking a place to sleep! Capture the room with as much natural light as possible, and show the window view when you can. Avoid distractions in the photo – TV remotes, trash cans, imperfect bedspreads, etc. The customer’s eye values simplicity.

Photoshoot Idea #3: Your hotel’s shared spaces

This one is particularly important for people interested in your hotel for its event room, restaurant, or other amenities. A nighttime shot of a bar or restaurant can give people a peek at the atmosphere you create for your visitors. Even a simple shot of the coffee station in the lobby can help people decide if your place is a good fit for their needs.

If you cater to large events, like trade shows or weddings, you can use photos of these shared public spaces to sell the overall look and feel of your hotel. A shot of the ballroom or a wedding setup can give people a better idea of your capabilities. For business gatherings, photos of a boardroom, meeting rooms, or business center can help your prospective customers see how you can accommodate the needs of their special event.

When planning this photoshoot, try to think of the stories or impressions you want to make in the minds of visitors. Organize your furniture and other items to create a composition that conveys these ideas.

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Photoshoot Idea #4: The hotel’s surrounding views & attractions

Travelers prefer to stay in an area that is vibrant, picturesque, and close to major attractions. If the location or view of your hotel meets any of these desires, capitalize on them. When travelers are on vacation, they want to make memories. For example, the sunset at the Las Vegas strip is a memory-making moment that you can capture in a photo. Take advantage of similar iconic areas in your city. 

This could also mean capturing a nearby bike path, garden, or art district. Think about what attracts travelers to your region, and show them that your hotel is intertwined in that culture. This is a great way to diversify your marketing efforts, and show off your neighborhood.

Increasing Hotel Revenue

Capturing compelling photos for your online presence is a sure way to convert more prospective guests into visitors at your establishment. Letting customers see the space from a photographer’s viewpoint can help them visualize themselves and their guests enjoying their stay. These photoshoot ideas for your hotel can do this by showing off the amenities, location, rooms, and overall experience.

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Looking Ahead

Hoteliers are always looking for unique opportunities to highlight the amenities that set their properties apart from the competition. One way to stand out from the crowd is to take advantage of the visual power of photography.

As we continue to experience much of the world through our smartphones and computers, appealing images of real-life spaces will continue to more impactful. Utilizing these hotel photoshoot ideas will allow hoteliers to capture the environment and emotion they want their hotel to convey.