Dodger Stadium Bag Policy 2024: Everything You Need To Know

Searching for information about the Dodger Stadium bag policy? Learn more about the items you can bring into the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well as luggage storage options near the Dodger Stadium.

About Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is an iconic baseball field in the Elysian Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The stadium first opened its gates on April 10, 1962. That makes it the oldest MLB ballpark west of the Mississippi River and third-largest in the US, after Fenway Park (1912) and Wrigley Field (1914). 

Dodger Stadium is the world’s largest baseball stadium by seat capacity (56,000 spectators). Due to its popularity and massive size, it has hosted games of 10 World Series and the finals of two World Baseball Classics. The stadium holds a special place in the hearts of baseball lovers, as it was the place where some of the greatest moments of the game unveiled (such as Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965, and Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series).

Over the decades, Dodger Stadium has hosted countless memorable events in baseball history, including the 1984 Olympics, the 1988 World Series, and the 1980 All-Star Game. But it’s not just baseball Dodger Stadium is known for. Famously, Pope John Paul II held a massive Catholic Mass here in 1987. Dodger Stadium has also welcomed some of the biggest names in music like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Beyonce. Oh yeah, and they really love their hot dogs here. It’s not unheard of for fans to eat around 3 million 10-inch “Dodger dogs” per year!

Dodger Stadium Bag Policy

As with all other MLB venues, Dodger Stadium places a high priority on fan safety. Under the current MLB guidelines, guests aren’t allowed to bring bags that are larger than 16” x 16” x 8” into Dodger Stadium. Unfortunately, Dodger Stadium does not have lockers available for bag storage.

This initiative aims at increasing safety across all MLB stadiums. Apart from backpacks, here is a list of the other items prohibited as per the Dodger Stadium bag policy.:

  • Weapons, regardless of permit
  • Umbrellas
  • Cans, thermoses and glass bottles
  • Broken factory sealed beverage containers
  • Beverage containers larger than 1 liter in size (only 1 liter bottles or smaller of non-alcoholic beverages, with an unbroken seal, are permitted)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Brooms, poles and sticks
  • Beachballs and inflatables
  • Baseball bats
  • Banners, signs and flags

Under normal circumstances (or unless you are catching a game right after your Hogwarts class), we don’t think that anti-broom regulations will disappoint many spectators. However, not being able to carry backpacks is more than a slight annoyance. So, if you wish to catch a LA Dodgers game and want to avoid being searched or turned away, you might want to search for luggage storage options near the Dodger Stadium.

Luggage Storage near Dodger Stadium

According to the MLB website, Dodger Stadium has no left luggage lockers or bag check available for guests. Thankfully, Stasher offers convenient and affordable luggage storage near Dodger Stadium and the whole of Los Angeles.

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Dodger Stadium Transportation

You will find the closest Metro bus stop to Dodger Stadium at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Elysian Park Avenue. This stop is served by routes 1,2,3 and 4. Alternatively, you could ride the Metro Rail’s Gold Line to Alameda Street and College Street. From here, it’s just under a one-mile walk to get to Dodger Stadium.

To help reduce traffic congestion around Dodger Stadium, the City of LA has created a complimentary bus service that takes guests from Union Station straight to the stadium. Called the Dodger Stadium Express, this orange bus first arrives at Union Station’s southwestern Taxi Zone about 90 minutes before the game. The city works hard to bring in additional buses every 10 minutes to accommodate fans.

Transportation is free with your ticket and buses run every 10 minutes, starting precisely 90 minutes before the game commences. The bus will make two stops – Center Field or Top Deck. Return service runs for 45 minutes after the final out. All buses are accessible. 

Find more info on the Dodger Stadium Express website.

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