An In-Depth Guide to Amsterdam Luggage Storage

An In-Depth Guide to Amsterdam Luggage Storage

by George Mouratidis

While in transit, you can carry luggage, which holds your luggage such as bags, containers, and cases. For a modern traveler, the package may include trip necessities, clothing, and toiletries. When returning, you might also have gifts and souvenirs.

Luggage may, therefore, be a person’s descriptive of wealth and status. This means that the bags have to be handled and stored with care at all times.

In this article, we have a list of available options for luggage storage in Amsterdam, from train stations to lockers at airports. We also will cover the current drift in the shared economy Airbnb-style luggage compartment.

Amsterdam Luggage Storage

Now, imagine you’ve just arrived at the airport, and you want to begin your day. It can be challenging if you can’t check in your hotel immediately with suitcases that hold you back. When you arrive in Amsterdam, remember Stasher, among others, will provide storage services and save the day.

The following luggage storages in Amsterdam comprise a method similar to Airbnb. The system organizes for hotels and local shops to take care of your bags for a considerable price. While Stasher isn’t the only luggage storage firm, other options exist to choose from.


Our company is available in more than 1,000 locations worldwide. These locations are in over 200 cities all over the world. Stasher offers a convenient alternative to lockers that involves a direct and straightforward process.

A traveler will book online, and the company will give them directions to their facilities where they will stash their bags with a hotel or store. With this done, they can make the best of their day without having to go through hurdles.

Stasher charges a small but fixed price for 24 hours of storage, giving you the flexibility that you desire. Any payments made at Stasher are made online and do not accept in-store payment. Stasher assures that all the StashPoints have been scrutinized for security.

Also, clients can rest assured that every Stasher store offers full insurance for the luggage they store with them. They have an affordable per day pricing of €5 per bag. Unlike some companies, Stasher allows clients to cancel bookings with a full refund of their money at any time.

Stasher has partnered with Expedia, Premier Inn,,, and Accor Hotels, among others, aimed at providing quality services just for you. They have received recommendations from the lonely planet, the Guardian, TechCrunch, elitebusiness, University of Oxford and BBC.

Stasher knows that flexibility is fundamental for travelling and brings services that will enable you to utilize your time correctly without fatigue. The company helps you skip the traditional self-storage centers by using the Airbnb design technique.

Check out all of our Amsterdam luggage storage locations


LuggageHero has a network of local shops where you can leave with locations in Amsterdam Central Station. The stores are also found in the city’s popular districts like Amsterdam Centrum, Den Wallen, and Amsterdam Dam.

The LuggageHero reservation program has an accessible and verified storage site in shops and other businesses. You can use the company’s map to find the shops that are close to attraction sites that you intend to visit or stations to store your luggage there.

In Amsterdam alone, LuggageHero has more than 40 locations for luggage storage. They also have more than 120 areas in London as well as company-verified cities. Their map can help you to quickly locate the shops near the metro stops and attraction sites.

Unlike its competitors, LuggageHero offers a quick, convenient and low-cost service, with an hourly price of €1. If you want a full day storage service, the company offers it to you at €8 per day.

LuggageHero personnel checks and certifies all the luggage storage shops in Amsterdam to ensure safety and security. All your bags are also sealed to avoid interference, with an insurance fee of up to €2500 and a 24/7 customer care service.

LuggageHero considers a smooth and comfortable trip, and that is why they charge no fee until your luggage is delivered and stored. In case you make any changes on the route and fail to show up, they don’t require you to cancel or make any payment.

You can find more information on their luggage storage app on the Google Play Store and App Store. This free app gives you access to all available luggage storage stores anywhere in their more than 1,000 locations.


Yet another luggage company, Nannybag, offers services to many of Europe’s neighborhoods. They have lots of locations in Amsterdam and offer a €1,500 insurance coverage for every item you have. For the first 24 hours, they charge a considerable €6 for each luggage, and €4 for every day you extend the storage.

Either weight or height does not limit Nannybag storage services and prices. If you wish to cancel your reservation, the process is straightforward with no charges up to your deposit time. The company prioritizes the security of your luggage. Therefore, there are certain criteria that each storage site has to pass before being chosen and accepted. In case you have enquiries regarding your baggage or need to book, Nannybag has a 24/7 customer service.

There are sometimes that when making a payment can be complicated and raise alarms of the authenticity of the process. However, Nannybag has a secure payment where their fee solution entirely secures all data and costs provided.

Payment methods include credit cards, American Express credit cards, Visa, and Mastercard.

For indemnity and security purposes, Nannybag’s partners thoroughly ask for an official ID when delivering and collecting the luggage.

Wondering where to find Nannybag luggage compartment in Amsterdam? You can find them near:

  • Airports – Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Train stations – Amsterdam Central Station
  • Tourist attraction sites – Rijksmuseum, the Red Light District, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam Zuid, and Amsterdam Sloterdijk.

Do you want to make a reservation with Nannybag? You can find in-depth information here.

Lock Luggage

This storage facility is located at the center of Amsterdam, some minutes away from Amsterdam Centraal (Amsterdam Central Station). Lock luggage specializes in offering safe and secure storage and delivery within Amsterdam, including Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. They have been ranked as the top storage firm in Amsterdam.

Luggage can be stored for a wide range of time, from hours to a day or even more. Lock luggage provides safe storage in a reliable location. Their proximity to attraction sites and other places makes it the perfect place for luggage storage.

For booking purposes, the office is open throughout the week from 9 am to 10 pm at the central left baggage storage facility in Amsterdam. Their prices per day vary with the size of your luggage.

  • Small luggage (cabin bag) – €5
  • Medium luggage – €8
  • Large luggage (big suitcases) – €10

Other than luggage storage, Lock Luggage offers services such as Coffee & Wi-Fi, Tickets & Tips, Delivery, Bike Rental, Print & Weight, and Key service. Lock Luggage has a 4.9 Google rating.


This luggage storage facility has multiple sites everywhere in Europe and is unique from some of the others in the list. While offering luggage storage services, BagBnB storage locations also have a café, a Laundromat, and a restaurant.

With just one or two clicks on your keyboard, you can finish your luggage check-in. All you need to do is look for luggage storage close to you, make your online booking, and store your luggage.

All their storage facilities and employees are authenticated and accepted by the staff. There are some benefits to enjoy when you store your luggage with BagBnB. These include a guaranteed $500 insurance for each luggage and a €5 per bag per day flat rate.

The company also has a 24/7 customer service team that answers all your questions in time and lengthy to your satisfaction.

BagBnB is recommended by the media such as Wired, Fox 5, Radio Dee Jay, New York Post, la, the Daily Telegraph, and The Washington Post.

Where Do You Store Your Luggage at the Airport?

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol has a luggage storage service and has lockers set aside for luggage. Here, luggage can be in the storage facility even for seven days (168 hours). These luggage lockers are accessible throughout the Terminal, that is:

  • At Departure Lounges 1, 2 & 3
  • The Departure Lounge at Pier D
  • Baggage Basement Square at Level 1 (between Arrival Halls 1 & 2)
  • Arrival Hall 3

Payment for storage fee is made via credit or debit card. In Europe, however, credit cards with chips require a PIN code verification. Luggage storage in de Baggage Depot can be paid for in cash.

Baggage depot at Schiphol, bags, suitcases and any other luggage can be kept at the baggage depot protected for a prolonged period. The utmost time limit for this service is one month. The luggage depot is open every day from 6 am to 10 pm. Beyond opening hours, support can be asked for via the accessible intercom.

The per-item first seven days charges at the Baggage depot is €7 per 24-hour period. If the time exceeds seven days, the price becomes €6. It’s recommended that you know the exact location of the lockers.

They can be before security (baggage basement) and after security (Lounge 1, 2 & 3, Holland Boulevard). If you’re not coming to Schiphol, you can drop off your luggage at Drop&Go Amsterdam, which is lower-priced than the Central Station lockers.

Amsterdam Centraal Luggage Storage

The Amsterdam Centraal self-serving baggage lockers are located in the East Wing of the station and consist of smaller and bigger sizes. It’s in a separate place that opens daily from 5 am to 1 am, and even though it’s convenient, it’s expensive.

The small lockers are charged at €7 for the first twenty-four hours, while the bigger one goes up to €10. There’s also an additional fee for leaving it longer than the specified time. The maximum period to store is nine days.

When you put luggage in the chosen locker, you are given a special ticket in a selling machine and close to the cabinet. If you lose the ticket, you pay an extra €10. If your luggage exceeds the maximum period, it’s removed and taken to the Central Lost Property Office in Utrecht. Here, you collect your luggage at a €70 fee.

Traditional Self-Storage Hubs

In traditional self-storage hubs or centers, you drop off your luggage at a particular place, and you’re charged a flat rate per piece.

  • Lock Luggage Storage – Fees per 24 hours range from €5 to €10. Open hours – 9am to 10pm.
  • Lockerpoint (Beurs van Berlage) – 24-hour rate is €8.
  • Amsterdam Luggage Storage (Spuistraat) – 24-hour rate is €6 with steep discounts for seven or more days booking.

Luggage Carriage Services

Some companies offer luggage carriage or delivery services. When you book, they come, and collect your luggage and drop it off to you wherever you are. An example of this company is Lock Luggage Delivery. The firm’s personnel pick up your baggage at home and drop it off to your terminus or address. This happens when you consult them after arrival.

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