Airbnb Tips for Hosts: How to Create an Awesome Airbnb Listing

Airbnb Tips for Hosts: How to Create an Awesome Airbnb Listing

by George Mouratidis

In the last few years, Airbnb completely disrupted the short-term accommodation sector and the way people travel. The online booking platform recently reached a milestone of 6 million active listings worldwide. Travellers can now stay in homes and even incredible castles and yurts located in some of the coolest places in the world, while property owners, on the other hand, earn significantly higher rental incomes from their vacant properties.

Our friends over at MadeComfy offer full management services for properties in the Sydney area. So, we invited them to share a few Airbnb tips with us and help you maximize profit from your rental property!

Four Airbnb tips for hosts

Your property listing is the first “encounter” a guest has with your property. When looking for accommodation on Airbnb, guests browse an endless list of properties to choose from. So how can you make sure guests click on your listing instead of your neighbours’? Let’s take a look at how you can make your listing stand out from the crowd.

It’s all about the first impression

Images speak louder than words. Think about it, the very first thing guests see when scrolling through Airbnb listings are property pictures, so you will want to make people click on YOUR listing because your image is more appealing to them. Have pictures that represent the atmosphere of your property best. The better the quality of your images, the more likely guests will be to give it a go.

A vital factor to keep in mind is the way you frame your first displayed picture: go for a bright and light scope that makes the room look a little larger and brighter. Make sure the picture is unique in one way or another – if everyone in the neighbourhood is only showcasing the same types of photos, then why don’t you go for something that makes you stand out like deco shots, artwork and plants?

These pictures below give a great impression, don’t they?

airbnb tips for hosts - living room
airbnb tips - bright bedroom

MadeComfy-managed properties

At MadeComfy, we know that a poorly showcased property does not grasp people’s attention when displayed among many other properties on Airbnb. For this reason, we work with professional photographers to capture your property’s best features – the first step for having a successful Airbnb listing.

A clear, but dynamic description

As soon as you got their attention with the right photo, it’s time to make them click on the listing. The first step is having a great title, which is the very first text they will read after looking at the photos. Choose a title that describes both property type and location while selling it at the same time. Did they click? Awesome! It’s essential to give them a greater understanding of what your property “feels” like. A good property description is more vital than you might think, as this is where you’ll explain what your property has to offer and some more specific details.

But how do you write the description that confirms their first impression? It’s important to consider who you are looking to target: large families, a group of friends or maybe couples who want to have a romantic getaway? Anticipate what they will like most about your listing and make it look like a dream stay. Accompany your property images with a clear, spot-on description to give potential guests a broader impression.

For them not to lose overview too easily, use straight forward bullet points that will give visitors flat out information, since they will be scrolling down over it quickly. Don’t forget to include important information such as which level your apartment is situated on, how many bedrooms, and which tourist attractions are close to the property. Look at your description as if you were the visitor trying to find out the essentials.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

airbnb tips for hosts - bedroom

There is a common misconception that too many pictures are overwhelming for your guests. The fact is that the more good quality pictures you have, the better. You want to choose your listing’s first 3 to 5 pictures thoughtfully as these will be the first impact on your potential guest. Make sure to have at least one photo of each of the rooms and at least one outdoor one. Top-performing Airbnb listings usually have over 20 pictures. You just need to make sure they all add value to your property’s listing.

Showcase the experience you want to offer your guests when staying at your place, and let them have a grasp of how it could be like to have dinner at your amazing dining table or get some sleep laying in a bed full of beautiful cushions.

And of course, don’t forget to tidy up your place to make it clean and neat, before you start your photo session.

Fun fact: Did you know that it was Airbnb Co-Founder Brian Chesky who came up with the idea of having professionally taken property pictures? In Airbnb’s earliest days, the founder figured that hosts were not making an effort to take appealing pictures, resulting in no bookings. So thanks for the great tip, Brian!

Hit that five-star rating!

Reviews are one of the first things a guest looks at before booking a property. Guest reviews are the “social proof” that helps build trust in your property. We have all been there and know how valuable they can be, for instance, when checking restaurants, airlines or even bakeries! We want to hear about other people’s experiences to get that sense of trust.

As soon as guests check out, Airbnb sends them a message asking them to review their stay. They can then choose from 6 different criteria to evaluate the service you offered and your property’s features. These are the criteria your guests rate your property on.

Airbnb tips: the journey to superhost status

Reaching five stars in all of them is quite challenging if you are handling your property management by yourself. As you can see, only 2 out of the six criteria are related to the quality of your property – The other four are about the “services” you provide as a host. Your first objective should be to take care of your guests in the best way possible. But how can you be sure everything is going the best it can with your guests, paying attention to all their needs, making sure your listing is appropriately defined, your property well cleaned, that the check-in and out went smoothly when you are busy all day long? For an increasing number of property owners, working with a professional Airbnb property management company – such as MadeComfy – is the answer.

Bonus Tip: Make even more from your AirBnb Property!
If you’re looking to turbocharge how much you’re making from your property right now, it might be time to think outside the box. For example, if you have a garage or storage cage attached to your property that is rarely used by guests, consider listing it separately on Spacer. Spacer connects you with those in need of storage and could have you earning an extra $450 a month! The best part? Most bookings are long term, so it will be even easier to manage than your AirBnb property.

Offer your guests that extraordinary experience and the positive reviews will magically pop-up on your listing page before you realise! If you need some more Airbnb tips, Take a look at MadeComfy’s e-guide “Everything you need to know about getting your property ready for short-term rentals” to learn more about effective listings.

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