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Luggage storage Lyon

Luggage storage Lyon

£6.00 per day


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Where can I store my luggage in Lyon?

With Stasher, you can store your bags in secure locations all around the city and enjoy the rest of your trip.

The convenient alternative to lockers

Here's how it works:

Book online and receive directions

Stash your bags with Stasher's store or hotel

Enjoy your luggage free day!

Stasher locations in Lyon

What customers say about us

Super easy and smooth service

Such an easy and smooth service. I needed leave my bag as I was watching a play for 2 hours. I cannot recommend this service enough.

Oner Ozdamar

Excellent service

Brilliant service. Such an easy process start to finish. Would deffo recommend.

Sharon Dodd

Safe and secure

First time using Stasher... with 5 hours until my Airbnb was available. Great service, very well organised and bag was locked away in a safe and secure area. Will definitely use again.



Easy to book and secure storage. Good access times. Simple.

Amanda Lucas

Excellent professional service

Fantastic service, very friendly, definitely will use again.

Peter Williams

Seamless Experience

First time user, experience was easy and fast.

Carmel Luttrell

Convenient bag drop

Convenient location, secure, long opening hours, friendly service.

Claire Ralph

Best service, rules and price

Great service. Best for luggage storage in any town.

Lukasz Dygas

Want more info? Here's the full guide:

Our guide to luggage storage in Lyon

If you are looking for affordable luggage storage in Lyon, Stasher might be the one you should depend on!

Carrying your baggage around the town while waiting for a late plane or train is never fun. Especially when you are not going departing for more than five hours, things can get pretty irritating. After all, you are visiting for only a few days, so your time is limited! Dragging heavy luggage along when you are trying to see the sights will test your patience (and possibly, your relationship), as you constantly worry about what might happen to your stuff. Thankfully, Stasher is here to save the day. Leave the heavy lifting to us and enjoy the town while you’re still around! 🙌

1. Luggage Storage in Lyon With Stasher

Stasher provides you with a network of hundreds of hotels and local businesses (StashPoints) that offer luggage storage in Lyon. Each item you store with us is fully insured and can be as large or as small as you want.

Why store your luggage with Stasher?

Storing with Stasher is:


✔️ Secure

✔️ Convenient


✔️ Fully Insured

How much does it cost to store your luggage in Lyon?

It's just €6 per day, and €5 for every additional day!


StashPoints can be found within walking distance from all of Lyon’s main transport stations and major attractions, providing a safer alternative to old-style left luggage lockers.

Need luggage storage in Lyon? These are some of the most popular areas around the city. 👉

To see a full list of our luggage storage options in Lyon and a map, click here. 👈

Opening hours

Many of them work 24/7, which is excellent news if you are catching a late bus or flight back home!

How to store your luggage in Lyon with Stasher

Simply use the map to find a suitable StashPoint, book it online and drop off your bags using the confirmation number you will receive! 🛅

Our team is backed by partnerships with major hotel chains, such as Premier Inn, Holiday Inn and Accor hotels, while our award-winning customer support team is ready to answer any question you might have. Luggage storage in Lyon has never been easier!

2. Luggage storage and lockers at Lyon train station

Where can I find luggage storage at Lyon Train Station?

There are some left luggage lockers at the Lyon Part Dieu train station.

Opening hours

Every day from 6:15am to 11pm.

How much does it cost?

  • €7,50 for a medium-sized suitcase,
  • €9 for larger pieces of luggage

In case you lose your booking ticket you will face a €22 penalty.

Useful information about Lyon Train Station

  • The train station is served by the Eurostar, high speed TGV, Intercities and TER among others
  • Gare de la Part-Dieu is the main station for France's high-speed TVG train that travel between Paris and Marseille.
  • At Lyon Part-Dieu the platformsare assigned letters and not numbers.
  • The are two ticket offices, one for trains departing that day, and a smaller one for advance bookings.

3. Luggage storage and lockers at Lyon airport

There are luggage storage facilities in the Lyon Saint Exupery airport located on the corridor leading to Terminal 3. However, bear in mind that this involves a time-consuming security process and it's more expensive than other options available.

How much does it cost?

The charge is €10 per bag.

Don't carry your bags around

Store them safely and enjoy your day

Lyon is a city with nearly 2,000 years of history, starting all the way back at 43 BC when it was founded by the Romans. Although it changed with the times, Lyon has always been an important strategic spot overlooking the Rhône and Saône Rivers. A walk down the narrow streets of Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon), one of the world’s largest Renaissance neighbourhoods, will reveal the rich history of the city. This part of Lyon was officially proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998. Apart from a rich history, Lyon also has an exciting future, as it is an important commercial and cultural centre in France. Many fascinating museums and galleries are located here, including the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Miniatures and Film Sets. 🇫🇷

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