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Luggage Storage - Bologna

Are you searching for luggage storage in Bologna? 

Although the city receives less tourism than Rome, Florence, Milan, or Venice, Bologna has so much to offer. The capital of Northern Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, the city is famous for its exquisite cuisine, laid-back residents, and predominantly red architecture, featuring 40 miles of stylish porticos.

Bologna is also one of Italy’s most walkable cities, so you’ll want to find a secure place to store your things while you explore La Grassa, La Dotta, and La Rossa.

Luggage Storage in Bologna with Stasher

Stasher's vast international network offers luggage storage at over 6000 StashPoints in 300 major cities. 

Stasher partners with several reputable businesses in Italy’s culinary capital. You can book affordable, convenient, and insured luggage storage in Bologna, and you'll be free to roam the city without worrying about your belongings.

You'll find our fully vetted StashPoints located around all of Bologna's top attractions and transport hubs.

Why choose Stasher for luggage storage in Bologna? 

Stasher is your ideal choice for convenient, affordable, and insured luggage storage in Bologna.

  • Stasher backs the security of each item you store with a €1000 insurance policy.
  • Our satisfied customers have left over 5000 reviews averaging 4.8 stars.
  • We partner with world-renowned hospitality businesses, such as Accor Hotels, Expedia, Premier Inn, and Marriott International.
  • Feefo and Visit England have recognized our outstanding customer service with prestigious awards.
  • Stasher imposes no size or weight restrictions. You can safely store your sporting gear, musical instruments, and oversized bags without a problem.

Stasher's luggage storage in Bologna costs just €6 per day and €5 for each additional day.

Where to store my luggage in Bologna with Stasher?

Stasher maintains more than 6000 convenient StashPoints for your baggage in over 300 countries, including Italy. 

Opening Hours

Your days of planning your travel itinerary around hotel and flight times are over. Stasher’s luggage storage partners in Bologna open early and remain accessible late into the evening. You’ll even find luggage storage facilities in Bologna that stay open 24 hours. 

How to store your luggage in Bologna with Stasher

Booking luggage storage in Bologna is quick and easy with Stasher’s streamlined website:

  1. Navigate to Click the “Near Me Now” button to find the closest StashPoint or enter your desired location in the search bar.
  2. Select the most convenient StashPoint and the approximate drop-off and pick-up times you desire.
  3. Book your secure luggage storage with Stasher.

An instant email will land in your inbox with directions to your StashPoint and a booking confirmation. Next, head to your StashPoint, show the clerk your reservation confirmation and drop off your bags. Now, isn’t that easier than waiting in line at left-luggage offices?

Luggage Storage Near Bologna’s Stations

Bologna Centrale

Italy's high-speed railway trains stop at the Bologna Centrale station. Luggage storage is listed as one of the services Bologne Centrale provides, but you’ll have to contact the station for details.

Find luggage storage at the Bologna Centrale Station for only €6/day!

Bologna Bus Station

You’ll find the Autostazione di Bologna near the Bologne Centrale railway station in Piazza XX Settembre. The bus station serves regional, national, and international destinations. If you arrive by bus, make sure you walk around the adjacent park and admire its exquisite sculptures.

The bus station provides no self-service lockers but has a left luggage facility at the Deposito KiPoint. Luggage deposit at the station costs around €14/day, and size restrictions may apply.

Stasher offers luggage storage at the Autostazione di Bologna for only €6/day!

Luggage Storage Near the Bologna Airport

Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ)

Bologna's Guglielmo Marconi Airport lies 7.5 kilometers from the city center. You can take a taxi or hop on a convenient Aerobus shuttle, which will drop you off at the Bologna Centrale train station.

Unfortunately, the left luggage service at Bologna's international airport has been temporarily suspended.

Find insured luggage storage at the Guglielmo Marconi Airport with no size restrictions for only €6/day!

Luggage Storage Near Bologna’s Galleries and Museums

When touring Italy, most travelers only plan a day or two in Bologna, missing out on much of what the city has to offer, including world-class museums and galleries.

If you decide to take a closer look at Bologna's cultural scene, keep in mind that most museums, galleries, and historical sites prohibit entry with backpacks or suitcases. Unfortunately, there aren't many official luggage deposits in Bologna's cultural centers.

International Museum and Library of Music

Bologna’s Museo Internationale e Biblioteca della Musica has earned the city a spot on UNESCO’s list of Creative Music Cities. After Eleonora Sangunetti donated the Palace to the city in 1986, the building was faithfully restored, including an impressive collection of frescoes dating from Bologna’s Napoleonic and NeoClassical periods.

The founders created the museum to host the city’s incredible collection of musical artifacts and educate the public about Bologna’s rich musical heritage. While you’ll be able to examine antique instruments that have been played by masters such as Mozart and peruse iconic sheet music, you won’t be able to carry any large bags into the museum.

Find luggage storage near the Bologna’s Music Museum for only €6/day!

Palazzo d'Accursio

The 16th-century Palazzo d'Accursio serves as Bologna's town hall and hosts the City Art Museum. You’ll find the Municipal Art Collection on the top floor of the building.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enter Bologna’s Town Hall with your luggage as there are no left-luggage services.

Find luggage storage near the Palazzo d'Accursio for only €6/day!

Motor Valley

If you're an auto enthusiast, you can't miss a trip to the factories and museums at Motor Valley, located just outside of the city. All of Italy's luxury brands have factories and museums here, including Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Maserati. You also find one of the most famous racetracks in the world in Motor Valley, the Autodromo Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

You can get to Motor Valley by public transport or by taking a guided tour from Bologna Centrale. You won’t find any luggage storage at the auto museums, so you may want to leave your bags in Bologna Centrale.

Find luggage storage near Bologna Centrale for only €6/day!

Museos di Palazzo Poggi

You’ll find the Bologna university’s museums at the Palazzo Poggi. Built in the 14th century, the museum houses an assortment of historical artifacts, including anatomical models, antique maps, miniature replicas of 17th-century ships, and a celebrated 1862 painting by Antonio Muzzi. 

While you’re at the Palazzo, you can also check out the Observatory Museum and European Student Museum. But you'll have to leave any large bags outside. 

Find luggage storage near the Museo do Palazzo Poggi for only €6/day!  

Luggage Storage Near Bologna’s Top Attractions

Les Dues Torres

Located in the Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, Bologna's twin towers were built by the prominent Garisenda and Asinelli families during the 11th century. 

When you take in the panoramic view of the city from the Asinelli Tower, you'll immediately understand why one of Bologna's nicknames is La Rossa (The Red). 

Out of all of Bologna’s 200 towers, the Asinelli Tower stands at over 97 meters and offers the most spectacular views of the city. But you won’t be able to climb the 498 narrow wooden steps with your luggage.

Find luggage storage near the Les Dues Torres for only €6/day.

Piazza Maggiore

Several of the city's oldest buildings surround Bologna's main square, including the Palazzo del Podestà, Palazzo Comunale, Basilica de San Petronio, Palazzo dei Notai, and Palazzo dei Banchi.

Most of the buildings in the Piazza Maggiore date back to Medieval times, featuring numerous porticos and a few Renaissance-era additions. The Plaza was also the site of Bologna's old university.

The main plaza adjoins the smaller Plaza del Nettuno, where a bronze statue of the sea god Neptune overlooks the action. You'll also find a delightfully sculpted fountain where you can refill your water bottle.

While you can quench your thirst, Bologna Centrale luggage storage can be scarce.

Stasher offers luggage storage near the Piazza Maggiore for only €6/day!

Basilica San Petronio

Workers began construction of what would become Europe’s sixth largest church in 1390. The Basilica San Petronio boasts the world’s most gigantic sundial amongst its many treasures. The highlight of a visit is the Terrazza Panoramica, which offers the city’s best view of Le Due Torre. 

However, the basilica also houses a controversial 15th-century work of art by Giovanni da Modena depicting Muhammad. Unfortunately, the fresco has made the church a target for terrorists, which caused the city of Bologna to protect the building with 24/7 armed guards.

Find luggage storage near the Basilica di San Petronio for only €6/day.

Ghetto Ebraico

Situated near the university, the Ghetto Ebraico was initially a 16th-century Jewish settlement. These days, the area has become a popular spot for its hipster hangouts, unique shops, and impromptu murals. The Ebraico is also one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city for nightlife.

Find luggage storage near the Ghetto Ebraico for only €6/day!

The Quadrilatero

The Quadrilatero, Bologna’s oldest market, announces itself with enormous arches. The cobblestoned market makes the perfect place to try Bologna’s signature culinary specialties, have a coffee, and do some people-watching.

Stasher offers luggage storage near the Quadrilatero for only €6/day!

The Finestrella di Via Piella

Bologna was built on marshland, and parts of the city are slowly sinking like its more famous sister, Venice. The only way to get a glimpse of the underground canal is through a small window around Via Piella, nicknamed the Finestrella alla Piccola Venezia. Some of Bologna’s most renowned restaurants also surround the Finestrella area.

Find luggage storage near the Finestrella for only €6/day!

Basilica Santo Stefano

Locals christened the plaza around Santo Stefano the "Square of the Seven Churches." The Santo Stefano complex is a maze of interlocking 11th-century churches, four of which remain intact. If you’re interested in Medieval art, architecture, or monastic life, head straight to the Basilica Santo Stefano.

You can tour the basilica, but there are no coat check rooms or left luggage deposits.

Stasher offers luggage storage near the Basilica Santo Stefano for only €6/day!

Alma Mater Studiorum

Bologna boasts the oldest university in Europe, the Alma Mater Studiorum. Founded in 1089, the Studiorum is still an active university with students roaming its halls. One of the university’s most popular tourist attractions is the somewhat macabre Archiginnasio Anatomical Theatre, where medical students dissected and studied human cadavers starting in the 15th century.


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Is Stasher’s luggage storage in Bologna safe?

Stasher’s security team personally visits each StashPoint to be certain that your luggage will be safe. We also attach a security tag to each of your items and insure each bag for up to £1,000 in the unlikely case that anything gets lost, damaged, or stolen.

How does Stasher work?

Stasher puts you in touch with a network of local hotels and businesses that offer affordable luggage storage in Bologna. Book online, drop your bags off, and continue exploring the city!

Where can I store my luggage in Bologna?

Stasher offers award-winning, safe, and convenient luggage storage near key Bologna attractions and main transportation hubs. Over 21,000 verified customer reviews have earned us a ranking of 4.8/5 stars on Feefo, which awarded Stasher with its Platinum Trusted Service Award.

How much does it cost to store my luggage in Bologna?

Luggage storage in Bologna costs from €5.90 for the first day and €5.90 for any additional day.

Is there a size limit for luggage storage with Stasher?

No. Our flat fee per day includes oversized or overweight items. However, you may wish to contact your StashPoint before booking to make sure the location has space to accommodate exceptionally large items like surfboards or upright basses.

We can accommodate all types of luggage, big or small. To ensure a smooth experience, contact us before booking if you wish to store any odd-sized items (such as bikes, skiing equipment, etc.). Our customer support team is available 24/7.

How long can I store my luggage in Bologna for?

You can store your luggage for as long or as little as you’d like. Just select your desired drop-off and pick-up dates on the checkout page. If you wish to change your booking, you can easily do so without any extra fees!

Will my luggage be safe?

All of our luggage storage locations (we call them StashPoints!) are vetted by a member of our team. The area reserved for bags is accessible only by the employees and business staff. In addition, each item is insured for up to €1,100.00, adding an extra layer of security.

What will happen in case I have a problem with my booking?

Our award-winning customer service is always on hand to help you out. Chat to us using the online chat tool, email us at [email protected], or give us a call! We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers. Our stellar track record has earned us customer service awards from Feefo and Visit England, while more than 5000 reviews give us an average rating of 4.7!

What safety precautions are in place for Covid-19?

To keep you and other customers safe, please be aware Stasher are advising all customers and hosts of the following guidelines:

  • Maintain a distance of 2 meters from other customers and staff
  • Transfer bags by placing them on the floor for the customer to pick up, rather than passing directly
  • Follow the guidance of local government in regards to: travel, social distancing and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Provide and use hand sanitiser if possible.
  • We recommend taking photographs of luggage tags and applying tags to the bags yourself

What if I need to change my drop-off and pick-up times?

We ask for approximate drop-off and pick-up times so that we can prepare for your arrival. However, you can always change your plans.

How long can I store my luggage in Bologna?

You can store your baggage at one of our Bologna luggage storage locations for a few hours, days, or even months. We offer discounts for extended storage. It’s up to you.