Shipping Guides: How to Pack and Ship Furniture

Are you planning to move across the country to a new home? Or maybe you have finally sold your old coffee table on ebay and you aren’t quite sure on how to safely ship it to its new owner? No matter what your reason for wanting to ship your furniture is, or what size the items may be, shipping furniture requires a high level of care.

There is a high risk of scratches, dents, scrapes, and other damage during transit. However, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of this damage by following a few simple furniture shipping guidelines. These tips and tricks come from the Stasher delivery team, experts in safe and secure furniture shipping.

Here Is What To Do When Shipping Your Furniture Long Distance

Let’s say that you live in California but you need to ship that rocking chair to your Grandmother all the way to New York. How do you do this in the safest way possible? Follow these guidelines to help guarantee a safe delivery. After all, the longer the distance, the higher the risk of your furniture items getting damaged, so best to trust our team’s expert advice. 

Measure and Weigh Each Piece Of Furniture

It’s important to have accurate measurements of every item before packing them up. Take your time and measure and weigh the items properly. These measurements will help determine the packaging size and the best type of delivery service to use. Aside from the distance of transit, other factors that will influence your shipping and packaging method may include:

  • The value of the item(s): of course you don’t want anything to happen to that $10,000 couch. Luckily for you, partnering with a reliable shipping company that offers premium insurance options will guarantee a safe delivery of your valuable items.
  • The shape & dimensions of the item(s): for any larger furniture items, you may want to consider temporarily dismantling them. This will help cut down on space, costs, and keep your items safer during transit.
  • The weight of the item(s): for any of your heavier furniture items, you may be limited in the number of ways that they can be transported. You may even need to use custom wooden crates to ship them long distance.

Packaging Your Items

After gathering all of the required measurements, you will need to figure out your best option for packing and shipping your furniture long distance. The packaging material will largely depend on the specific item, but here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Use the proper sized box: Based on the dimensions of your furniture, select a box that is the appropriate size. You want it snug enough that your furniture doesn’t rattle around, but leaving some space for protective cushioning.
  2. Remove any detachable parts: any parts that can be separated (such as legs and drawers) should be packed separately. This will help make your parcel more compact, and reduce the chances of damage from bits breaking off in transit.
  3. Use styrofoam or bubble wrap to cushion your furniture. Make sure to secure the cushioning with packaging tape. And for any wooden furniture items, you can protect any exposed sides and corners with corrugated cardboard to protect them.
  4. Place your furniture item(s) safely into the box: make sure to add padding on every side to prevent items moving around inside the package.

The last and possibly the most important step is finding a trustworthy long distance courier. Stasher delivery service is a reliable, convenient, and affordable way to ship your furniture whatever the distance. 

What to do when shipping your furniture short distance

Moving to a new house only a few miles away? Boxing up your furniture may seem like overkill, but it’s important to remember that your household items are still at risk of being damaged during transit. The best way to secure your household and furniture items without having to box them up is by using moving blankets. Moving blankets are typically used by movers as a form of furniture padding. In this case, we consider short-distance to be anything under 300 miles. 

Benefits of moving blankets

  • Preventing your furniture from being exposed to grime, dust, and dirt.
  • Reduces the risk of your furniture being damaged or broken.
  • Stopping your household items from shifting around while in transit. It’s this kind of movement that most frequently results in damage to your items. 

The best way of guaranteeing the safe delivery of your furniture is to ship with a trusted delivery company, such as Stasher. An experienced mover is equipped with the industry knowledge and needed skills to transfer your furniture items as safely as possible. Check out Stasher’s delivery service for a quote and to guarantee your furniture and other household items arrive safely, no matter the distance.

Stasher offers many different delivery services to cover all your shipping needs. These include: 

  • On site packing services
  • Custom crafting services
  • Boxing services
  • Full service pickup and delivery options
  • Curbside service
  • Full service and premium insurance options.
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