Shipping Guides: How To Pack and Ship a TV

A television set is an important electronic to have in your home and yet fragile and requires care when handling it. Whereas you can purchase your TV from anywhere, you need to have proper arrangements on how it will get to the preferred destination safely. Some of the key factors that you need to consider when shipping your TV include;

Shipping Instructions for TVs

A flat box will help in proper packaging of the TV. Before packing, wipe and ensure that it is free of stains. Also, remove carefully if mounted on the wall. If unsure of the process, seek professional help to help you unmount the TV from the wall.

As a highly delicate item, having the original manufacturer’s box is highly recommended due to the exact measurements that fit the TV. However, if you are not in possession of the original box, a proper box that fits the TV perfectly will be a good alternative for shipping.

Use Packaging Tape

This will come in handy when sealing the box. The box should be well secured to avoid any possible damage. The packaging tape is particularly essential when sealing cardboard box. The packaging tape should be heavy duty in order to keep everything intact during transportation. In particular, you should seal the top and bottom sides of the box well to avoid any slipping of the TV which can cause breakage.

A marker

A marker is essential for labeling the TV packaging box. A proper labeling enables easier identification when shipping to ensure that the box gets to you. The labeling should be well visible and not easily erasable in order to assist in quick identification and ultimate delivery.


A Styrofoam is meant to protect your TV while in the cardboard. In particular, the corners are delicate during transportation and are prone to damage. It is therefore essential that you protect the TV using Styrofoam. Most original boxes come with the Styrofoam but in the event that you are using a different box to ship, ensure you purchase some Styrofoam that you will fix on delicate parts such as corners and on both sides to protect the screen.

Plastic bag

A plastic bag is essential for storing your nuts, wires and bolts which when stored safely can easily get lost or forgotten in the process of packaging of your TV ready for shipping. You should also consider packing them with the TV in order to avoid any possible loss which might force you to purchase other nuts and bolts essential for TV connectivity. You also need to remove batteries from the remote and wipe the remote. Also, remember to carry installation and operating manuals.

Positioning is everything

Positioning when transporting your TV is a critical aspect that you should not ignore. Positioning will save you from having a damaged TV set during the delivery process. The right way to transport a TV is in an upright position throughout the journey. This is due to possible vibrations and movements which can cause damage on the TV during transportation

Identify the right shipping method

There are several shipping methods that you can choose from. When moving your TV with a shipping company, they categorize the TV as delicate cargo. You also need to understand their regulations. For instance, some shipping companies have regulations on shipping of lithium battery-powered electronics and therefore it would be good if you sought to establish if they have any regulations in regard to shipping of the TV in order to stay guided as you seek to engage them.

Get a reputable shipping company

There exist many reputable shipping companies that you can choose from as you seek to engage their services. You need to check their terms and how they transport delicate cargo such as a TV. You also need to establish how long it will take to have your TV delivered in your preferred destination. Another major issue of concern is their breakage policy. You need to establish whether they offer insurance cover for shipment goods. This will save you in the event that the TV set gets damaged or lost while on shipment. How they handle their cargo is a major concern.

Reputable companies such as Stasher Luggage Shipping have the experience and committed staff who will ensure that you have your TV shipped on time and in perfect condition. Other reasons why you should consider Stasher include;

  • Our rates are affordable and within the market range to ensure you get value for your money
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  • Our highly efficient online tracking and periodic email and text updates will enable you to keep track of your luggage and have peace of mind while your cargo is on shipment.

Establish how much it costs to ship the TV

If you choose to use a professional mover to ship your TV, you need to establish how much it will cost you. Some of the factors they consider include; the weight of the TV, the destination that the TV is being shipped to, insurance costs, and taxes. The transport provider will be in a position to calculate and present to you the total costs that you need to pay.

You can compare with the various shipment companies to ensure you get a good deal for yourself and get value for your money. At the same time, ensure you hire a reputable firm such as Stasher Luggage Shipping to ensure your cargo arrives in the final destination in good time and in perfect condition.


TV is delicate and requires care when shipping. Whether you choose to ship them yourself or engage the services of a shipping firm, care should be taken to avoid any possible damage or even loss of the cargo.

Should you choose to engage the services of a shipping firm, seek to understand their shipping terms such as whether the goods are insured while on shipment, their breakage or damage policy, how delicate cargo such as TV are transported. This will help you understand how your TV will be transported and how soon it will reach your intended destination.

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