Luggage Shipping to Greece

Are you heading to Greece? Are you dreading the hassle of the airport with all your luggage? Stasher is here, and we’ve got your back. Let us take care of your luggage for you.

Generally speaking, any thoughts of going to the airport with more than a carry-on are enough to induce stress. But what if you didn’t need to drag your luggage through the airport? What if you could limit it to a carry-on with only your daily essentials?

Stasher makes that a reality with our luggage shipping service. We take away all the stress and hassle that come with security, luggage, and outlandish airport fees. We pick up your luggage right from your front door and take it to your destination, all while charging reasonable fees and providing you with 24/7 updates.

About Greece

Greece is located in the European Union. Its fame reaches centuries back from its cultural and political influence. Democracy was born here, and the capital city, Athens, is home to many ancient landmarks like the Acropolis citadel (which has been around since 500 B.C.) and the Parthenon Temple. History buffs will enjoy traveling to, or even living in, Greece.

Top recommended places to visit:

  • Athens
  • Santorini
  • Mykonos
  • Zante
  • Rhodes

Reasons Customers Send Packages to Greece

  • To send personal effects ahead for traveling
  • To move to Greece for work
  • To visit family or friends
  • To send a gift to a loved one who lives in Greece
  • To attend a university

It’s easy to send your luggage across the pond with Stasher. Our services encompass everything you could need for your trip. You could be preparing for a year of studying abroad, going on the vacation of your dreams, blogging about every unique Greek food in sight, or traveling on business for your company. Whatever your reason for your travels might be, Stasher will take care of all your luggage for you.

Our services are affordable, easily beating out traditional couriers and international removals companies. Our weight allowance is generous at 66 lb/30 kg, with options to ship even heavier items, all while remaining affordable.

Ship Your Luggage Ahead

Shipping with Stasher will permanently change your travel experience. Once you see how convenient our services are, you’ll never drag your luggage through the airport again. In addition to the typical items you would think to pack (clothes, personal care items, electronics, etc.), you can also send excess luggage, sporting equipment, and parcels with Stasher. Our services truly cover everything you could need.

Tips for When You Ship

  • Stay up-to-date with quarantine regulations and customs information. COVID-19 might affect customs regulations.
  • Check reviews and ratings for different shipping companies.
  • Get multiple shipping quotes and compare them.
  • Check out shipping schedules to see which companies have the best routing times for you.
  • Pack your items very carefully. Bubble wrap and newspaper are recommended to cushion fragile items.

Customs Information

If you’re already in the European Union, you aren’t subject to customs, import duties, or taxes. In short, you don’t need to worry about customs.

However, if you’re traveling from outside the EU, you are subject to customs, including all import duties and taxes that are applicable for your luggage. We will send you the necessary documents to fill out and attach to your luggage.

You must attach a customs invoice to each piece of luggage that you are sending. The EU wants to know exactly what is coming in and going out of their Union, so they require very specific details. Instead of writing “clothes” on the customs invoice, write exactly what kind of clothes are inside your suitcase. An example of a properly filled-out customs invoice would be, “four sweaters, five sweatshirts, six pairs of jeans.”

If you fail to attach a customs invoice to any of your luggage, it won’t pass through customs, and you’ll be required to pay a fee to get it back. So, please remember to fill out customs invoices and attach an individual invoice to each piece of luggage. We want your luggage to make it to Greece!

Packages generally clear through customs quickly, but there are exceptions to everything. Customs is the only part of the shipping process that Stasher can’t control. We strongly recommend checking with local customs yourself to determine the laws surrounding quarantine, waiting times, paperwork requirements, etc. This will help ensure that your package clears through customs and arrives at your destination in a timely manner.

What You Can’t Ship and What We Don’t Insure

While Stasher is proud to ship just about anything, there are some things we can’t ship due to international laws. While different countries have different requirements, some items are banned across the globe. These items include:

  • Sprays (think Lysol)
  • Products from animals (think Endangered Species Act)
  • Money (cash or card)
  • Anything Dangerous
  • Anything Hazardous
  • Liquids
  • Medications
  • Confidential documents (passports, ID, etc.)
  • Food that will go bad (even if it doesn’t expire for a while!)
  • Plants

Additionally, while we ship just about anything, we don’t insure everything. Anything that is not covered by our insurance may still be shipped, but it will be at your own risk. We strongly recommend cushioning fragile items with bubble wrap or newspaper to help prevent them from breaking.


When packing in general, please use luggage that is in good condition and boxes that are either brand new or like new. If the integrity of a suitcase or box is in question, please don’t use it. We don’t cover packaging, and we’d hate to see you lose valuable items because a box fell apart or the zipper on a suitcase broke, spilling your personal belongings everywhere.

How to Send Your Luggage

Shipping with Stasher is super easy!

  • Visit our website and click to get an instant quote. Use that quote to book your shipment.
  • Print out the documents we send you and fill them out carefully.
  • Attach the documents to your luggage.
  • Take your luggage to your designated drop-off area.
  • We will pick up your luggage and transport it to Greece for you, to your specified destination.
  • Choose between email and text notifications to receive 24/7 updates on where your luggage is.

Shipping with Stasher is truly that simple. If you need help obtaining your quote, have questions about Stasher, or have concerns about the shipping process/customs, please reach out to us! We will be happy to assist you with whatever you might need.

Good luck with packing and happy travels!

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