Wizz Air Baggage Allowance – 2024 Guide

Headquartered in Budapest, Wizz Air — stylized as W!ZZ — is an ultra-low-cost airline that flies to 150 destinations in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Wizz has more aircraft than any other airline out of Hungary and maintains two subsidiary carriers, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and Wizz Air UK.

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Wizz Carry-on Cabin Baggage

Wizz Air charges a carry-on luggage fee, but everyone can bring one personal item — like a laptop, diaper bag, or oversize fanny pack — aboard. However, it cannot be larger than 40cm x 30 cm x 20cm, and it can’t weigh more than 10 kilograms.

If you want to bring carry-on luggage without paying an additional fee, purchase a Wizz Priority, Go, or Superior ticket. Upgrading won’t get you a better cabin, but the levels come with boarding and luggage perks.

If you don’t opt for the upgraded ticket, cabin luggage will cost you. Depending on the time of year and route, Wizz Air carry-on luggage is about 5-35€, if bought ahead of time. The cost jumps to 20€ or more at the airport. Cabin baggage cannot be larger than 55cm x 40cm x 23 cm nor weigh more than 10 kilograms.

Wizz Air ticket holders can always bring the following items aboard:

  • Blanket
  • Coat
  • Mobile phone
  • Book or magazine for in-flight reading
  • Foldable baby stroller
  • Food for baby
  • Crutches for injured parties
Luggage TypeBags Per Passenger AllowanceMaximum DimensionsMaximum WeightPrice
Hand Luggage140cm x 30 cm x 20cm10 kilogramsFree
Cabin Baggage155cm x 40cm x 23 cm10 kilogramsFree with Wizz Priority, Wizz Go, and Superior Tickets; 5€ to 35€ for Everyone Else
Checked BagMax 6149cm x 119 cm 171cm10, 20, 32 kilogramsDepends on Exact Flight; Call Wizz Air
Excess BaggageMax 6Depends on Exact Flight; Call Wizz Air Depends on Exact Flight; Call Wizz Air10€ per Kilogram at Airport

Wizz Checked Baggage

Passengers with upgraded tickets can check a single item that weighs 20 kilograms or less for free. Those traveling on the Wizz Plus tier are allowed up to 32 kilograms.

WebsiteBooking MethodLow Season PricePeak Season Price
10 kilogramsOnline or Call Center9 to 47€ 13 to 57€ 
20 kilogramsOnline or Call Center15 to 67€ 21 to 83€ 
20 kilogramsAt Airport55€ Depends on Exact Flight
32 kilogramsOnline or Call Center21 to 89€ 30 to 109€ 
32 kilogramsAt Airport110€ Depends on Exact Flight

Wizz Excess Baggage Policies

Travelers on Wizz Air can also book extra baggage spots. However, six is the maximum, and no item can be larger than 149cm x 119cm x 171cm. In other words, if you have seven suitcases, Wizz will only let you check six, and you’ll have to find another way to get that last piece where it needs to go.

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Wizz Sports Equipment Baggage Policy

For an extra fee, Wizz Air passengers can check certain sporting equipment items. If you book the space through the call center or online portal, it costs €40. If you wait to do it at the airport check-in desk, the price jumps to between €20 and €60.

Sports equipment allowed on Wizz flights includes skiing and snowboarding gear, jumping poles, golf clubs and shoes, properly dismantled and packed bicycles, diving equipment with emptied canisters, and hunting trophies with the proper veterinary certificates. 

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Wizz Musical Instruments

As long as it’s not larger than 80cm x 40cm x 23 cm, you can check an instrument on Wizz Air flights. If you play something small, like a flute or clarinet, and it isn’t larger than 55cm x 40cm x 23cm and weighs less than 10 kilograms, the instrument can be taken aboard as cabin luggage.

Contact Wizz 

Contact Wizz Airline Online (English): https://wizzair.com/en-gb#/

Wizz Air Phone Number: 0330 977 0444 

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