Volotea Baggage Allowance and Fees – 2024 Guide

Volotea is a Spanish low-cost airline established in 2011. Currently, it maintains 36 aircraft and flies to 79 destinations in Europe and northern Africa. A thoroughly 21st-century company, the airline is backed by a trio of international private equity funds. 

Like most low-cost airlines, Volotea flights have one cabin class, and passengers are charged for every single incidental, including luggage. 

Volotea Carry-On Cabin Baggage

Since Volotea only has one cabin class, carry-on baggage rules are the same for all passengers: one personal item and one piece of carry-on baggage. Personal items include things like laptop bags and purses. They must be 35 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm or smaller and fit underneath the seat. Cabin luggage mustn’t exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. 

Together, passenger carry-on items — the personal item and small suitcase combined — cannot weigh more than 10 kilograms.

Jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, shawls, crutches, canes, and small shopping bags from duty free shops inside the airport are also permitted.

Volotea Checked Baggage

No tickets on Volotea airlines come with a baggage allowance. Everyone must pay additional fees for every piece of checked luggage, and each person can have a maximum of five pieces. The cost per bag depends on where you buy the space and how much you bring. Booking online will save you oodles of money.

BaggageWeb PriceCall Center PriceAirport Price
First BagFrom 9€From 14€From 50€
Second and Subsequent BagsFrom 19€From 24€From 60€

Checked baggage items should not exceed 32 kilograms per piece. Moreover, passengers’ entire baggage loads shouldn’t be more than 50 kilograms.

Volotea Excess Baggage Policy

Under Volotea’s luggage allowance rules, any baggage load over 32 kilograms is considered excess baggage. Prepare to pay 12€ for every kilogram over 32. For example, if all your luggage tips the scales at 43 kilograms, you’ll pay an additional 132€.

Volotea Sports Equipment

Volotea categorizes sports equipment as special luggage. Like all other checked items on the airline, you must book space. If you do it online ahead of time it will be much cheaper than waiting till check in. 

Sports EquipmentBaggage Fee if Bought OnlineBaggage Fee if Bought Via Call CenterBaggage Fee if Bought at Airport During Check In
Ski and Snowboarding Equipment, Surfboards, Bicycles, Windsurfing and Scuba Gear, Et Cetera60€65€80€

Volotea Musical Instruments

Like sports equipment, musical instruments qualify as “special luggage” under Volotea’s baggage allowance policy, and the same rules apply. If, however, the instrument is small — like a flute or clarinet — you’ll likely be allowed to carry it aboard.

You must find alternative shipping for instruments that weigh more than 32 kilograms because they cannot be checked on Volotea flights.  

Contact Volotea 

Volotea maintains a full-service online help center, which can be accessed here. The online guide can walk you through everything from buying tickets to securing luggage space.

Alternative to Excess Baggage Fees

Traveling via Volotea can get pricey if you plan on bringing lots of luggage. The better way to get your things where they need to be is a luggage shipper, like Stasher. An international shipping service with a dedicated passenger luggage department, Stasher has helped countless customers safely ship packages, suitcases, and small furniture across Europe and around the world. 

If you plan to travel with more than a couple of suitcases, it’s almost always less expensive to ship than check it on the plane. Plus, the convenience is legendary. Stasher will send labels, pick up the items at a place and time of your choosing, and handle all the logistics. Your only job is confirming where you want the items to go and when you want them there!

According to people who’ve tried the service, not dealing with cumbersome luggage in the airport is downright magical.

So if you’re flying on Volotea and need to transport lots of luggage, get in touch with Stasher.

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