Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance – 2024 Guide

Air New Zealand is the flag carrier airline for New Zealand, based out of Auckland airport. It offers flights to 32 international and 20 domestic destinations. On this page, find out everything you need to know about Air New Zealand’s baggage allowance and fees. 

Air New Zealand Cabin Baggage

Air New Zealand’s baggage policy allows one piece of carry-on luggage per person, including for children. In addition, passengers are permitted one small personal item such as a slim laptop or small handbag. 

The size allowance for Air New Zealand carry-on luggage includes wheels and handles, and is measured by adding the total width, height, and length of the bag together. The total of these three measurements can be a maximum of 118cm (46.5 inches). 

Please note when travelling with Air New Zealand that Premium Economy, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, and Airpoints™ Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members have a greater carry-on baggage allowance. All other luggage must be checked.

Baggage TypeSize Weight AllowanceFeesAdditional Fees
Carry-on baggage (Economy) 1 item measuring 118cm (46.5 inches) in total (height + width + length)Plus 1 small personal itemUp to 7kg (151lb)FreeNone
Carry-on baggage (Premium Economy, Business Premier)2 items measuring 118cm (46.5 inches) totalPlus 1 small personal itemUp to 14kg (30lb) for 1 item 10kg (22lb) for the second itemFreeNone
Checked baggage 1 item measuring 152cm (61 inches)Up to 3 items for certain fares (see below) 23kg (50lb) per itemFree with certain fares (see below)£20 – 90 prepaid extra bag charges for 1st extra bag.£35 – 110 for 2nd extra bag
Excess baggageN/AContact the airline for more detailsNZD $80 for domestic flights$170 for flights to Australia$250 for flights to the rest of the worldFrom NZD $390 for 2 extra bagsFrom NZD $160 for items over 23kg but under 23kg

Air New Zealand Checked Baggage

When you book to fly with Air New Zealand, all fares include checked-in baggage, except if you book a seat-only ticket, which only includes carry-on luggage. The size allowance is calculated by adding the length, width, and height together. This number must not exceed 152cm (62 inches) for each checked item. 

If you need to bring more luggage, you can add up to 2 extra pre-paid bags, with a potential maximum of 3 checked items of baggage. 

For Air New Zealand domestic flights, if you have purchased the seat+bag, flextime, or Smart Saver fare, your ticket includes 1 item of checked baggage. If your ticket is a flexidate fare, you are permitted 2 checked bags. 

The checked baggage allowance for Air New Zealand international flights is 1 bag for the seat+bag, theworks¹, and Economy fares². For worksdeluxe and Premium Economy fares, 2 bags are permitted. For Business Premier and Business fares, 3 bags are permitted, which is the maximum number of bags per traveller.

¹If you are travelling to Honolulu with a theworks ticket, you are permitted 2 items of checked baggage.

²If you are travelling to Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei with an Economy ticket, you are permitted 2 checked bags. If you are travelling from Australia to the USA, South America, or Canada on an Economy fare, you are also permitted 2 items of checked luggage. 

Each checked-in bag can weigh up to a maximum of 23kg (50lb). If you need more luggage allowance than this, the cheapest option is to purchase a prepaid extra bag online before your flight. You can also pay for excess baggage at the airport, but be aware that this will be a more expensive option. 

Prepaid Extra Bags charges

Flights (pricing in GBP)1st Extra Bag 2nd Extra Bag 
Domestic New Zealand flights £20 £35 
Flights between New Zealand & Australia/Pacific Islands, except Perth, Honolulu and Bali £35 £55 
Long haul flights, except between London & Auckland via Los Angeles£60£90
Flights between London & Auckland via Los Angeles£90£110

This page has a breakdown of Air New Zealand’s excess baggage fees, which vary depending on the departure location and destination. 

Please be aware that if your journey includes connecting flights with other airlines, different baggage regulations may apply and you should check the website of the flight company before you fly.

Air New Zealand Excess Baggage Policy

Air New Zealand allows up to 23kg (50lb) per item before they incur extra costs. If your luggage exceeds this allowance, you can either purchase a prepaid extra bag or pay the fees for excess baggage at the airport. 

Prepaid extra bags can be purchased with your ticket, or up to 30 minutes before a domestic flight and 90 minutes before an international flight. 

Excess baggage fees can be paid at the airport on the day of your flight. You can see a breakdown of Air New Zealand’s fees for excess baggage on this page, which vary depending on your departure location and destination. 

If your item exceeds 32kg, you have the option to send your luggage as unaccompanied baggage. More information about this and the cost can be found on this page. This is a cheaper option than paying for excess baggage at the airport, but means that your luggage will not travel on the same flight as you. Please be aware that this option is not available for all destinations due to restrictions in certain countries. 

Air New Zealand Sports Equipment

Sports equipment that is less than 2m long and weighs less than 23kg counts as a standard bag. This includes:

  • Bikes (see here for instructions on correct bike packing)
  • Skis
  • Snowboard
  • Surfboard(s)
  • Golf bag
  • Hang glider
  • Windsurfer

If your item exceeds standard bag size and weight, excess baggage charges will apply. If you wish to travel with an item that exceeds these dimensions, you will need to contact the airline directly.

Air New Zealand Musical Instruments

All musical instruments 1m or less in length count as a standard bag. If your instrument exceeds this length, oversized baggage charges will apply. You may also wish to consider booking a seat for your instrument if it is particularly fragile or sensitive to temperature.

Contact Air New Zealand

Flight enquiries – 0800 028 4149 (international contact numbers here)

Airport enquiries – 0800 028 4149

Contact Directory here 

Alternative to Excess Baggage Fees

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