Aegean Airlines Baggage Allowance – 2024 Guide

If you’re flying the friendly skies with Aegean Airlines in the near future, you should probably know as much as you can about baggage fees and restrictions so you don’t get caught up in financial turbulence.

Aegean Airlines is a Greek carrier founded in 1987. It is Greece’s largest airline and operates commercial flights to over 150 destinations, primarily in Europe.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about what it will cost to transport your luggage when traveling with Aegean Airlines!

Aegean Airlines Cabin Baggage

In Economy Class there are a diversity of choices, each affecting your baggage allowance in the cabin.

If you go light, as in their “Light Fare”, you are allowed your choice of one carry on luggage to store overhead or a small personal bag but not both. The personal bag must fit under your seat. Examples are a purse or a thin laptop case.

Go Flex Fare allows a little more flexibility. You may bring both baggage which fits overhead, maximum weight 8 kg and dimensions no wider than 56x45x25cm and a personal bag, which must still fit under the seat.

Dimensions may vary depending on the companion carrier.

  • Business class and infants and children offer special considerations and luxuries.
  • Business class passengers are still restricted to identical dimensions but are allowed a 13kg weight limit.
  • Infants are entitled to one personal item or carry-on bag. If the infant has its own seat, parents must provide an infant car seat which must be declared at booking but will cost no extra charges.
  • Baggage allowance for children is the same and varies according to their fare class.
  • Of course the usual restrictions apply for liquids and medication.
  • Additional items such as umbrellas or duty free bags must be carried within your cabin baggage, otherwise it will be considered and charged as an extra item.

Be considerate and keep in mind that there is a limited stowing capacity aboard the aircraft. Items that exceed the size and weight limits will be checked-in before departure and you will be given a baggage claim ticket and retrieve the bag at your destination carousel.

This can cause excessive fees which will be noted in the next section.

Baggage Type Number of bags Size Weight Allowance Fees
Personal item 1 Should fit the space underneath the front seat N/A Free
Carry-on bag 1 or 2 (Business Class) 56 cm x 45cm x25 cmBusiness Class ticket holders are allowed to have a second carry-on bag up 45cm x 35cm x 25cm 8 kgBusiness Class ticket holders  may have a second carry-on bag up to 5 kg (or you can take 1 hand luggage up to 13 kg) Free
Checked baggage 0-3 (depending on your ticket selection and if you are a member of Miles+Bonus) 158cm 23-32 kg, depending on whether you travel Economy or Business Free
Excess baggage N/A N/A 23-32 kg, depending on whether you travel Economy or Business €16-40 online €25-70 at the airport€ 40-60 at the gate (N/A in Egypt and Saudi Arabia)

Aegean Airlines Checked Baggage

There are a number of different tiers for the cost of checked baggage on Aegean Airlines.

  • As explained previously, Aegean Airlines offers economy fares in different categories. Light and Flex passengers may not bring any baggage. ComfortFlex passengers may check 1 piece of baggage up to 23kg with dimensions of 158cm.
  • Business travelers may bring up to 2 pieces of 32kg each for a total of 64kg, with dimensions of 158cm.
  • Light and flex infants are entitled to check a collapsible stroller. ComfortFlex infants can check a stroller and one piece of baggage up to 23kg.

The same specifications apply to children for flex, comfortflex and business classes. 

Miles or Gold customers may be entitled to extra allowances. 

Aegean Airlines Excess Baggage Policy

But what if you have excess baggage or the baggage exceeds the weight or size restrictions? In some cases, it will be carried as cargo. In others, you will pay an extra fee. 

Flight Type – Season Prepayment Online Payment at the airport Payment at the gate
Domestic Flights – 16/06/2020 – 15/06/2021 €15 €24 €38
Domestic Flights – 16/06/2021 – 31/10/2021 €22 €33 €38
International short flights [1] – 16/06/2020 – 15/06/2021 €25 €35 €50
International short flights [1] – 16/06/2021 – 31/10/2021 €30 €40 €50
International long flights [2] – 16/06/2020 – 15/06/2021 €30 €45 €60
International long flights [2] – 16/06/2021 – 31/10/2021 €40 €60 €60
Exceptions routes [3] €40 €70 N/A


[1] Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Lebanon, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Jordan, Georgia, Croatia, Malta, Armenia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Tunisia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM.

[2] France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Portugal, Morocco.

[3] Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

  • Keep in mind that in general, passengers are allowed no more than five bags across their cabin and checked baggage. This includes animals, sports and musical equipment. 
  • Any bag that exceeds the maximum weight allowance of 23 kgs or exceeds the prescribed dimensions is considered overweight baggage. Anything over 32kg will have to be transported as cargo. 
  • Any additional bag beyond what is allowed according to your fare class, as noted in previous sections, is considered excess baggage. 
  • It is best not to get caught without your glasses on. The fine print is it will cost you more if you do not anticipate potentially overweight or excess baggage when booking online. There is even an increase in fee from airport check-in to gate boarding. 
  • For domestic flights within Greece, each additional or overweight piece will cost 15€ online, 25€ at check-in, or 40€ at the gate
  • For short international flights, each additional or overweight piece will cost 25€ online, 35€ at check-in, or 50€ at the gate.
  • For long international flights, each additional or overweight piece will cost 40€ online, and 60€ at check-in, or the gate.

So don’t overpack that suitcase and get stuck with an excessive overweight baggage fee at the gate!

Pro tip: You can add excess or overweight baggage online at booking or, after ticket purchase, up to 2 hours before departure, also online. Utilizing the call centre will incur an additional fee of 8 Euros. 

Aegean Airlines Sports Equipment

Aegean Airlines defines “special baggage” as sports or musical equipment. You may transport both either in the cabin or checked in.

Hiking/Walking Equipment €50
Archery Equipment €50
Bicycle €50
Boogie board/Body board €50
Bowling Equipment €50
Canoe/Kayak €100
Fishing Equipment €50
Fencing Equipment €50
Golf Equipment Domestic routes €20International routes €35
Hang Gliding Equipment €100
Hockey Equipment €50
Horse Riding Equipment €100
Inline-Skates €50
Javelin €50
Kite Surfboard €50
Longboard €100
Parachute Equipment €50
Pole Vault Equipment €100
Rubber Dinghy/Boat €100
Scuba Diving Equipment* €50
Skateboard €50
Ski Equipment €50
Snowboard Equipment €50
Sporting/Hunting Weapons (plus ammunition) €50
Surfboard €50
Tandem Bike €100
Tennis Equipment €50
Wakeboard €50
Warerski Equipment €50
Waveboard €50
Windsurf Equipment €100
  • Most sports equipment, from archery to bicycles to scuba diving gear, will cost you 50€ extra and must be booked in advance either online or through the call centre.
  • There are some exceptions, such as equestrian or canoes and kayaks, which incur a 100 Euro fee.
  • Golf equipment is in a separate pricing category. It will cost 20€ on a domestic flight within Greece and 35€ internationally. However, Gold members can transport golf equipment at no extra charge. 
  • Any equipment not listed by the airline will cost you 35€ for small (up to 15kg), 55€ for medium (15-32 kg) or 80€for large items (32 kg and over 2m)
  • Special charges also apply for weapons and ammunition. Restrictions are more stringent, including packaging. Be sure to bring all appropriate documentation. 
  • Disabled passengers may transport up to two pieces of mobility equipment.
  • You may redeem miles towards the cost of sports equipment transport. 

Aegean Airlines Musical Instruments

Special attention must be paid to the care and transport of musical instruments.

  • A small instrument, weighing less than 15kg with a maximum dimension of 140cm, will cost 35 Euros, if transported as checked baggage.
  • A medium instrument, weighing between 15-32 kg with dimension less than 2m, will cost 55 Euros, if transported as checked baggage.
  • A large instrument, weighing 32 kg with dimension of 2m, will cost 80 Euros, if transported as checked baggage.

The instrument must be transported in a hard case. Stringed instruments will be affected by pressure changes and other air travel variables, so it is recommended to loosen tension on the strings.

You must sign a release form stating that the musical instrument is being transported at your own risk. 

If you wish to transport the instrument in the cabin, it will be counted as hand luggage. If its dimensions exceed 56 cm in length x 45 cm in height x 25 cm in width, and/or it weighs more than 8 kg, you must book an extra seat through the airline’s call centre, in the same fare and booking class. 

Contact Aegean Airlines

The Aegean Airlines Call Centre can be contacted within Greece at 801 11 20000 or +30 210 62 61 000 from a mobile phone or abroad. 

Aegean Airlines customer service can be reached through email by sending a query here:

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