Stasher Business Guides: What Are Hotel Amenities?

Hotel amenities are the items and services that a hotel can offer to the guests of their property. While the term “amenities” typically includes things like Wi-Fi, in-room coffee makers, and basic toiletries, it can also include more unique offerings that make one hotel stand out from another. These amenities can be anything from a private, on-site spa to a locally-sourced breakfast. The importance of hotel amenities cannot be overstated.

It’s expensive and demanding to renovate your property into something that stands out, but hotel amenities are an easy way to make a great impression. In today’s market, travelers are looking for the little things that make one hotel more attractive than another. That said, every type of traveler is looking for a slightly different set of amenities. Here are the most important hotel amenities for each type of guest:

Hotel Amenities for Vacation Travelers

  • Kitchenette: Vacation travelers typically have a longer stay planned. They want the option to buy a few snacks or bring home leftovers. A Refrigerator, coffee maker, and sink is a good place to start. This is especially attractive for vacationers with a full family.
  • Recreational Facilities: Some travelers are looking to stay active while away from home. Others are looking for in-hotel entertainment. Exercise rooms, swimming pools, and other shared spaces are a great offering.
  • Dining Options: Vacation travelers are often looking to relax and make few tough decisions on their trip. Nearby dining options are an attractive amenity. 
  • Laundry Services: Some guests will pack light for a longer trip, and want to do a few loads of laundry. This is another important offering for family travelers.
  • Kid-Friendly Bathroom Offerings: The little ones might need a bit of extra help, especially in the bathroom. A toddler toilet, step-stool, and eye-safe soap are small gestures that parents will remember.  

Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers

  • High-Speed Internet: Business is conducted on the internet these days. There is nothing more frustrating than lagging internet when trying to get work done! Make it a priority.
  • Ironing Board: Most business travelers are also needing to spend time with clients and other coworkers. Many will rely on an ironing board to freshen up their packed clothing.
  • Desk and Outlets: The option to work in the hotel room if necessary is attractive to business people. Providing convenient desk space and outlets is important.
  • Dry Cleaning Discount: If business travelers opt to use a dry cleaning service rather than the ironing board, they’ll appreciate a little discount and thank you when their suit is looking professionally pressed. It’s the little things that make for repeat customers.
  • Free Drink Voucher: We all know how stressful business travel can be. Offering these guests a complimentary drink will let them know you feel for them. Also, if you have an in-hotel restaurant on top of the bar, they’ll be more incentivized to dine in. 

Hotel Amenities for Romantic Travelers

  • Luxurious Bathrobes: We all love to be treated like royalty during a romantic getaway. High-quality bathrobes are a sure way to keep couples coming back!
  • Room Service: Some couples enjoy lounging in the hotel room. Offering room service at any time of day is an alluring amenity.
  • Couples Massage: Who doesn’t want a massage after a relaxing morning in their bathrobe? Even better to experience it with the person you love. Couples’ massages are romantic and pleasing.
  • Complimentary champagne or gift basket: This one is sure to make guests feel special. If your hotel specializes in romantic offerings or couple’s getaways, consider a free welcome gift to start the trip off right.
  • Wellness Spa: Why not build on the massage and go for a full day at the spa? Nothing pairs better with romance than getting pampered in the salon and relaxing in the steam room.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Hotel Amenities for Weekend/Millennial Travelers

  • Wi-Fi: Millennial travelers rely on the internet. If your hotel doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, they’ll likely be staying elsewhere. Even better if it has high bandwidth!
  • Proximity to Cultural Attractions: Weekend travelers are often keen on experiencing as much as possible. Proximity to local attractions should be highlighted in your hotels’ offerings.
  • Luggage Storage: Quick trips mean travelers will likely be packing their schedule, even on travel days. Offering hotel luggage storage before check-in and after check-out is a big plus. Stasher is a luggage storage company that partners with hotels, retailers, and property managers to provide an excellent way of improving revenue with no investment. Check them out and become a host of your own StashPoint today!
  • Flexible Check-In and Out: Millennial travelers are often on the go and looking for a bit of flexibility. If you’re able to offer earlier check-in and later check-out, let prospective travelers know!
  • Pet-Friendly Rooms: One study shows that 65% of millennial pet owners would be more stressed about separation from their pets than their phones. Think about how addicted that generation is to electronics – their pets must mean a lot to them. Offering pet-friendly rooms for free or a small fee would be pretty compelling for some travelers.

It’s not just about offering a few nice amenities that you know travelers will take advantage of, but understanding what they value, and catering to them in areas you may not have considered. It may be a little work, but giving your customers what they want is sure to reward you with increased occupancy and revenue.

Hotel amenities are a differentiator amongst competitors fighting for in the same market. Travelers are looking for offerings that cater to their basic needs, but also desire the convenience and luxury of various amenities. The word is continuing to become more customer-centric, and the hotel amenities touched on here are an important way of adapting to this.