The Ultimate UK Student Accommodation Guide for 2023

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The United Kingdom is internationally renowned for its exceptional educational facilities. The UK serves as the home for 4 out of 10 of the world’s best universities. Studying in the UK can turn out to be a life-changing experience for students. Apart from an extraordinary academic life, students can also revel in their marvelous culture, history, and art. And if you’re a football fan, you’d relish your time in the country even more.

It’s normal to feel absolutely thrilled about this new journey, and it’s also normal to be nervous about it at the same time. After all, it’s not every day that you’ll fly away to a foreign land from your family to try and ensure your future. Sustaining good academic results is already quite stressful in the first place, and to add more to the pile, the thought of being without your family might make you more concerned. It can also hinder your studies. 

You may have several questions, ‘What are my best options to stay?’ ‘Where shall I live?’, etc. But, don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Here’s a listing of few options to pick from as a student in the United Kingdom.

University Dorms

Usually, first-year students fancy living in university dorms. To state- it’s the right choice or not isn’t up to me. But it holds its benefits. It can be a convenient stay as you’d be residing inside the university campus (in some cases, the university hostels may not be located within; it can be found in some comfortably commutable area in the downtown), making it easier to get to the class, library, sports club, and other parts of the campus.

Staying in university dorms for the first time away from parents will also prepare you for life in private accommodation when you choose to go for it in the future. You’ll have somewhat adequate freedom and also don’t have to bother about the bills. While most university dorms serve meals, some don’t; so you must fend for yourself. You’ll also get to meet and greet people from diverse social backgrounds. And maybe have to share your room with one of them. It also depends on the charges, as students who cannot afford a private room typically prefer to share.


Homesickness is a tangible feeling for all of us when we’re sailing away from home. The affection of our family is a unique sensation that only a few can match. The only way to perceive that sensation in a foreign land is by staying with another family. And homestays present you with this surreal opportunity.

Homestays can be really delightful to stay at, notably if the family you’re staying with has prior experience of hosting students as paying guests. You won’t have to fret about food, laundries, and other bills because everything will be covered in your rent.

Being in a local household will improve your knowledge regarding their culture, literature, and practices. You might also make some relevant connections in society through them. However, living with a family also you might have to follow specific rules and regulations. Initially, it might get challenging, but you’re bound to have a memorable stay with proper communication and discipline. 

Private Student Accommodation

Private student properties in the UK are the more superior and autonomous counterpart of the university halls. Typically, students prefer staying in a group of two or three, sharing their kitchen and bathroom. But it depends on your budget and comfortability. Suppose you like living all by yourself, and you’ve got an adequate amount of money. In that case, you can rent a luxurious studio without bothering about sharing your personal space with another soul.

Private student accommodations in the UK usually are located conveniently- closer to major universities and public transport facilities. 9 out of 10 student accommodations are facilitated with excellent WiFi, a sleek gym, high-end cinema rooms, game rooms, etc. Various private accommodations in the UK also organize year-round gatherings and games, where you can engage with new people and establish new connections; some may even last a lifetime. Although comfortable, private student halls can often turn out to be heavy on your pocket. You may as well come across a rough roommate, and the neighborhood can get a little noisy as well.

Nonetheless, wherever you stay, you’ve to look after yourself and adjust accordingly. Your apartment selection will also help you develop your character as you learn to trade with various things in various ways. And if something grows intolerable- you always have the power of choice.

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