Travelodge Luggage Storage: A 2023 Guide

Every traveller knows just how important it is to have luggage storage. Regardless if you are just passing through a city or you plan on exploring every popular destination you have on your list, you can feel at ease knowing that your belongings are safe and sound.

With more than 40,000 guest bedrooms and 590 hotels all around the UK, Spain, and Ireland, Travelodge is a first choice for many. The accommodations are clean and quiet, comfortable, and tailored to every budget. They are an affordable option for business and leisure travel.

If you are wondering “do Travelodge have luggage storage”, the answer is no. Most of their hotels don’t offer a luggage service. But, they can recommend you to a local service provider.

Luggage storage is an excellent amenity. You can use it to stash your excess luggage in a safe space and avoid the worries of lost or damaged belongings while you are travelling. Here, you can learn more about Travelodge luggage storage and how to get alternate luggage storage services.

Where Can I Leave My Luggage in Travelodge?

Luggage storage in hotels is a service that allows guests to store their belongings with the hotel, often for a cost. This is a practical option for guests who arrive early or plan to depart late and would like to put their personal belongings or items of value somewhere safe.

Guests with plenty of bags and suitcases don’t wish to carry them during their stay. Using luggage storage is a lot more convenient than having to lug your suitcase all day long. Depending on the hotel and location, the storage fees can vary.

Many hotels offer an hourly fee for you to store your luggageTravelodge offers convenient, secure luggage storage options for travelers, so you can explore worry-free. With 24/7 access, affordable prices & team members who are always ready to help, Travelodge is the perfect choice for storing your bags.. This can be useful if you are planning to leave your stuff for a short time. The problem is, Travelodge doesn’t offer left luggage services. Their policy is not to store luggage, regardless of the size or shape of your bags and suitcases.

Normally, you would put your luggage in the closet or luggage rack. You would also be keeping your valuables with you at all times. Such as cameras, phones, jewellery, wallet, iPad, etc.

Do Travelodge Rooms Have Safes?

Travellers prefer to leave their valuables in a safe – if there is one. Travelodge rooms don’t have safety deposit boxes or safes. But, their rooms are all locked with key cards. The doors to other rooms are mostly located in an internal corridor, most of which are also secured behind access card locks.

So, there is a significantly lower risk of other guests getting into the room and stealing your stuff. And the people working in the hotel are focused on delivering an outstanding guest experience. Although there is a possibility of theft, your belongings should be safe for the duration of your stay.

Can I Check In Late at Travelodge?

Guests should check in at a Travelodge hotel before midnight according to the date specified in their booking. If the Travelodge staff doesn’t receive a notification prior to this date, and you fail to check in on time, you will be treated as a “no-show.”

If you were to notify the staff ahead of time and get their approval, then you won’t have any problems checking in late. Then there is payment. If you don’t issue payment and you check in much later, not at the point you made the booking, they would have no obligation to find a different room for you. So, ring up the staff and let them know if you are going to be late for your check-in.

Can You Bring Your Own Food Into Travelodge?

There are quite a few hotels in different countries that may try to stop people from bringing in food and drinks. They might even go so far as to search their bags before they let them in. But, that isn’t a problem with Travelodge.

Travelodge allows guests to bring any type of food into the hotel. You can order fast food or any other takeaway, have it delivered to the lobby, and you can eat and drink it in the room. The staff can also provide you with a list of local eateries that deliver food to the hotel. Just be respectful of how you handle the food, leftovers, and disposal.

Alternate Luggage Storage Options When Staying At Travelodge

The greatest definition of freedom is when you can go wherever you want without having to carry all the suitcases with you. You feel free when you know that your valuables and personal belongings won’t be stolen and you can truly enjoy the travelling experience.

By travelling light, you can also save some cash on transportation. This is an effective way of tracking your finances and saving money. Especially if you want to travel to far-away places. Since there is no Travelodge luggage storage available, you can use Stasher.

Stasher is a reliable luggage storage network that connects you to stores and hotels near you. You can use Stasher to store all your valuables before or after checking in at Travelodge. They can accommodate your storage needs and take care of all the luggage.

The biggest advantage of using a luggage storage service, like Stasher, is that you are getting a client-centred service. Their goal is to provide excellent customer care and keep your luggage secure and away from harm. This makes it easier to enjoy your journey without worries.

Travelodge Check In and Check Out Policy

The standard check-in time at Travelodge hotels is 3:00 PM. However, if you require an earlier check-in, you can opt for the early check-in service for an additional fee, subject to availability. Early check-in allows you to check in from 12:00 PM onwards.

  • Late Check-in Travelodge operates a 24-hour front desk, so you can check in at any time after the standard check-in time. If you anticipate arriving very late, it is recommended to inform the hotel in advance to ensure your reservation is held.
  • ID and Payment Requirements Upon check-in, you will be asked to provide a valid photo ID and the payment card used to make the reservation. If you have prepaid your booking, the hotel may ask for a payment card for any additional charges incurred during your stay.
  • Group Bookings For group bookings of five or more rooms, a different check-in policy may apply. It is advised to contact the hotel directly to discuss the specific requirements for group check-ins.

Check-out Policy

Check-out Time The standard check-out time at Travelodge hotels is 12:00 PM. If you wish to check out later, you can request a late check-out service for an additional fee, subject to availability. Late check-out allows you to extend your departure time until 2:00 PM.

  • Express Check-out To speed up the check-out process, Travelodge offers an express check-out option. You can simply drop your key card in the designated box at the reception area, and your final bill will be sent to you via email.
  • Payment and Additional Charges Before you check out, make sure to settle any outstanding payments, including additional charges for services such as room service, mini-bar usage, or telephone calls. If you have provided a payment card upon check-in, these charges will be automatically deducted from your card.


If you find yourself in need of Travelodge luggage storage, feel free to book Stasher. Travelodge doesn’t provide guests with left luggage service. Their accommodations are budget-friendly, meaning that you would have to bring your valuables with you if you plan to travel. Stasher can take some of that weight off your shoulders and give you peace of mind.