Quick London Guides: Things to Do in Shoreditch

Searching for things to do in Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is an area that is often ignored by people visiting London for the first time. Tucked away in the eastern part of the city, its industrial past gives it a gritty look that makes it unappealing to first-timers.

Truth is that Shoreditch can indeed seem a little gloomy, especially compared to the opulence of central London. However, if you spend some time in the area, it won’t be long before you fall in love with it and its eclectic young crowd that’s earned it the nickname “Hipsterville” back in the early 2010s.

A Short History of Shoreditch

Before it became the mecca of vaping, bearded dudes in skinny jeans, Shoreditch was a working-class neighbourhood, that attracted young creatives due to its affordable rents. Nowadays, the area is the home of global companies, startups (like Stasher -yay!) and designer stores, and therefore, far from being offbeat. Also, don’t even ask about the rents!

Yes, much to the disappointment of continental hip types, Shoreditch has officially lost the “alternative capital of London” crown to areas further east (Dalston and Peckham) as of 2019. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing base to explore London, with a wide selection of amazing restaurants and bars nearby. Check out our guide for the best things to do in Shoreditch!

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Best Things to do in Shoreditch: From Street Art, to Burgers and Cocktails

The Shoreditch crowd is a weird mixture of -ironically identical- hipsters, young professionals working in the nearby coworking spaces and, on weekends, your usual drunk Londoner. The area itself is chock-full of amazing street art, novelty cocktail bars, cool restaurants, clubs and fun venues. 

things to do in shoreditch

Shoreditch is basically our home here at Stasher, so we know the area like the back of our hands. And let us tell you that if you find yourself out of things to do in Shoreditch, you’re doing it wrong!

#1: Explore the markets

Shoreditch and the surrounding areas are famous for their regular weekly markets. Featuring anything you might imagine, from handmade wares and overpriced vintage clothes to fresh produce and flowers, these frequent pop ups are a fixture of Shoreditch. Here are some of the highlights.

#2: Columbia Road Flower Market

It’s worth spending a Sunday just to check out the vibrant palette that is Columbia Road Flower Market. One of London’s most popular Sunday markets, you will find it tucked away in a side street in the back of Hackney Road. Upon entering this cosy market, you will definitely get the feeling that you’re walking into a Victorian village, as the mixture of colours, voices and smells will carry you in another century. 

On the other hand, perhaps that’s not a coincidence since the Columbia Road Flower Market has been there since 1868. The vendors sell everything from aromatic herbs to houseplants, so you will have no problem finding a little something to take back home!

Practical Information: Sundays 10 – 3 | Columbia Road, E2 7RG

#3: Hoxton Street Market

Hoxton Street Market is one of the oldest street food spots in London, although that’s not the only thing for sale around. On weekends, you can also find a flea market with stalls selling vintage items and fresh produce as well. You will love the Hoxton Street Market for its local feel and cheap prices, although it is not as big as other markets in the area.

Practical Information: Monday to Friday 10.30 – 4 | Flea market Saturdays 9 – 4 | Hoxton Street, N1 6SH

#4: Brick Lane Market

Your one-stop-shop for mostly overpriced vintage stuff, Brick Lane Market is one of the things you simply have to do if you are in the area on a Sunday. Although most vendors selling clothes, antiques and oddities seem to have an inflated view of the worth of their merchandise, there’s a good chance you’ll strike a bargain if you search hard enough. When you’re tired from all the sipping, you can grab a curry and listen to the talented musicians busking on the streets.

Practical Information: Sundays | Brick Lane, E1 6QR

#5: Ping Pong at Bounce

Get your ping pong paddles ready because Bounce now has a convenient location near Shoreditch High Street Station. Founded in Farrington in 2012, Bounce is a unique leisure venue that contains dozens of ping pong tables ready for you and your mates. But it’s not just about ping pong here.

Bounce also boasts a full-service bar with loads of lovely libations and shareable grub like pizzas, skewers, loaded nachos, and BBQ chicken wings. Whether you’re interested in a casual meet-up, team-building, or a private party, Bounce is a fun venue in the Shoreditch area.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Tuesday from 4PM till 11PM
  • Wednesday from 4PM till 12AM
  • Thursday – Saturday from 12PM till 1AM
  • Sunday from 1PM – 10:30PM

Address: 241 Old Street, London, EC1V 9EY

Phone: 020 3657 6525

Website: https://www.bouncepingpong.com/

#6: Table football at Bar Kick

Any football fans heading to Shoreditch shouldn’t leave without paying a visit to the energetic Bar Kick. The second you step into this Shoreditch sporting establishment, your eyes will instantly be drawn to all the fabulous flags, TVs, and football tables inside. Even if you’re not at Bar Kick for a big game, you will still have a fabulous time playing table football and munching on some greasy grub pub. What more could a sports fan ask for?

Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday from 11AM till 11PM

  • Thursday from 11AM till 12AM
  • Friday – Saturday from 11AM till 12:30AM
  • Sunday from 11AM till 10:30PM

Address:127 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London E1 6JE

Phone: 020 7739 8700

Website: https://www.cafekick.co.uk/bar-kick/

#7: Golf at Swingers or Plonk!

Fancy a game of mini golf? If so, Shoreditch has got you covered. There’s not one, but two exceptional indoor mini golf courses in this area of London. First off, you’ve got the 1920s-themed Swingers, which features a 16,000 square feet garden course, cocktail bars & food trucks, and nightly DJs.

Those who want a more colorful golfing experience, however, might prefer the adults-only 9-hole course in Plonk! By the way, Plonk! is BYOB-friendly, so don’t worry about getting tipsy on the course!

#8: Swingers

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Wednesday from 12PM till 12AM
  • Thursday – Friday from 12PM till 1AM
  • Saturday from 10:30AM till 1AM
  • Sunday from 10:30AM – 9:30PM

Address: 8 Brown’s Buildings, London EC3A 8AL

Phone: 020 3846 3222

Website: https://swingersldn.com/home/

#9: Plonk!

Opening Hours:

  • Wednesday – Thursday from 5PM till 10:30PM
  • Friday – Saturday from 12PM till 10:30PM
  • Sunday from 12PM till 6PM

Address:Unit 3, Huntingdon Industrial Estate, Bethnal Green Rd, Shoreditch, London E1 6JU

Phone: 077 5174 5631

Website: https://www.plonkgolf.co.uk/venue/shoreditch/

#10: Bowl at All Star Lanes

Looking to strike some pins while in Shoreditch? If so, you can’t do much better than All Star Lanes. Not only does this Manhattan-themed bowling alley have six lanes to choose from, guests also have access to a bar, restaurant, and karaoke rooms. There’s even a penthouse suite on property for visitors interested in private events. No doubt, a trip to All Star Lanes is a surefire way to “strike” up some good conversations.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday from 12PM till 12AM
  • Friday from 12PM till 1AM
  • Saturday from 11AM till 1AM
  • Sunday from 11AM till 12AM

Address: 95 Brick Ln London E1 6QL

Phone: 20 7426 9200

Website: https://www.allstarlanes.co.uk/locations/brick-lane

#11: Suhffleboarding at the London Shuffle Club

Also known as “poor man’s curling,” shuffleboarding is played in a big rectangular field. Your goal is to push your pucks (biscuits) into the triangular scoring zone at the other end of the field. Although it doesn’t exactly screams “FUN”, shuffleboarding can get quite competitive, especially after a few beers.

Fun fact: the game was popularized in the 16th century by Henry VIII (the one with the six wives) and it became so addictive, the government had to ban it. If you want to learn more, head out to The London Shuffle Club -and don’t’ forget to bring your friends.

Practical information: The London Shuffle Club is open Tues & Weds 4-11pm; Thurs-Sat noon-11pm; and Sunday 12-6pm. Price is £40 for a one hour slot (£20 off-peak).

#12: Dinerama

Only a 5-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street Station is the dynamic Dinerama complex. Unsurprisingly, this two-story area focuses on, well, dining! With roughly 20 restaurants and bars to choose from, it’s safe to say you’ll find someplace to satisfy your palate here. Food options range widely from American burgers and BBQ to Mexican tacos and Middle Eastern kebabs. Dinerama also has plenty of craft beers and specialty shot shops on premises for a fantastic night out.

Practical information: Dinerama is located at 19 Great Eastern St, Hackney, London EC2A 3EJ. Usually the businesses in Dinerama are open between 5PM – 12AM, but check Dinerama’s website for more specific details: https://www.streetfeast.com/market/dinerama

#13: Boxpark

Directly opposite the Shoreditch High Street Station is one of London’s most innovative shopping & dining areas: Boxpark. Officially listed as a “pop-up mall,” Boxpark is home to dozens of indie shops, many of which focus on the latest artistic and fashion trends. For those who are just interested in getting their foodie fix, don’t fret.

Whether you like Greek, Asian, Italian, American, Caribbean…well, pretty much any cuisine you’re into, you’ll find a spot in Boxpark. Here’s just a sampling of the hottest restaurants and bars in the district:

  • Rudie’s Jerk Shop
  • Voodoo Ray’s Boxpark
  • Coqfighter Shoreditch
  • Acai Berry
  • The Athenian
  • Black Bear Burger Restaurant

Oh yeah, if you’re an art buff, definitely don’t forget to visit all the fascinating graffiti art in the Boxpark area, especially along Braithwaite Street. Boxpark also regularly hosts live artistic festivals, so check out what’s going on before your visit.

The official address of Boxpark Shoreditch is 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, Hackney, London E1 6GY. You can learn more about Boxpark Shoreditch on this official website: https://www.boxpark.co.uk/

#14: XOYO

For a sensational Shoreditch clubbing experience, XOYO won’t disappoint. This happening club near the Old Street Underground is quickly gaining the attention of big players in London’s music industry. In addition to attracting established acts and professional DJs, this two-floor also proudly hosts new live musical acts every week.

As an added bonus, XOYO offer groups of over 10 people free entry before 10PM on Fridays and Saturdays. So, if you’re in the mood for an unforgettable music experience in Shoreditch, be sure to add XOYO to your plans.


  • Monday – Tuesday from 10PM till 3AM
  • Thursday from 10PM till 3AM
  • Friday – Saturday from 9:30PM till 4AM

Address: 32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A4AP

Phone: 20 7608 2878

Website: https://xoyo.co.uk/

#15: Queen of Hoxton

Opened in 2009, the Queen of Hoxton is undeniably the trendiest rooftop bar in the East End. But it’s not just the gourmet cocktails, grilled goodies, and rooftop views that earn Queen of Hoxton such a high distinction. This Shoreditch highlight has also become incredibly famous for its quirky ambiance and dozens of annual festivities.

No matter what time of year you visit, there’s bound to be a film screening, live music event, or an ultra-artsy event going on at Queen of Hoxton. By the by, Queen of Hoxton has also gained quite the reputation for hosting phenomenal birthday parties in its private rooms.


  • Monday – Wednesday from 4pm till 12am
  • Thursday – Saturday from 4pm till 2am
  • Sunday from 2pm till 12am

Address: 1-5 Curtain Rd, Hackney, London EC2A 3JX

Phone: 20 7422 0958

Website: http://queenofhoxton.com/

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