Solo Travel for Women (Best Destinations & Safety Tips)

Solo travel is an immersive and enriching experience that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

Exploring the world by yourself gives you a unique sense of freedom and independence, without any potential hindrance in your plans.

However, opting to travel alone as a female may seem overwhelming at first due to some potential dangers that you might encounter on your trip.

That’s why we have done our digging to unravel some of the best destinations and safety tips that will help you on your next solo traveling adventure as a woman.

But, first, we’ve gathered some persuasive benefits of solo travel for women.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

4 Benefits of Female Solo Travel

In recent years, female solo travel has become increasingly popular as there are numerous benefits to embarking on solo adventures as a woman.

Below, we have collected some undeniable benefits and reasons to hop on your next solo adventure.

Benefit #1: Empowerment and independence

Solo travel offers numerous benefits for women, empowering them to explore the world on their terms and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery.

It helps women foster a strong sense of independence and self-reliance.

There is nothing more exhilarating and empowering than navigating unfamiliar destinations and making your own decisions based on your own gut, without being influenced by others.

Plus, by traveling solo, you might even inspire other women to step out of their comfort zones and blaze their own trail.

Benefit #2: Self-discovery

Solo travel serves as a catalyst for women to learn more about themselves, their limits, their preferences, and their desires.

It provides them with opportunities to expand their horizons, meet new people, and immerse themselves in different cultures.

And even though facing the unknown alone can be a bit daunting, overcoming challenges along the way helps conquer fears, ultimately opening the gates of introspection and self-discovery.

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Benefit #3: Freedom and flexibility

Traveling alone allows women to tailor their itinerary based on their interests and pace, embracing spontaneity and indulging in adventures without compromising.

It’s a transformative experience that helps women develop valuable decision-making skills, taking ownership of their decisions and experiences.

Benefit #4: Enhanced safety awareness

Moreover, traveling alone, women learn to trust their own instincts, becoming more vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

When navigating unfamiliar environments alone, women assess risks, trust their intuition, and take proactive measures to stay safe; a valuable lesson that will come in handy both during their travels and in their daily lives.

Following up, let’s take a look at some crucial safety tips we have collected for you to be safe and sound during your excursions as a solo female traveler.

7 Solo Female Travel Safety Tips

Some important safety tips for female travelers are as follows:

Tip #1: Research your destination

Prior to your trip, it’s advised to properly research your destination, including local customs, laws, and safety considerations.

During your research, you can note down common scams and emergency contact information.

Some destinations are more safe than others to visit as a female solo traveler, where the crime rate is considerably lower. Later, we will unveil to you some of them to take into account before starting planning your next solo trip.

Tip #2: Stay in safe accommodations

Always read reviews, do proper research, and choose an accommodation based on criteria such as reputation and safety.

To do so you can leverage both social media platforms and travel apps.

For instance, you can go for a well-reviewed hotel, hostels with female-only dorms, or Airbnb rentals with positive feedback.

Tip #3: Secure your belongings

The safety of your belongings is of utmost importance especially when you travel solo.

Unfortunately, women tend to be an easier target, so taking precautions is your best defense.

Be vigilant, be aware of your surroundings, and try to keep your belongings secure at all times by using a theft-proof bag or a concealed pouch to store valuables such as cash, passports, and cards.

Also to secure the safety of your bags and valuable items, you can opt for a luggage storage app.

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Tip #4: Share your itinerary and stay connected

Bear in mind to always stay connected, keep your phone charged, and share your itinerary with someone at home so that they are aware of your whereabouts, in case of an emergency.

Also, a prudent tactic is to install safety apps on your phone, such as ones that offer location tracking.

Tip #5: Get travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is a vital step to protect yourself from unexpected events while traveling alone.

Just keep in mind to always read the fine print when picking a travel insurance policy. The availability and terms of travel insurance can vary by location and provider.

Tip #6: Gather digital and physical copies of important documents

Try to gather photocopies or digital scans of important documents, such as your passport, driver’s license, travel insurance, and itinerary.

Depending on the destination you aim to visit, you might also need to keep a copy of any relevant vaccine cards.

Tip #7: Stay informed and ask for local advice

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask local people for advice, regarding safety tips and recommendations for navigating the area.

They can provide valuable insights and help you be protected against potential risks.

Up next, as we promised, let’s explore what some of the best destinations are if you travel solo as a woman.

The 5 Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

While nowadays a growing number of women are embarking on solo trips, there’s no question that women still encounter unique risks when traveling alone.

Some countries are known to be relatively more safe and easier to navigate for women, than others.

Below, we unravel the 5 best destinations for solo female travelers we’ve rounded up.

Destination #1: Spain

Spain is among the safest destinations for women traveling alone.

This sun-drenched country has reportedly low violence against women attitudes, promises street safety, and has low legal discrimination, according to Forbes.

This claim is also backed up by a September 2023 study, which developed an index score to rank the safest countries for solo female travelers worldwide.

Based on the analysis, Spain reported the highest figure, with a score of 7.45 out of 10!

Destination #2: Norway

Norway, known for its deep coastal fjords and emerald-green forests, is one of the safest countries to visit for a solo female traveler.

You can safely roam around during the night, the streets are well-lit, crime rates are among the lowest and people are polite and amicable.

Destination #3: Ireland

Ireland, apart from its magnificent coastlines, lofty lighthouses, and rich greenery, is an ideal destination for women who opt for traveling solo.

It has low levels of legal discrimination, gender inequality, and violence, making it a safe place to choose for your next solo adventure.

Destination #4: Austria

Austria is an architectural gem, boasting a unique number of castles and palaces.

Besides that, it is considered one of the safest countries for solo female travelers, with laws being strictly enforced and the level of crime being generally low.

Destination #5: Slovenia

Slovenia is a charming country with fairytale vibes.

It is a generally safe destination for solo female travelers, the crime rate is quite low and instances of violent crime are rare.

Plus, due to its small size, it’s considered much easier to navigate than many larger European cities.

Let’s wrap things up with some final words.

Now Over to You

Solo travel empowers women to rely on themselves, becoming more independent and self-assured.

Although being solely responsible for navigating unfamiliar territories seems intimidating at first, it’s totally worth it. It just takes being a bit more vigilant and doing proper research beforehand to avoid any surprises.

But before jumping on your new solo travel adventure, don’t forget to store your precious belongings somewhere safe!

Take a moment and go find a location to store your luggage with Stasher, and you’ll never have to stress about the safety of your luggage and other valuable items ever again.