Pivots for the People: What Our Partners are Doing to Help the Community

It’s no secret that times are tough for everyone in the travel industry at the moment. With no one looking to take holidays and many events cancelled, most of us are buttoning down the proverbial hatches and hoping to weather the storm as best we can. Between working at home and self-isolation, it’s easy to feel like we’re going through this alone. Yet the smallest gestures can help remind us that we’re all in this together and that we all have a part to play in helping our communities. 

Over at Stasher we’ve been heartened to hear stories of our partners and companies in the travel world adapting to help those in need and trying to keep spirits high, proving that every cloud really does have a silver lining. We wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on those doing what they can to help others and inspire more people to think creatively about how they can use the resources they have available to them. Each week we’ll be publishing a round-up of inspiring stories of companies and individuals offering their support. 

Vehicles for home delivery service

The Edinburgh-based company StayManaged have led the way in offering community support especially to the vulnerable and isolated. As a short-term let management company, StayManaged has a fleet of vehicles and delivery drivers who are going to be utilised for the delivery of fresh produce and essential items to the local community. Not only will this help the elderly and those currently self-isolating, but as founder Daniel Parker explains, this will also keep the StayManaged drivers in work and allow the business to continue to operate. If anyone knows of suppliers or producers in Edinburgh looking for delivery service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Daniel! 

France’s accommodation for health care professionals

On the other side of the channel, Airbnb France is working with their host network to carry out a wide scale solidarity operation in conjunction with the French government. They are offering free accommodation to nursing staff, social workers and volunteers in emergency shelters, particularly around hospitals, care homes and emergency shelters for anyone who lives more than a 30 minute journey from their place of work. This scheme is entirely free for hosts and workers and includes 50€ given to hosts by Airbnb to cover cleaning costs. Companies that have already joined this scheme or offer a similar service include Sweet Inn, HostnFly, Checkmyguest and Louloue among others. This is a fantastic way of putting empty apartments to good use across France. 

Keeping spirits up through isolation

Superhog, the new global verification platform from the brains behind Guardhog insurance, have understood the boredom and frustration that for many can come with self-isolation. In response, they have created the Stay At Home Hub, an online resource that is free to access, filled with ideas for positivity and wellness. These include an activity live stream with yoga classes and meditation, as well as articles on the best TV to watch in isolation and the best fitness apps to keep mentally and physically in shape. They’ve also added a stream of positive news stories and a live counter of recovery cases worldwide. Plenty to smile about! 

A dose of culture – virtually

Another one who’s taking to the internet is the Royal Academy in London. Like many museums across the world, the RA has closed until further notice. However within days of this announcement, they posted a virtual tour of their current exhibition. This allows all of us stuck at home to appreciate the works of Léon Spilliaert from our armchairs, and the gallery assures us that they will be releasing more digital content soon. 

From charging your phone to washing your hands

Finally, one of the most innovative responses that we have seen thus far, ChargedUp have announced a new project ‘CleanedUp’. Designed for venues and public spaces, the company will convert 150 of their brand new charging stations into hand sanitizer dispensers to keep everyone safe and give confidence during and after the crisis. These are destined in particular for supermarkets, train stations, shopping centres and hospitals. They have announced the possibility of producing up to 1000 units per month, helping the country to stay safe and germ-free.


As new initiatives are announced every day, we want to keep our network updated with inspiring stories of those companies and individuals contributing usefully to society and keeping spirits up. If you hear of anyone doing something however little or small that you think deserves praise, get in touch with one of the Stasher team and we’ll be sure to mention them in our next article! 

For now, keep smiling!