Creative Luggage Storage Ideas For Your Home

Topic of the day, the bane of all of our existences at one point or another, or a place to sit when you’re waiting in a long queue and all the seats are taken at the airport. It goes by many names, the most common one.. Luggage! 

So convenient when we need it, oh so inconvenient when we don’t. It carries all of the precious cargo on your voyages, wherever you may go, but when you come back, where does it go? 

In need of some ideas on what to do with all those suitcases, duffel bags and rucksacks lounging around rent free in your home? Stick with Stasher, we’ll show you the ropes. 

You might be an active explorer, an around the world-er or a travel-every-other-week type. Maybe you’re the hop-on-a-plane once a year character, travelling when absolutely necessary or only on the holidays. Perhaps you’re somewhere between the two. Whichever one you are, this is the place for you. Why, you ask? Well, because no matter how often you travel, you probably have a suitcase or two (or five), taking up space that you could really be using for other things, like a mini fridge, a hot tub, you get the point. Sound good? Great! 

Let’s get into how you can optimize your space while simultaneously ridding yourself of the eyesore that is a bunch of stacked bags in the corner. 

Clean your luggage

First things first, before storing or re-storing luggage, make sure that it is clean, free of mould, mildew, dust and debris. These can occur if your luggage is not used for long periods of time or is kept in damp conditions/near the outdoors, (sheds, garages) so take extra care in these circumstances. Also avoid storing in confined spaces, unless you have no other choice. We recommend using a damp cloth or sponge to gently wipe away any dirt inside and outside or your luggage. Consider using a non-detergent soap/liquid for stubborn stains. For more tips on how to clean and sanitize your luggage, check out this article.

Assess your luggage. What you need -and don’t

The first step in any given situation is to assess your surroundings. This is no different in luggage storage. Think of it like a spring clean, out with the old and in with the new! Place all of your luggage out in front of you and decide what is worth keeping and what is not. 

We recommend going through EC’s for this, which sounds like ‘easies (clever isn’t it?), conveniently bringing us onto point number 1;


How easy is it to use this particular piece of luggage? Have you struggled when transporting it between your home and your destination before? Is it awkward to carry? Does the very thought of lugging it around make you want to cancel your holiday? If so, throw it away. 


Is it efficient? Does it have the appropriate amount of space that you require? Does it do what it is designed to do? If not, throw it away.


Does it make transportation better for you? Is it multi-purpose? Does it have extra pockets/space? Can you only use it once in a blue moon or is it a ride or die suitcase that can go with you everywhere, whether that is to your grandma’s house or to the beautiful Sydney, to take a zillion instagram pictures? If it’s the latter, throw it away.


This may be the most important point, as it can also affect the other 3. Is your luggage in good condition? Does it have wear and tear, such as rips, scrapes, stains? Are the wheels, handles or any other part of it that could compromise its usability, broken or damaged? If it is, yep, you guessed it, throw it away!

If your luggage makes it through this rigorous testing unscathed, but you find you still have no room for it, another potential option could be donating your luggage or giving it to a friend or family member. For more ways to decide what luggage to keep -or not, check out this blog by Travel Fashiongirl.

Designate an area for luggage (if you have space for it)

For those who have an attic, garage, basement or cupboard under the stairs (aha, get it), you can probably afford to organise that area a little and designate a space specifically for your suitcases. 

If you are using an area like a garage or basement, avoid placing luggage directly on the floor as the damp environment can cause damage to your luggage (use plastic covering to reduce the risk). Instead, consider installing a shelf in a high place where you can lay your suitcases down safely. Perhaps even think about installing some hooks in the walls where you can hang your luggage. If you do this, however, ensure that your suitcases are kept empty.

Store luggage inside luggage!

This method of storage (the russian nesting doll method), is pretty straightforward and very useful, especially if you have luggage sets where they are all different sizes. Inside a large suitcase, store a medium sized one, inside the medium sized one, store a weekend bag, inside which you place your foldable bags and rucksacks etc. You could also use suitcases to store seasonal items such as clothes, blankets or Christmas and birthday decorations. This will minimise the amount of space you need for your luggage storage. 

Store in closets and wardrobes

Store your luggage on a high shelf in your closet or wardrobe.This keeps your luggage out of the way but also conveniently nearby in case you need to jet off to a last minute adventure. You could also use your luggage as a makeshift shoe rack and place all of your stylish sneakers on top of it and maybe even inside it too. This is a very creative use of your space and can also look pretty neat. If, however, you have absolutely no space inside your wardrobe (and if you’re short like some of us here at Stasher), you could put your suitcase on top of your wardrobe. This will ensure that it is high up enough that you won’t see it, but we can’t say the same about any guests you may invite to your humble abode. Oh well, we’re sure they won’t mind.

Store under your bed

The classic, timeless and universal way to store any and everything. This one is quite self explanatory. If you have a lot of luggage and enough space under your bed, use method number 3 if necessary, and then slide your luggage under there. Mmmm, snug as a bug. Ottoman beds are especially useful for this method of storage. You can lift up the bed frame, place any items you’d like out of sight underneath it, when you lower the frame back down your bed looks as sleek as ever, and your luggage? Undetectable. 

Use decoratively!

We have arrived at the most creative method of storing your luggage, which ironically is, don’t store it at all! Show it off like an Olympic medal or a Grammy, and make sure to bore ALL of your friends and family with stories of your many journeys. It’s a part of the deal, sorry we don’t make the rules. Similarly to method number 3, this one works well if you have luggage sets varying in sizes. Have fun with this! Stack your suitcases, or stand them side by side. If one is especially cute, vintage or adventurous, place it somewhere very visible, like a hallway, then imagine that it is a treasure chest. The choice of treasure? 1 million in gold…? No? Okay. In that case, settle for more sentimental items like scrapbooks, heirlooms and that awful picture from prom night that you keep as hidden as Narnia in the wardrobe. Shhhh.. We promise we won’t tell. 

Store it with Stasher!

Last but certainly not least, use Stasher! If you happen to be in your favourite place, a home away from home if you will, and you desperately need somewhere to stash your luggage while you explore the sights, we’re here for you. Backed by and holding a 2019 Gold Trusted Service Award from over 19,000 customer reviews, we are located worldwide and you will find our StashPoints near tourist attractions, transportation hubs and hotspots! With our online booking process, it is faster and easier than ever to find somewhere to drop that extra weight. We offer up to $1000 free insurance for each bag stored with us. Stasher will help you to make the most out of your experiences. Read about us in TechCrunch, The Independent and The Guardian.

Here at Stasher we believe that you should be able to enjoy your days frolicking in the parks, delighting in new smells and tastes, and relaxing to your heart’s content without the ball and chain that is luggage.

Take a peek at our website to see the locations we have to offer and include us the next time you’re planning a trip! Check out our other blog content for some ideas of where to go and what to do while you’re there! You won’t regret it.

For now, though, use these 8 tips to store your luggage. Good luck!