FlixBus x Stasher Partnership

Stasher is proud to announce our new partnership with FlixBus! 

Born in Germany in 2013, Flix is a pan-European mobility provider with the vision to redefine mobility in a smart, sustainable, and affordable way, through its FlixBus and FlixTrain services.

Stasher and FlixBus have similar business models. Stasher partners with over 6000 respected hotels and shops all over the world to provide secure and affordable luggage storage. 

On its mission to change the way millions of people travel and create a new push in the mobility industry, Flix is cooperating with 500 bus and rail partners and over 10.000 drivers.

Flix to date offers 400,000 daily connections to 5,000 destinations in 38 countries in Europe as well as the US and South America.

Since FlixBus tickets are so economical, you won’t need to stick to traveling in one direction. You can also store your luggage at your “home base” and take side trips that would be rather costly with traditional transportation and luggage storage.

Like Stasher, FlixBus offers customers plenty of options, including the choice to pay a bit extra for an unoccupied seat, so you can stretch out on overnight trips or avoid chatty neighbors.

Amenities include extra-large seats, free wifi with onboard entertainment, USB charger outlets, and huge picture windows so you can enjoy the views on the way to your destination. 

On most buses, you’ll find small but super clean bathrooms with water-saving bio-hand cleaning devices. Buses for short journeys may not have toilets, but they make several stops along the way for passengers to stretch their legs, use the restroom, or pick up a snack.

There can be no doubt that innovative companies like FlixBus and Stasher are revolutionizing the way we travel. Both Stasher and FlixBus have handy apps that make booking and customer support quick and easy. 

Like Stasher, FlixBus has expanded to destinations in the United States. You can also use FlixBus to book inexpensive train travel throughout Germany

Furthermore, environmental experts give FlixBus’s carbon footprint per passenger per kilometer an excellent rating. So, you can be sure that choosing FlixBus means you’re truly traveling green.

FlixBus has over the years been committed to improve its services, strengthening its partnerships across countries and improving the customers experience through streamlining the booking processes and the comfort and accessibility of tits vehicles. 

10 Helpful Tips for Traveling with FlixBus

  1. Book your tickets early, especially for long-term travel.
  2. Check your confirmation email for discount codes that can save you even more on bus travel during the agreed period. You’ll also find exclusive offers by following FlixBus on Facebook.
  3. Unlike Stasher, FlixBus imposes size and weight restrictions and will charge a tiny fee for oversized items.
  4. You can purchase your FlixBus tickets on the official website, in any FlixBus store, or directly from the driver. However, we suggest that you download the FlixBus app for Android or iPhone for a more convenient experience. The FlixBus app helps you find bus stops, tracks your trip, and allows you to choose a route with fewer or more stops according to your needs.
  5. Since FlixBuse partners with local companies, not all FlixBuses are lime-green. Fortunately, as FlixBus grows, the organization is working hard to brand all of its buses and ensure that each one provides the same high level of quality and comfort.
  6. FlixBus doesn’t assign seats, so you’ll have to board early to ensure that you secure the seat you want, get your optional “no neighbor” perk, and sit by your traveling companions.
  7. Wifi speed varies depending on the route.
  8. If the bus is especially full, your extra “no neighbor” fee may not apply. In this case, you’ll need to talk to customer support for a refund.
  9. FlixBus travels between Paris and London via ferry instead of using the underground tunnel. If traveling under the English channel freaks you out, FlixBus’ ferry service is ideal for you. The ferry and a meal voucher are included in the price of your Paris-London FlixBus ticket.
  10.  Make sure to carry enough local currency to buy drinks and snacks along the way. Most FlixBuses don’t take credit cards or accept foreign currencies.