7 Exciting Things to do in Las Vegas (2023 Guide)

Las Vegas, also known as America’s Sin City, is a popular destination for tourists. The city offers various destination options to people of all ages.

For those who are longing for a great nightlife, in Vegas you can find superior casinos and clubs that exude a vibrant atmosphere where you can have a fun time. 

To the budget conscious, meanwhile, another top reason for visiting Sin City is that it’s among the most cost-effective vacation destinations out there. Plus, there are companies like Flights To Vegas that help tourists flying in from out of state like you to find the most affordable airplane tickets. 

There are numerous daytime attractions as well in the desert oasis. You can tour and visit different museums, shopping destinations, and the like, which can make your trip a joy. 

But did you know that exploring Vegas like a local enables you to see and experience the city in an entirely different light? Read on to learn more about how to do just that.    

Consider Foodie Neighborhoods

Vegas is known for its superior dining culture. It’s home to various restaurants throughout the city that offer numerous food options. Although there are first-class restaurants on the Strip in Sin City, they aren’t the only option for fantastic food visitors can try out.

Locals know hidden neighborhood spots that offer all kinds of food at affordable prices, and you can try them out to feel like you’re a Vegas native too. Some neighborhoods to consider include:

  • 18B Arts District: To enjoy true Vegas culture, visit the city’s Arts District. This spot has plenty of delicious food and boutique shops you’d enjoy seeing. You can enjoy any food, like sandwiches, pizza, empanadas, and others. 
  • Downtown Las Vegas: This is where the current Las Vegas began. It has significantly developed over time, yet its initial charm still exists. Like the Arts District, you can enjoy endless dining options, including delicious Thai and mouth-watering sushi. 
  • Paradise Road: This is also known as Restaurant Road and is located east of The Strip. It’s home to some of the best steakhouses in the city, so if you’d like to enjoy steak, this is one of the best places to be. 
  • Chinatown: Another best foodie neighborhood in Las Vegas is Chinatown, the closest to The Strip.
  • Summerlin: This is situated in a suburban area. Due to its distance from the busy city, you can enjoy nature and slower evenings. 

These are just some of the best foodie neighborhoods you can consider. Note that irrespective of where you dine in Vegas, be sure to try out mouth-watering food that you seldom try out when you’re in your native city.      

Experience Culture Like A Native

Las Vegas is believed to be a perfect example of a cultural melting pot. There are different cultures that coexist with one another and that’s what makes the city an interesting place to visit.

To enjoy Vegas like a local and without straining your travel budget, avoid availing yourself of heavily advertised shows and gatherings. Instead, try out very little-known aspects of the city’s culture like visiting the Arts District where visitors can pay a visit to different murals and art galleries in the area. 

Go Beyond The Strip

The Strip is one of the best places to visit in Las Vegas. Most tourists stay here, but you can only find very few locals here. Therefore, get out of the Strip to enjoy various activities and amenities in the nearby areas beyond the usual tourist-y destinations. For instance, you can spend a day in a museum or visit the Springs Preserve. That way, you can escape the crowd, see the other side of Vegas, and live as a local. 

Join A Players Club

If you plan to visit Las Vegas frequently, signing up for a players club is essential. As a member, you can earn rewards for your favorite activities in Vegas by playing in the casino. 

Every Vegas casino club is unique and offers different benefits. You can enjoy hotel benefits where you obtain significant perks such as discounts and advances that make your stay more delightful. Additionally, you can enjoy free slot play and exclusive access benefits like pool times and dinner reservations.

Zipline In The Desert

Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, situated half an hour from the Las Vegas Strip, offers an exceptional, fun, thrilling zipping experience. 

The activity starts with a scenic van drive to the peak of Red Mountain. Next is a brief hike to the first zipline platform, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of Eldorado Valley, Lake Mead, and Las Vegas. 

Afterward, you zipline back at up to 50 miles per hour as you try to locate canyon wildlife such as chuckwallas and red-tail hawks. Moreover, you can enjoy the historical and geological information about the place from your designated guide.    

Visit Lake Mead

As temperatures become extremely high during summer in Vegas, you’d want a pleasant way to cool down. Most tourists would head to hotel pools or water parks, yet you can be like a local instead and visit Lake Mead – one of the biggest and cleanest reservoirs in the US. The lake is home to the Hoover Dam, various wildlife, and beautiful scenery. And it has multiple places for picnicking, and you can enjoy several activities like boating and kayaking.   

Go To Fremont East

Fremont East offers you some of the best experiences in Vegas. Unlike Fremont Street that’s heavy in vehicle traffic, Fremont East is pedestrian friendly. You can walk around the six blocks situated in Fremont East to better understand local businesses and artists. These blocks have local bars and restaurants with affordable food and drinks to make you feel like a part of society.     


Exploring Las Vegas like a local offers numerous benefits to visiting tourists. In addition to enjoying what the Strip offers, going beyond this perimeter opens your eyes to an exciting world. You find unusual things to do, like going to non-tourist-y food destinations, diving into the local culture with an open mind, visiting the famous Lake Mead, and others.