Elevate your Business Trips with Blueground and Stasher

Here at Stasher, we’re on a mission to make your leisure and business trips better. That’s why we’ve partnered with many leading travel tech brands, such as Blueground. Learn more about how Stasher and Blueground change the world of travel, with the mutual support of global VCs like VentureFriends.

Long-term business trips can be an operational hassle, regardless of the destination. When looking for a > 30-day rental, hotels and short-term rentals are rarely a cost-effective option. On the other hand, local landlords might be reluctant to rent out their space for less than a year. 

Business travelers need certain amenities that tourist lodgings are simply not equipped with. For example, not having an office space is not a big deal when traveling for leisure, but it’s an issue when you’re living in a city for more than a month. That’s when you need a place that is centrally located, fully equipped with all necessary equipment and expertly designed for relaxation after a long day.

Blueground: Luxury Apartments for Business Travelers

Featured in TechCrunch and Fast Company Blueground strives to make you feel at home while you’re away on business. Blueground will make sure your apartment has everything you need when you arrive, such as:

  • Beautiful and comfortable furnishings, making you feel at home from the second you arrive
  • A fully stocked kitchen, ready for you to cook delicious meals
  • A tech-powered living environment, from Blueground’s mobile app (used to check-in, schedule cleanings & more) to a Smart TV and Bluetooth speaker

You’ll be able to pack light and avoid those time-draining checked bags. You’ll arrive at your destination with plenty of time to prepare for your business meeting or recover from jet lag.

Blueground offers business travelers the utmost convenience. You’ll find Blueground apartments in major business centers in the United States, Europe, and the UAE. Within these cities, Blueground’s apartments are in cultural and business hubs, and all near public transportation. Additionally, many of Blueground’s apartments accept pets, so your furry friend can accompany you on longer trips.

Stasher: Convenient and Secure Luggage Storage

Every traveler is familiar with this scenario. It’s the last day of your business trip. You’ve finished all of your commitments and checked out of your apartment. You have a red-eye flight, so you’ll have an entire day to fit in some sightseeing on your last day in town. Unfortunately, you’re loaded down with luggage. Most airports have eliminated left luggage facilities and luggage lockers for security reasons. So, you end up camping out at the airport before your flight instead of exploring the city.

Stasher’s convenient and secure luggage storage service eliminates common problems like these. Storing your luggage with Stasher is quick and easy. Just book online with Stasher’s app and drop your bags at your preferred StashPoint. You can walk into your next business meeting looking professional instead of fumbling around with your belongings. Stasher has award-winning customer service and offers $1000 in insurance for each bag you store.

Blueground and Stasher: Feel Like a Local in Your Business Trips

Nothing beats a good workout routine after (or during) a busy day at work. Blueground has partnered with Equinox, so you can keep up your fitness routine, wherever you are! Simply reach out to the Blueground team to sign up, store your work gear in one of Stasher’s nearby Stashpoints and hit the gym! 

Blueground and Stasher for Business Owners

Blueground and Stasher is a winning combination for small business owners and corporations. With Blueground’s luxury business apartments, you’ll save 30-50% over hotels of similar standards. Stasher’s luggage storage service is an excellent (and affordable) perk to add to your employee expense accounts.

The most valuable asset for any business traveler is time. Let Blueground and Stasher help you save time and money on your next business trip.