Dreaming of Traveling Again? Let’s Start Planning!

This post was written by our friends over at bunq!

Well, the past year hasn’t been exactly ideal for those of us who love travelling and exploring new cultures. While some developed baking skills, others Marie Kondo’ed their apartment and some desperately stacked toilet paper…we’re all ready to get out and walk down the (plane’s) aisle again.

We’re still waiting for things to settle down and borders to open safely, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning and make sure we’re all ready to go when the moment comes. You probably already have some destinations in mind, you may have ordered new sun hats and made a foodie spots list..but have you considered what bank card can make your adventure even better?

Why do I need a travel card?

Granted, your card may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should be. While we all get a bit more reckless with spendings while on holiday, it is pretty annoying when exchange rates or ATM withdrawals get your hard earned money for no reason. Fortunately, this can be avoided with a Travel Card. They are made for your needs and can truly make a difference in your pocket. So, before you leave your home sweet home, make sure you have a card that’s as international as you are.

Where do I get a Travel Card from?

Nowadays, most digital banks offer a Travel Card, and the advantages differ, so choose the one that works for you. For example, bunq’s Travel Card is made for carefree travel and saving you money, so you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about anything.

How is a Travel Card saving me money?

To start, most traditional banks (and their cards) charge you extra fees when you make payments in different currencies. If your account is in Є and you’re making a payment in $, you’ll probably see a notable difference there. bunq’s Travel Card simply doesn’t do this, which actually helps you save up to 3% throughout your whole trip. That’s gotta be at least a couple of extra fancy drinks on the beach!

Second, exchange rates. With the Travel Card, you always get the real exchange rate, so you can forget about walking down the street trying to figure out which exchange shop isn’t going to scam you. If you’re looking to withdraw money and aren’t sure about what ATM to choose, you can always check the Travel Assistant in your bunq app. This basically collects answers from the community and tells you which ATMs are not charging you extra.

Alright, is there anything else this Travel Card can do for me?

Certainly. Besides money advice, you can also find useful tips about your destination, like how much dinner will cost you, or if tipping is expected. If you find any outdated information, you’re very welcome to contribute to the discussion and share your opinion – after all, you’ve got the latest news!

Last but not least, having a Travel Card is crucial when navigating different systems and cultures. For example, while in the USA pretty much everyone has a credit card, this is almost unheard of in The Netherlands. So what happens when you need to rent a car or book a hotel abroad, and they ask for your credit card number? You get stuck. bunq’s Travel Card is a true Mastercard credit card, with worldwide coverage, so it will work wherever you go. Yes, including offline terminals in planes – buying extra snacks is easy!

Sounds good? How do I get one?

If you’d like to travel worry free as soon as it’s possible, you can order your Travel Card here, for only €9.99. Happy travels!

*Disclaimer: bunq and Stasher are in no way encouraging travelling at this moment. Stay home, stay safe, so we can enjoy beautiful adventures soon.