Delsey Luggage Reviews

Delsey Paris is an innovative and stylish French luggage brand that aims to offer first-time travelers the accessory they need to explore. From anti-theft locks to durable designs that don’t compromise on aesthetics, this brand has over 70 awards and patents

While not all their suitcases are super cheap, Delsey Paris does have affordable options in its collections. And with the higher price tag on certain models also comes quality materials and their unique, innovative features. This article will cover all the information you need to decide which Delsey Paris collection is your next purchase.

Delsey Luggage Overview

Before jumping into the full review, here is an overview of what you can expect from Delsey suitcases.

The Good

  • Unique Designs: Influenced with stylish French elegance, you can expect sleek aesthetics as well as vintage-looking models with a modern twist. 
  • Durable Exterior: Most of their hardshell suitcases are made with 100% polycarbonate despite the mid-range or affordable prices. In some collections they also add protective corners to reduce wear and tear. 
  • Security: You can expect to find multiple models with TSA-approved combination locks and most of their new collections now also offer anti-theft zippers.
  • Loyal Customers: Their customers are satisfied and repeat-buyers who appreciate the brands durability, style, reasonable prices, and unique features. 

The Not-So-Good

  • Warranty: They have a standard warranty that only covers manufacture defects and excludes coverage from wear and tear or airline damage. 
  • Affordable models lack interior packing features: While most designs come with multiple pockets or interior organization options, there are some affordable collections that are lacking in interior packing features, such as having only compression straps. 

Overall Verdict

If you want a brand with a reasonable price for innovative suitcase features, Delsey Paris has committed to offering the solution. There’s no surprise they have popular collections with loyal customers.

While the warranty is standard, it’s comparable to what you would expect from other brands in the same price range. The stylish designs, the durability of Delsey suitcases, and security features all make up for this. Whether you are an infrequent or frequent traveler, most customers find their suitcases lasting five to ten years. 

Specifications Overview of 8 Delsey Suitcases

 Helium Aero Carry-OnSky Max 2.0 Carry-OnMontrouge Carry-OnHyperglide Under-Seat Carry-OnCactus Medium Checked BagTitanium Medium Checked BagChatelet Large Checked BagSt. Tropez Large Checked Bag
Cover MaterialPolycarbonateNylon and Ballistec PolyesterPolyesterPolyester and NylonPolycarbonatePolycarbonatePolycarbonatePolycarbonate
Exterior Dimensions19 x 13.5 x 9 inches20.5 x 13.5 x 9.75 inches9.75 x 13.75 x 21.75 inches9 x 15 x 13 inches11.75 x 17 x 26 inches24.5 x 17.25 x 11.5 inches27.5 x 12.5 x 20 inches12 x 18.5 x 27.5 inches
Interior Volume41.18 liters47.54 liters45.75 liters28.84 liters
72.07 liters79.98 liters112.46 liters 10.22 liters
Weight8.2 pounds7.68 pounds5.7 pounds5.94 pounds8.8 pounds9.9 pounds12.6 pounds10.7 pounds
Number of Wheels84828888
TSA-Approved LockYesNoYesNoYesYesYesNo

Full Delsey Luggage Review

Emile Delahaye and the Seynhaeve brothers partnered and established Delsey in 1946 – the brand name is a combination of the first three letters of their last names. Before that, the Delahaye institution made protective boxes and leather camera cases in 1911. They had a strong reputation for high-standard, well-finished pieces. 

About the Delsey Paris Brand

As their website states, the creation of the French Delsey Paris brand aimed to develop luggage for “first-time travelers looking for adventure.” Ensuring modern, innovative, and practical designs. Over the years, they’ve committed to this by:

  • Having the first hardshell luggage in 1970 for better protection 
  • Adding wheels onto hardshell suitcases in 1972
  • Patenting the first fiber-glass structure with shape memory in 2008

It’s no surprise, Delsey Paris ranked third for luggage manufactures on the global market share in 2015. Since then, they’ve continued to innovate with their recently patented Securitech anti-theft zipper. 

Customer Feedback

Overall, customers are satisfied with their Delsey suitcase purchase, commonly stating it’s stylish, durable, and has “wheels like butter.” They also comment on how strong the zipper is and the extra packing space, especially for the price.

However, there are exceptions, but mostly specific to certain models. For instance, most people complain about the zipper quality of the Helium Shadow collection. They also recommend hardshell suitcases as having better material quality than fabric ones.

Overall, when looking at 75 products on Amazon for a total of 13,154 ratings and 9,248 reviews, Delsey has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. However, they receive plenty of positive 5-star reviews for most of their top collections, including Helium Aero, Chatelet, and Titanium.


The Delsey brand is committed to combining stylish designs with practicality. They also focus on innovation to create their suitcases lighter and compliant with environmentally friendly values. Most customers love the popular Chatelet collection. Its elegant French design combines vintage features with a modern and chic twist.

The Helium Aero has a sleek design, including a stylish metallic finish. Delsey Paris also has a stylish Quilted rolling tote with an extendable handle, purple diamond exterior pattern, and yellow interior. With the variety of design styles this brand offers, you are likely to find something fitting your taste. 


Overall, Delsey Paris suitcases are properly built, durable, and will last five to ten years, especially their hardshell models made from the highly durable polycarbonate that is resistant to breaking or cracking. Except for the Lagos and Alexis collections that are made from ABS, most of their other hardshell suitcases are 100% polycarbonate. You can also expect unique patented Securitech zipper design for added durability and security. 

Is it important to note, they often use polyester for their softshell suitcases to maintain an affordable price even though the material is not as durable. However, some of their fabric models are made from a combination of nylon and polyester or ballistic polyester that’s more long-lasting.


Delsey Paris offers standard warranty terms similar to other brands in their price range. Depending on the product, they have a 2-year, 5-year, 10-year or lifetime warranty that covers only material and workmanship defects. They will not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accidents, abuse, neglect, misuse, or misapplication 
  • Third-party damages, such as hotels and airlines
  • Damage from repairs outside Delsey
  • Products modified without Delsey permission

To claim on your warranty, you will need your Warranty notice or hangtag and receipt. Full details on their warranty can be found here

Notable Features

Every collection comes with different features, however, here are some of the main things you can find when you browse different Delsey Paris suitcases. 

Added Security

Add peace of mind that your belongings are secure with the TSA combination locks included with most of their suitcases. It’s a convenient added security. You can also find anti-theft zippers with their patented Securitech design that is also stronger than regular zippers. 

Double Spinner Wheels

Most of Delsey Paris’ suitcases come with quiet and smooth spinner wheels for ease in rolling and maneuverability. They also offer models with double spinner wheels that provide additional stability and comfort with zero added weight on your hand.

Expandable Interior

You can find expandable interiors on most of their suitcases that expand up to one or two inches depending on the collection.

Practical and Comfortable Handles

The double-barrel extendable handle on their suitcases locks into position once extended. This allows you to roll your spinners as four-wheel or two-wheel positions easily. Most of their suitcases also come with soft and padded carry handles on the top and side for comfort in lifting.

Multiple Organization Options

Most suitcases have multiple pockets for toiletries or shoes, including water-resistant, elastic,  and mesh pockets. Some of their softshell designs have plenty of exterior pockets and they also have hardshell suitcases with exterior laptop compartments.


Delsey Paris has a combination of affordable and medium-priced collections. However, almost all their suitcases come with multiple security components, style options, and unique features such as removable and washable interiors. 

Most of their carry-on prices are around $150 or under $200, especially if you purchase on Amazon. Larger sizes and certain designs can be more expensive, but still reasonable and worth the value for the numerous features. 

Delsey Individual Suitcase Reviews

Helium Aero Carry-On

A review of Delsey Paris luggage wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their most popular Helium Aero collection. The suitcases in this collection are one of their best overall models, being super lightweight and resilient to fractures and cracks. While you can get a 29-inch large or 25-inch medium checked bag, this 19-inch carry-on is notable because it complies with international travel requirements.

The Helium Aero carry-on has a convenient external zippered compartment for your 15.6-inch laptop that’s rarely seen on hardshell suitcases. It also has an extendable handle, two padded carry handles, and quiet double-spinner wheels. The suitcase’s interior is expandable and comes with a zippered divider and compression straps in the interior.


  • Cover Material | Polycarbonate
  • Exterior Dimensions | 19 x 13.5 x 9 inches
  • Interior Volume | 41.18 liters
  • Weight |  8.2 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 8
  • TSA-Approved Lock | Yes


  • Great price for value
  • External zippered laptop compartment
  • Double-spinner wheel for 360 degrees maneuverability 
  • 2-inch expandable capacity
  • Durable and secured with TSA-approved lock
  • 10-year warranty


  • No corner guards
  • The wheel handle isn’t padded

Sky Max 2.0 Carry-On

The 21-inch softshell Sky Max 2.0 carry-on has multiple features to ensure durability and organization convenience. The exterior is made of long-lasting Ballistec Polyester. It has skid bars and corner protectors for reduced wear at stress points. The Guardian interlocking zippers on the main compartment are also self-repairing. 

The interior compartment has tie-down straps, shoe pockets, an elastic pocket, one mesh pocket, and a water-resistant pocket. The pockets don’t stop there, with an exterior back pocket for documents.

Besides this carry-on, you can also purchase the 25-inch medium and 29-inch large checked bag in this collection.


  • Cover Material | Nylon and Ballistec Polyester
  • Exterior Dimensions | 20.5 x 13.5 x 9.75 inches
  • Interior Volume | 47.54 liters
  • Weight | 7.68 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 4
  • TSA-Approved Lock | No


  • Multiple exterior and interior pockets
  • Self-repairing and interlocking zippers
  • Skid bars and corner protectors 
  • 2-inch expandable capacity
  • 10-year warranty


  • No double-spinner wheels 
  • No TSA-approved lock

Montrouge Carry-On

The Montrouge is a stylish, secure 12-inch carry-on with TSA-approved combination locks and the Delsey patented anti-theft Securitech zipper closing system. This collection has vegan-leather trim and gold metal accents.

It has a large exterior pocket, ticket pocket, and back security pocket. The interior has fastening straps and a unique removable and washable lining to keep your bag fresh and clean inside. 


  • Cover Material | Polyester
  • Exterior Dimensions | 9.75 x 13.75 x 21.75 inches
  • Interior Volume | 45.75 liters
  • Weight |  5.7 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 8
  • TSA-Approved Lock | Yes


  • 1-inch expandable capacity
  • Double-spinner wheel for 360 degrees maneuverability 
  • Corner protectors and kick plate
  • Durable and secure with TSA-approved lock
  • 5-year warranty


  • No interior pockets
  • Polyester is less durable than nylon 

Hyperglide Under-Seat Carry-On

The 15-inch under-seat is a great companion to carry on to your flights. You can also use an add-a-bag strap to secure this suitcase on top of another larger bag conveniently. 

The exterior has a large front pocket, two zippered side pockets, and a comfortable foamed top handle. There are tie-down straps, shoe pockets, and compartments with laptop and tablet protection in the interior.


  • Cover Material | Polyester and Nylon
  • Exterior Dimensions | 9 x 15 x 13 inches
  • Interior Volume | 28.84 liters
  • Weight |  5.94 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 2
  • TSA-Approved Lock | No


  • Easy-carry handles and rubberized non-slip grip for trolley handle
  • Has a smart band for stacking on larger suitcases
  • Multiple pockets, including laptop and tablet protective sleeve
  • 10-year warranty 


  • Only has 2 wheels
  • Limited color options

Cactus Medium Checked Bag

The 24-inch Cactus collection is a durable, lightweight design. It’s made with polycarbonate and has added protection from reinforced shock-absorbent corners. You can also find a USB port and power bank sleeve for power on the go. 

The interior lining is removable and washable to keep insides clean. It includes two zippered pockets, a water-resistant pocket, straps, and a zippered divider. This collection also offers a 19-inch carry-on and a 28-inch large checked bag


  • Cover Material | Polycarbonate
  • Exterior Dimensions | 11.75 x 17 x 26 inches
  • Interior Volume | 72.07 liters
  • Weight | 8.8 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 8
  • TSA-Approved Lock | Yes


  • Anti-scratch exterior finishing
  • Has shock-absorbing corners
  • Double-spinner wheel for 360 degrees maneuverability 
  • Durable and secure with TSA-approved lock
  • 10-year warranty


  • Wheel designs add extra length to the overall dimensions
  • More expensive than other Delsey collections

Titanium Medium Checked Bag

The 25-inch Titanium hardshell bag is an affordable, durable design with added features. It has double spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks, a scratch-resistant matte finish, and an expandable main compartment. 

The interior is fully lined and has a zippered divider, compression straps, and two zippered pockets. You can also get this collection in a 19-inch carry-on with a large exterior compartment for easy access during International flights. 


  • Cover Material | Polycarbonate
  • Exterior Dimensions | 24.5 x 17.25 x 11.5 inches
  • Interior Volume | 79.98 liters
  • Weight | 9.9 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 8
  • TSA-Approved Lock | Yes


  • Durable with a sleek, ridged exterior
  • Metallic with a scratch-resistant matte finish
  • 2-inch expandable capacity
  • Up to 7 color options
  • 10-year warranty


  • Not as lightweight
  • No corner reinforcements

Chatelet Large Checked Bag

One of the most popular Delsey Paris collections for the elegant style and durability is the Chatelet. It has a vintage-mixed-with-modern design, including faux leather detailing. The double spinner wheels offer multi-directional rolling with comfort because of a lack of weight on your hands. Its front wheels also have brakes you can activate with a button.

The interior has plenty of organizational features, including:

  • Three flat pockets
  • A mesh zippered compartment
  • Fastening straps
  • A suspension hook 
  • A shoe bag
  • A laundry bag
  • A hanger


  • Cover Material | Polycarbonate
  • Exterior Dimensions | 27.5 x 12.5 x 20 inches
  • Interior Volume | 112.46 liters 
  • Weight | 12.6 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 8
  • TSA-Approved Lock | Yes


  • Stylish unique design 
  • Patented anti-theft Securitech zipper
  • Award-winning brake system
  • You can lock the front wheels
  • Great interior organization options
  • 10-year warranty 


  • Not as lightweight
  • Limited color options

St. Tropez Large Checked Bag

The 28-inch St. Tropez checked bag is part of another popular Delsey Paris collection. It has an elegant yet bold design with a vegan leather accent. It also comes with security features, including a TSA-approved combination lock and Delsey’s patented anti-theft Securitech zipper that’s three times stronger than normal zippers.  

The interior lining is removable and washable. It also has plenty of organizational features with:

  • An elastic pocket
  • One mesh pocket
  • Adjustable straps
  • Two shoe pockets
  • One zippered pocket


  • Cover Material | Polycarbonate
  • Exterior Dimensions | 12 x 18.5 x 27.5 inches
  • Interior Volume | 110.22 liters
  • Weight |  10.7 pounds
  • Number of Wheels | 8
  • TSA-Approved Lock | Yes


  • Anti-scratch finishing
  • Patented anti-theft Securitech zipper
  • Double-spinner wheel for 360 degrees maneuverability 
  • Durable and TSA-approved lock secured
  • 10-year warranty 


  • Color in photos not as accurate 
  • Durable zipper isn’t as smooth