Bounce vs LuggageHero: Which Luggage Storage App is Better?

The security of our luggage is a major concern, no matter where we travel. 

After all, both we and our family want to have peace of mind when we go on vacation in order to enjoy it, right?

Luggage storage services and apps are not only a convenient option, but a life saver.

Through them we can safely store our bags and belongings, choosing from various locations in many cities across the world.

Two luggage storage apps that may suit your needs are Bounce and LuggageHero

In this article, we will compare both apps, citing both their advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, we will examine whether there are other apps that might be better than the two mentioned above.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Bounce vs LuggageHero: A Brief Overview

While these two luggage storage options share a lot of features and functionalities, they have minor differences here and there, such as in terms of pricing and insurance.

While both options offer the same pricing and free cancellation (under circumstances), we notice that they differ in terms of insurance, number of locations, and ratings.

Before we dive deeper into each factor, let’s do a brief overview of each platform.

What is Bounce?

Bounce is one of the most well known luggage storage services. They pride themselves on how easy and accessible the booking process is, as well as having among the best apps in comparison to their competitors.

As time goes on, Bounce continues to grow worldwide, as they rapidly increase their number of storage points across the globe.

Price/bag: £5 

Locations: 10.000+

Insurance: Up to £10.000

Trustpilot Rating: 4.4/5

Let’s move on to LuggageHero, shall we?

What is LuggageHero?

LuggageHero was founded in 2016 by Jannik Lawaetz. According to Lawaetz, the concept was inspired by AirBnb and the “mother” of all inventions, necessity.

LuggageHero’s selling point is that it lets you store your bags primarily in local shops, which they consider a more convenient location than a train station or most hotels.

Price/bag:  £5 

Locations: 1.000+

Insurance: £410 and up to £2.460 for premium members

Trustpilot Rating: 2.9/5

Now that we have established the basics of both services, lets get more specific with our comparison.

Bounce vs LuggageHero: Pricing

The first criterion with which we will compare both luggage storage platforms is how they price their services. As we saw above, the price per bag is similar in both at £5.

However, something noteworthy is the fact that LuggageHero offers the option of “paying as you go”. By choosing this option, the customer is charged £0.95 per hour.

Therefore, if you only want to store your baggage for a few hours, LuggageHero offers a better option and for a small fee.

In terms of size and weight limits, both platforms have no restrictions. On top of that, both offer free cancellation of your booking.

Let’s go to our next criterion.

Bounce vs LuggageHero: Bag Insurance

When it comes to insurance coverage, bounce offers the highest of the two, which is up to £10.000. 

On the contrary, LuggageHero has a guarantee of £410, and if you elect to get the premium insurance, the guarantee will increase to £2.500.

As we mentioned before, both platforms have no weight restrictions. So, in this instance, Bounce makes sense as the ones who provide you better insurance.

Our next category for comparison is locations.

Bounce vs LuggageHero: Locations

Both luggage storage platforms offer a variety of locations, ranging from local businesses and cafes, all the way to train stations and hotels.

Despite that, with a massive difference of almost 9000, Bounce has way more storage locations (10.000+) than LuggageHero (1000+).

While LuggageHero offers many locations across Europe, Bounce has expanded all over the globe. You can find Bounce locations in Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea and most countries in South America.

For our final criterion (and probably THE most important), let’s see what the customers think about both platforms.

Bounce vs LuggageHero: Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews and ratings and undoubtedly a vital factor when evaluating a product or service.

There are many platforms where users can rate a service, such as Trustpilot, the Play Store, App Store, and more.

The ratings are more or less similar across those channels, but seeing where Bounce and LuggageHero stand in terms of reviews is important.

As we can see, Bounce has a slight edge when it comes to customer reviews over LuggageHero.

Note: Data is valid as of today, October 27th, 2023.

All in all, both are decent options when it comes to storing your luggage.

However, it’s worth having a look at what Stasher has to offer as well, one of the industry’s most prominent platforms.

An Alternative Luggage Storage

Just like Bounce and LuggageHero, Stasher (yes, that’s us) is also a luggage storage platform, that was incorporated in September of 2015 and turned to a fully functioning business the following year.

Stasher has consistently grown each year, expanding to numerous countries across the globe. We also own Airkeep, another luggage storage network with locations all over South America.

Price/bag: £4.99 + booking fees

Locations: 3600+ in over 890 cities

Insurance: £2.500/bag

Trustpilot Rating: 4.8/5

Why Stasher?

Although both Bounce and LuggageHero have some positive qualities, Stasher has some key advantages over their competition. The main ones are:

  • Their insurance package that covers up to £2500 per bag and offers the option of a full refund
  • The extensive network of stasher locations that surpasses 3600 in nearly 900 cities across the globe
  • Their storage flexibility, which allows you to store you your luggage for as long as you want

All these advantages help distinguish Stasher as a more suitable option for storing your luggage.

How does Stasher work?

Stasher is super easy to use and you can book one of our locations in less than 2 minutes!

Don’t hesitate to see for yourself:

Pretty simple, right?

With so many locations worldwide, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs!

Let’s wrap things up with some final words.

Now Over to You

Whether we are searching for a product or service, we always want to have the best ones. 

Although Bounce and LuggageHero are solid choices, Stasher offers the most pros amongst the best luggage storage apps.

So, whenever you’re planning for a small trip or a vacation, you can trust Stasher and book a location near your destination and enjoy your holidays!