Best Sunday Markets In London: A Curated Guide for Shoppers and Foodies

After a hard week of work, we all look forward to sleeping in on Sunday morning and spending the day relaxing and getting rid of the week’s stress. While this is the classic routine for some, if you are visiting London, then the variety of Sunday Markets might just be the perfect excuse to get up earlier. There are several Sunday Markets that span across London, with each offering something unique to keep you entertained, your stomach satisfied, and some even allow you to discover something new.

Whether you are a tourist visiting London or a resident, take some time to explore the Sunday markets that we are going to discuss in this article. You surely will not regret getting out of bed a bit earlier and discovering the many wonders that these markets can offer you.

What Can You Do At Sunday Markets In London?

One of the first questions that people have when it comes to deciding whether or not they want to visit a Sunday market is about what they can do there. Knowing what to expect before you go somewhere ensures you are better prepared and understand if it is something that you would enjoy attending.

There is a wide variety of Sunday Markets, and they are not all the same. Due to this great versatility in market options that you can look at, there surely is a market for everyone. Whether you want to take a walk through the market with your partner or bring the kids along, with some research and guidance, you can easily find a market that keeps everyone happy.

With this said, here are some of the things that you can do and find at Sunday Markets:

  • Stalls that sell a wide variety of items. This often includes fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables. You can use this as an opportunity to pick up some healthy ingredients for dinner.
  • There are often also stalls that sell flowers, which can be great for spicing up the look in your living room or when you want to get something nice for a loved one.
  • Many of these markets form part of a street. The specific shop options depend on the market – but you can get access to anything from tattoo parlors all the way to barbers.
  • Food is often a central point among these markets, which is why you are very likely to see a large collection of restaurants and coffee shops. This allows you to explore various types of cuisine, as well as grab a drink to keep you hydrated as you walk through the market.

These are only a few things that you can expect to discover at some of these Sunday markets. If you have something specific in mind, then be sure to search for a market that caters to this particular need that you have.

The Best Sunday Markets To Explore In London

There are quite a large number of markets that are open on Sundays in London, so picking the right ones can feel like quite a challenge. There are also new markets that constantly pop up. Even knowing what you expect from a market can make the choices still seem hard.

In this section, we’ll share our favorite picks for Sunday markets that you are able to explore when you visit London.

Greenwich Market

We are going to start with one of the oldest markets that exist in London. The Greenwich Market was first established in 1737. It wasn’t originally at the location where you can find it today, as the owners have moved it over the years. You can now find the Greenwich Market just across the Maritime Museum, which is an ideal spot if you are also planning to visit a few museums throughout London.

The Greenwich Market is truly one of the more enjoyable experiences that you can expect when you decide to go out for a trip on Sundays. This is not a Sunday market in particular, but rather one that is open throughout the entire week. With this said, there are some stalls and events that only occur on certain days – and sometimes, this falls on a Sunday. This is why it is a good idea to check the schedule and any notifications that the market has for the upcoming Sunday on their website.

There are several types of stalls and shops that you can find at the Greenwich Market. While they may circulate sometimes, most Sundays you will find the following types of amenities at the market:

  • Pubs and bars
  • Restaurants
  • Delis and bakeries
  • Cafes
  • Food stalls
  • Arts and craft stalls
  • Antique stores
  • Grooming and beauty stalls
  • Fashion stalls
  • Jewelry
  • Lifestyle

In addition to these, there are also stalls that are focused on pets and children. This ensures you can bring the little ones along. The kids stalls make the Greenwich Market an ideal choice for parents who want to keep their children busy on a Sunday morning.

While in Greenwich, be sure to stop by the Greenwich Royal Observatory, the National Maritime Museum (just across the street), and the local park. Adding these attractions to the trip can really make the day.

Borough Market

Borough market is sometimes called a food market – as you’ll find that both fresh produce and delicious meals make up a large part of the entire location. The market was established in 1756 and still continues to operate.

Everyone who visits London makes time to view the famous London Bridge. It’s an iconic part of the city, especially as it lights up at night. The Borough Market is found at the London Bridge. This means you can get a view of the bridge while you explore the market.

Before we dive deeper into Borough Market, there is one thing that you should understand. This is one of the most popular markets in London, which means it is always buzzing with tourists and even locals. If you are not concerned about having to possibly walk shoulder to shoulder with other people, then Borough Market is definitely a place you have to visit during your trip to London.

There are many different types of stalls that you can find as you stroll through the open streets. The market is great for anyone, no matter your budget. You can visit Borough Market regardless of your budget. Whether you fancy a luxurious plate of seafood or rather a cheap treat for the kids, there are stalls that serve every budget.

Some of the traders you can find at Borough Market include:

  • Alsop & Walker offers cheeses from East Sussex
  • Alpine Deli, where you can get all your supplies for a charcuterie board
  • Applebee’s Fishbox, sells a range of delicious seafood wraps
  • Arabica To Go offers falafel wraps, chicken shawarma, and crunchy salads
  • Bianca Mora presents a range of her own specialities
  • Comptoir Gourmand gives you a range of cakes and pastries that are made in a traditional French style

And at Change Please, you can buy great coffee and know that your money is going out for a good cause.

It is a good idea not to immediately dive into the stalls and shops at the location but to first take a stroll to get a better idea about the layout.

This will allow you to discover the different shops and stalls that you have access to while you are at the Borough Market. With this strategy, you won’t end up buying food from one stall only to discover something looking tastier at another stall or store.

Apart from these stalls, there are also restaurants and cafes that make up the Borough Market. These spots give you an opportunity to sit down and relax, which can feel great after a long walk through all the stalls that are set up in the marketplace.

You can find Borough Market at 8 Southwark Street in London. It generally closes at 17:00, so it’s a great choice for grabbing lunch too.

Alexandra Palace Market

The Alexandra Palace has become a popular tourist spot in London. Many of the locals call this particular spot the Ally Pally. It is a palace that sits in the Northern area of London and offers a range of exquisite views over the city. There are several amenities that you can explore at the Alexandra Palace, including a chance to enter the palace itself and get a tour of its interior. This is truly a sight that you do not want to miss when you do find yourself in London.

This market is only open on Sundays, but you can still explore some of the surrounding amenities on other days of the week. It was established by City & Country Markers’ Markets in 2003.

It is also not like many of the other markets that you see throughout London. Don’t expect to see restaurants and coffee shops here. Instead, this market is held in an open countryside space that is very close to the Alexandra Palace. It is a farmer’s market where people come to get fresh produce that they can use when cooking throughout the week.

It is important to note that the market is only open for a five-hour period every Sunday. It starts at 10 o’clock in the morning and runs until three in the afternoon. Thus, if you want to experience this market for yourself, you may need to get out of bed early.

A great thing about the stalls that you will find at the market is the fact that they focus on organic produce. While there are some variations in stalls from week to week, you will often find some stalls that sell items other than produce, such as home-baked sweet treats. Many people also enjoy the variety of cured meats that are available at the Alexandra Palace market.

If you are planning a trip to the Alexandra Palace market, be sure to consider the other amenities that are also available at the location. This can help you plan out an entire day with your family.

During the weekends, a beer garden is hosted at the site. Here, you are able to enjoy a large variety of beers. This includes certain craft beers that you have likely not tasted before. There is a boating lake nearby as well. The boating lake is a great experience not only for adults but also for your kids. This makes the Alexandra Palace Market a great family outing option.

If you are bringing the kids along, then be sure to visit the “Go Ape” facility, which is an obstacle course that was custom-built. It even provides a challenge for adults who are willing to take on the course. At the same time, safety comes first when kids decide to take part in the obstacle course. There are also trained professionals who provide supervision to ensure your day does not end up with injuries.

Entry to the farmer’s market does not require any fees. Some of the other amenities that you can explore may require a fee, so you might want to call ahead to find out.

Camden Market

Camden Market is located along the Camden canalside. While the market did start out small at first, it quickly evolved and became a very popular attraction. Today, there are over a thousand different stalls that you can explore, with massive diversity in what you are able to find.

Fashion plays a big role in the Camden Market. The moment you arrive at the market, you will already start to see a wide variety of fashion stalls, with unique clothing pieces hanging everywhere. These stalls are great for people who like to keep in with the latest trends. There are clothing and fashion stalls that cover a variety of styles, such as gothic, punk, and even vintage clothes. The fashion pieces you can discover here are everything but ordinary, so they are sure to make heads turn when you show off your new style.

Apart from clothes, there are stalls that sell homemade items, craft projects, and more.

For those who like to grab a bite when they are out exploring a market, the Camden Market has you covered. There are several stalls that specialize in serving up classic street foods.

There are trains that run toward this particular location, which also means transportation is not something that you should be bothered about. You can easily get on a train and go straight to the Camren Market – it will likely be faster and cheaper than getting an Uber.

During your visit, be sure to take a turn to Umbrella Street. It is quite a unique experience, with many umbrellas hanging from the top of the street. The idea is to provide protection when the sun is out or when it rains. At the same time, you still get to experience the open air breeze.

While traversing through the Camden Market, be sure to stop a few times to appreciate the wall art that you can find throughout the area. The wall art is especially prominent on Bayham Street and Kentish Town Road. You might want to take a short detour after leaving the market to get a glimpse of these hand-painted walls.

Another excellent detour that you might want to consider going to is the Regent’s Canal Walk. It is located in a close perimeter to the Camden market and can be a fun adventure for you, as well as your traveling companions. The canal walk actually connects the high street to the Camden market, so you might even take it to actually get to the market.

Traveling Through Sunday Markets In London

Planning beforehand is a great way to ensure you are thoroughly prepared for your trip to one of these Sunday markets in London. It also ensures you visit the right markets based on your own interests, preferences, and needs.

These are factors that you should ideally start with. Make a list of things that you want to buy or perhaps activities that you would like to take part in. Consider what you would like to see at the market. You’ll know exactly where to go on Sunday morning.

If you are visiting London for the time being and not a permanent resident, then it is also a good idea to find a luggage storage agency that can help keep your bags and other personal belongings safe as you traverse through these Sunday Markets.


If you want to have a relaxing Sunday with the family, then why not head out to one of the many Sunday markets that can be found throughout London? There are several types of markets open on Sundays, which ensures you can find one that suits everyone you are bringing along. Whether you want to get your hands on some arts and crafts projects, buy new clothes, have a great meal, or simply adore the different items that these markets feature, there are plenty of reasons why you should explore them.