10 Best RV Destinations in the US for Digital Nomads (2024)

As remote work has caught on, so has the freedom to take your job with you everywhere you choose. The world has practically become your oyster — whether you stay put, go on an exotic holiday or take to the road in an RV while working.

The world indeed has many fascinating places for RVing digital nomads, but the U.S. stands out for its sheer number of RV-friendly spots.

If you decide to take the plunge and go across the pond work remotely while RVing, you can consult this report looking at digital nomad-friendly RVing destinations put together by StorageCafe, an online platform that provides storage unit listings across the U.S.

They considered U.S. destinations with a large number of RVing campgrounds and ranked them against several metrics including electric hookups, access to Wi-Fi and internet speed.

Given the warm climate, the South dominates the top 10 best RV destinations for remote work, with Texas and Florida having the most representation in this list.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 best RVing hotspots for digital nomads:

RV Destination #1: Houston, TX

Houston is not only the best city for RVers looking to work remotely, but it’s also one of the largest cities on the list. This dynamic city features not only 15 parks that can accommodate RVs, but also access to the internet in more than three-quarters of them.

Besides, Houston’s average Wi-Fi speed is the third fastest in the top 10 RVing destinations, with about 459 megabits per second (Mbps).

You might have shopping on your mind when you think of Houston, but the city also delivers in terms of outdoor attractions: You can kayak the Buffalo Bayou, go surfing at Surfside Beach or paddleboard at the Woodlands.

RV Destination #2: Branson, MO

Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Branson, Missouri, emerges as the second-best RVing destination for digital nomads.

Not only are all campgrounds equipped with electric hookups, but they also provide Wi-Fi access for most locations. Additionally, you can expect an internet speed of 356 Mbps, on average, at these campsites.

Feel free to get acquainted with the area as you discover local dining spots and attractions including the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, the Grand Country Music Hall, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and others.

RV Destination #3: San Antonio, TX

Make sure to check San Antonio off your destination list if you wish to get a taste of the South, as this city takes the bronze for RVing destinations that are remote-work friendly. You’ll be able to enjoy an internet connection in a third of campsites that provides an average internet speed of almost 382 Mbps — one of the fastest among Texas destinations!

When it comes to things to do locally, you mustn’t miss visiting The Alamo — a spot entrenched in the South’s history. Go caving at the Natural Bridge Caverns or venture about an hour away to Bandera, a place that embraces cowboy culture, country music and rodeos and unsurprisingly calls itself the “Cowboy Capital of the World.”

RV Destination#4: Tyler, TX

Thanks to its history in the production and cultivation of roses, Tyler, Texas, earned the moniker the “City of Roses” and also happens to be an RVing hotspot for remote working. Not only can all campgrounds accommodate RVs, but about 85% of them also provide internet access. Local Wi-Fi speed averages about 330 Mbps.

Since you’re presumably in the City of Roses, you should make sure to explore the biggest rose garden in the U.S., featuring over 500 varieties of roses spread across 14 acres of gardens. For some outdoor recreation, you can head to Tyler State Park to hike, bike, swim or go boating. Visit the Ye Olde City Antique Mall in historical downtown Tyler to find vintage pieces to take home as souvenirs.

RV Destination #5: Bradenton, FL

Bradenton is the first Florida location to make it on the list of RVing hotspots for digital nomads.

Sporting sunny weather and access to white sand beaches, Bradenton is a true gem for remote workers who enjoy RVing — more than two-thirds of campsites have Wi-Fi and the internet speed is 379 Mbps on average. You can also cool off without hitting the beach, as most campgrounds also come with swimming pools.

This Florida city sports beautiful architecture, inviting parks and nature reserves that afford you plenty of opportunities to explore the local outdoors. Go hiking, mountain biking or jogging on the multi-use trails in the Emerson Point Preserve, for instance. If fishing, birdwatching or kayaking are more your speed, the De Soto National Memorial should be on your to-do list!

If you’re planning on staying in Florida longer — as this state is a great place to settle in for a longer time — you might want to make a plan for your RV organization. To help keep it uncluttered, you could rent a self storage unit in Bradenton, Florida, where your kayak and fishing gear can stay until you’re ready to use them again.

RV Destination #6: Naples, FL

Head south from Bradenton to discover another Florida gem that caters to RVers who take their work on the road: Naples. The palm tree-lined city might sport a glitzy reputation, but it’s also home to 14 campgrounds, all of which have electric hookups for RVs. Over a third of campsites also offer internet access, with an average speed of 315 Mbps.

When you get here, you truly experience a vacation destination. There are over 700 restaurants that allow you to sample an eclectic local cuisine. You can also enjoy year-round outdoor activities, from visiting soft white beaches to going kayaking to taking in the calm waters and mangroves.

RV Destination #7: Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico’s capital city, Albuquerque, has a lot in store for RVers: You can find Wi-Fi in almost three-quarters of campgrounds, and the local internet speed reaches 328 Mbps on average.

Close to half of the campgrounds also have pools, so you can cool off if you’re staying here during the summer.

A diverse and cosmopolitan city, Albuquerque has a lot to offer its visitors. One of the city’s highlights is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October. If you miss it, you can always soar through the skies by going for a hot air balloon ride to take in the sights. Don’t miss going on a tour of the “Breaking Bad” set, as the famous show was filmed locally.

RV Destination #8: Phoenix, AZ

It’s no wonder Phoenix made it on the list of best RVing destinations for remote working as it’s already a popular snowbirding hotspot. The warm, dry climate is perfect if you’re looking to escape the cold during the winter months.

All campsites can accommodate RVs and most of them offer access to the internet. What’s more, Phoenix campgrounds have the fastest Wi-Fi speed on our list (469 Mbps).

The city is rich in entertainment opportunities as well as shopping and dining.

If you’ve come for the natural landscape, you won’t be disappointed either: You can golf, bike, climb and go hiking in multiple locations. Camelback Mountain, Papago Park and the South Mountain Park and Preserve are ideal for taking in the sights.

RV Destination #9: Austin, TX

Austin is not only the capital city of Texas but also a great place for RVing. McKinney Falls State Park alone comes with 80 campsites provided with water and electric hookups. Overall, most campsites offer an internet connection, with an average speed of 459 Mbps, the second-fastest in this list.

Austin might be known for great live music, but there are plenty of natural attractions here. Besides McKinney Falls, you can head to Zilker Metropolitan Park, where you can picnic, play volleyball or swim in the Barton Springs Pool. Or head to Lady Bird Lake for cycling and hiking.

RV Destination #10: Kissimmee, FL

Florida’s Kissimmee clocks in at number 10 and it’s shaping up to be an interesting place for RVers who appreciate a calm ambiance with a holiday flair. As is the case with the other RVing hot spots in this list, Kissimmee delivers in terms of campsite internet access, with average speeds of about 315 Mbps, and with access to pools provided so you can cool off on-site.

Kissimmee shines brightly when it comes to entertainment options — amusement parks, airboat rides and ziplining across the Everglades are some of the local attractions you can partake in. Also, you can fish at Lake Tohopekaliga and observe the local wildlife — keep your eyes peeled for otters, waterfowl and more!