4 Best Travel Host Agencies (& Where to Find Them)

Host agencies play a vital role in the global travel industry.

Thanks to the connections, accreditations, and training services these agencies provide, countless home-based travel agents can remain relevant and competitive. 

Although travel agents recognize the need for host agencies, it can be challenging to choose the perfect partner. With so many competing companies, travel agents often express exasperation when searching for the right host agency. 

The Best Travel Host Agencies Of 2024

While countless host agencies exist in today’s market, a few names have emerged as industry leaders. Anyone looking for a seasoned host travel agency should start their search with these highly-rated companies. 


With an estimated 6,000 travel agents throughout the USA, OutsideAgents.com has become a premier host agency in the American travel market. Everyone who joins the OutsideAgents community enjoys instant access to thousands of vendor connections via the Agents Portal. 

OutsideAgents’ technological tools, like its CRM and website-building services, help agents manage and expand their brand. Even if you’re new to the travel industry, OutsideAgents offers plenty of educational resources, one-on-one guidance, and 24/7 support to help you on your journey to make more money as a travel agent.

Considering all of the features OutsideAgents provides, many clients are impressed by this website’s low fees. Famously, OutsideAgents offers up to 95% commission rates and charges zero enrollment fees and annual renewal fees.   

Avoya Travel Network 

With over 50 years in the travel industry, Avoya has one of the longest track records for success as a host agent. Avoya’s patented “Smart Leads” technology has also become legendary in the industry. Thanks to Avoya’s advanced system, travel agents will easily find and retain clients that fit their travel specifications. The Avoya Agent Power SaaS Technology makes monitoring your business operations and analytics simple in one convenient platform. 

Avoya also offers clients access to a Marketing Resource Center and Travel Agent Education Program to develop the skills and business strategies you need to succeed. Plus, whenever you have questions or concerns, Avoya team members are standing by to chat any day of the week. 

Dugan’s Travels 

Dugan’s Travels was created by a travel agent with home-based agents in mind. Named after the company’s founder Jennifer Dugan, Dugan’s Travels explicitly focuses on ensuring clients put their “family first” by offloading the stress of managing a travel agency to Dugan’s team. 

Americans who sign up for Dugan’s Travels membership can work with a team that has 10-plus years of experience in the industry.

Agents who join Dugan’s Travels also enjoy access to many Travel Leaders Network services and deals, including CruisePro and Worldwide Hotels. New agents can also take advantage of “Dugan’s University” to learn the ins-and-outs of succeeding in the travel business. 

Dugan’s Travels starts at 70% commissions paid twice monthly, but this could rise to as high as 80% within one year.   


Founded in 1995, Nexion is another well-known name in the North American host agency market. Formally a part of the Internova Travel Group, Nexion has four major packages designed to help travel agents with different demands and experience levels.

Whether you’re totally new to the travel industry or running a multi-agent operation, a Nexion account gives you the flexibility to opt for a suite of tools that fits your situation. 

Everyone who uses Nexion gets access to the company’s proprietary booking engine, which helps agents quickly locate travel needs for their clients. Nexion also offers a range of Global Distribution System (GDS) offerings depending on your preferences.

As a bonus, people who sign up for Nexion enjoy many marketing benefits, including a travel website, a leads generator, and social media engagement tools. Add in Nexion’s 24/7 support center, and it’s clear why this company has become widely known in the industry. 

Spend Quality Time Researching High-Quality Travel Hosts 

While there are many award-winning host agencies to choose from, it’s not the best strategy to blindly pick the first company on a Google search. Yes, reading through each host’s services and costs will take some time. However, all of your extra effort will save you the aggravation of working with a host that’s not ideal for your needs.