Best Apps To Manage Your Vacation Rentals

Any vacation rental needs technology to improve its operations. This is why we share the best apps for property management and hosts. And we couldn’t do it alone so we partnered with our friends from Doinn.

The owners have so much going on with the bookings, different platforms, guest messaging, property costs, and all of that! Putting on top all the handling of the property itself while guests are there and monitoring you know how hard it is.

If you’ve been around for a while now you know how difficult it is sometimes to get all of your operations set and only worry about making guests happy. This article will give different apps that work previous, during, and after the guest’s stay. 

All of this is possible through apps and online mobile monitoring. We show you how! Let’s start.

Cleaning and Laundry services

Tired of searching for a quality and committed cleaning team? This has been quite a challenge the last couple of months.

Doinn is here to the rescue 💪

Give your guests or tenants the safety and peace of mind they’re looking for with their certified cleans. This software has been around since 2015 changing the industry. You can get cleanings, laundry, and linen rental synced with your bookings.

On top of that Doinn, automates the entry of work orders sync-ing with iCals/ PMS. The greatest thing is they are also available in 7 countries and more than 600 cities which allows you to book services on any of their active locations. 

Thanks to our alliance with Doinn you can get a 10% discount using code: STASHER10. 

Go to their website and learn all about how you can improve this part of your operations!

Keyless entry

According to Airbnb, Self-check-in means guests can access a place without needing the Host to be there. And this is something the guests conveniently love!  It’s a great way to get a nice rating for your vacation rental.

That’s exactly why we introduce you to

These are some of the features that has to offer: 

  • Get a lock on your door and open it via internet using your smartphone. It also has the ability to the main door (connects to the existing intercom)
  • Control everything online
  • Open doors using your smartphone, tokens, or a text message
  • Entrance logs for guests and staff
  • Made for an intensive use

A self-check-in not only makes you and your guests happier, but also it can make the cleaning staff and maintenance services life way easier!

How does that work? 

When having keyless entry you can share the virtual key with your cleaners, for example with Doinn software you can leave the details when you create the properties and the cleaners will already know what they need to do and no mess about delivering or retrieving a key.

The best thing about is that you won’t have to download any specific app as people 

would have access to your vacation rental from a web link.

Check-in Online

Making the process of check-in is another thing that also steals a lot of time while managing a vacation rental property. We all hate paperwork! Especially when you are on vacation. The friends from chekin specialize in getting this process as automated as it can be.

Once the booking is confirmed, your guests will receive a link that will lead them to online check-in, where they will complete the registration process. Easy, fast, and simple.

A turning point in your registration process! Making a significant improvement on your guest’s experience. 

  • Reduce tedious waiting times for your guests during registration.
  • Offer top online registration in the industry.
  • Increase ​​your income by selling your offers and experiences in the tool with the highest conversion.
  • Allows contactless registration.

Also, you will have the opportunity to diversify and even sell some experiences and services through their app so give it a try!

Smart house

Some people still only think about the smart houses are keyless entry and some remote-controlled devices.

The whole idea of smart homes is born with the vision o making our lives easier, this been said having automation on your vacation rental will give you an extra sense of control on your property.

Mostly saving energy is the key point of automation. You can save as much as 60% for lighting and 10%-30% for heating and cooling on your energy bill. Also reducing power consumption on other electrical by automatically turning off lights and appliances when they aren’t in use. The truth is getting a smart house improves the expenses in energy, heating, and security.

Here are different solutions you can add to the mix:

Property monitoring

In this case, we won’t discuss monitoring inside the property because it is not legal given the current data restrictions and Airbnb regulations on inside properties cameras.

You can still make some adjustments to add some motion sensors, door sensors, and even mobile controls to your security system while you’re away. With housekeepers and guests coming and going from your property, you want to secure your vacant home.

If these security measures are not what you are looking for you can also add some extra monitoring with other sensors and notifications.

But still, you can have some twitches to monitor your vacation rental when you are not able to visit constantly.

As you can see this is a list of a few things but in the end the more you can do to automate your process while renting a property the better!

Like we said at the beginning this is a guide of apps for previous, during, and post guest’s experiences.

And if there is something that can complete the guest experience, is Stasher.

Giving them the opportunity to use online affordable luggage service is the sherry of the cake.

Keep in mind Stasher is a safe and secure network of places trusted shops & hotels near your property that also allows guests to complete their experience.

Be also aware that it’s better to pick apps and software that can get synchronize and that would make your life less complex.

We are definitely sure that this is a sneak peek for you to pick out the apps you must certainly need and like 😉