8 Beautiful Hidden Places In Sydney to Explore (2023)

When it comes to traveling, people often look for beautiful sights that they can enjoy.

Whether you simply want to observe these areas or capture them in photography, there are a large number of places that you can visit.

Sydney has no shortage of natural beauty and interesting sights, which is why it is often referred to as the Emerald City.

From Bondi Beach to the Sydney Opera House, there are a variety of places that you can add to your go-to list when you decide to visit this area.

Sometimes, however, you might want to break away from the regular things that people tend to do or the places they visit when they come to Sydney.

In this post, we are going to explore some of the hidden places in Sydney that some locals may not even know about. While you may plan on visiting areas like the Harbour Bridge or the national park, you should also make some time to pay a visit to the hidden gems we are going to look at.

Coal Loader Platform

Sydney is largely dedicated to a green and sustainable movement. If this is something that interests you, along with love for architecture, then you should definitely head over to the Coal Loader Platform.

The Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability owns and operates the platform. It was only created recently, in 2018, and featured a green roof space.

The idea behind the platform is to provide a multipurpose area for a wide variety of activities – but as a traveler, you’ll be able to enjoy quite a magnificent view of the harbor.

What makes the space special is the fact that the community spans together in order to grow vegetables and even fruit trees in the space. An irrigation system has been set in place to use recycled stormwater. The area also consists of a performance space with regular performances scheduled – so you might just find yourself visiting with entertainment waiting.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

When you look at any type of trip guide for Sydney, you will definitely find Harbour Bridge among the list of places to visit. It is a must for visitors and offers a beautiful sight of the city skyline, especially at night.

One thing that many people do not know, however, is that there lies a museum and lookout point at one of the pylons that make up the Harbor Bridge.

The opening to this location is hidden away, which is one reason why many tourists do not know about it. The entrance is only marked with a single sign, and there are no other indications.

Once inside, you can experience quite a small museum, but there are still a lot of educational and fun elements that you can discover here.

In addition to the museum, you can also head to the top to experience a magnificent look up at the upper side of the pylon.

Homebush Bay Shipwrecks

People don’t generally consider shipwrecks as a “must-visit” attraction they would like to experience when they visit a new place. With this said, you would be surprised at the beautiful view that you can experience when you visit the shipwrecks at Homebush Bay. The SS Ayrfield is definitely the most significant among the four shipwrecks that you can still visit at this location.

The SS Ayrfield has evolved over time and now looks like a floating forest that drifts on the waters of Homebush Bay.

You can book a trip on a boat in order to sail around the SS Ayrfield to experience this beauty firsthand. Another way to take a look at these shipwrecks is to visit the Waterbird Refuge. This location is found at the Sydney Olympic Park. Take the path to the Promenade, which is located at Wentworth Point in Sydney Olympic Park.

In addition to the experience itself, the spot also makes for a great photography location if you wish to capture a few shots while you are visiting Sydney.

Brickpit Ring Walk

Another excellent hidden gem in Sydney is the Brickpit Ring Walk. This is also quite a unique site, as there is a large ring that you can walk on. The circular pathway is elevated in the air and sits on top of a pond.

The pond used to be home to a brickyard, but this is no longer the case. During the initial preparation, when the 2000 Summer Olympics were held in Sydney, Golden Bell Frogs, and Green Bell Frogs were discovered in this particular location.

It was decided that the location would be turned into a habitat suitable for these species while also serving as a water storage system.

The circular pathway was only constructed several years later. If you decide to get a view of the SS Ayrfield shipwreck that we suggested, then you are already close to the Brickpit Ring Walk. This site is also located in Sydney Olympic Park, which means you can easily plan a trip to see two of these hidden places in Sydney on the same day.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

Next up on our list is Wendy’s Secret Garden. This spot isn’t as hidden or secretive as it used to be in the past, especially with so many people sharing their experiences in the garden on social media. It still remains a gem that is definitely worth a visit.

The garden is located in Lavender Bay, which sits just north of Sydney.

The garden was initially formed in the 1990s. Wendy Whitely created the garden, and today, it is considered to be part of the Parklands in Lavender Bay. These Parklands form a collection of parks and spaces that focuses on preserving nature.

The parks are found both inside and around the Lavender Bay area.

Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden is often described as one of the most beautiful spots to visit among all of the Parklands in the bay region.

Manns Point

If you are visiting Sydney for the many beautiful views that the area has to offer, then you should surely add Manns Point to the list of locations you want to visit.

Manns Point is actually part of a park that is located on the Greenwich peninsula.

Even though the spot offers one of the best views that you can get in Sydney, it does not sit close to the regular tourist routes and sights that people tend to visit when they come to the area.

Manns Point faces both the Parramatta River, as well as Sydney Harbour. You can also get a view of Sydney itself when you decide to visit this particular area.

To get to Manns Point, you’ll have to navigate through the park up to the southern area.

The location is situated at the tip of this region and also makes for a great photography spot if that is something that interests you.

The Bible Garden

Palm Beach peninsula is quite a popular spot that attracts many visitors and tourists. It is best known for the beach area, as well as the Barrenjoey Lighthouse.

What many people fail to realize is that one spot, known as the Bible Garden, offers the best view of the entire location. The Bible Garden is a relatively small space consisting of grass terraces and a stone path.

It is a unique experience, as the location is described as a Christian garden.

When you decide to visit the Bible Garden, you’ll be able to get a view of the entire beach area, as well as the lighthouse.

The garden is known to be very peaceful, which also makes it a great spot to simply sit down and unwind on your travels.

There are no entry fees that you need to pay when you want to visit the garden, and anyone is free to enjoy the views from this area.

Sawmillers Reserve

If you enjoy visiting historical sites, then be sure to add Sawmillers Reserve to your travel plan while staying in Sydney.

This reserve is found on the shoreline at McMahons Point. It offers a view of a shipwreck, as well as the remains of an older timber mill that used to operate in the area. The timber mill was very productive in the 19th century, as well as during the earlier years in the 20th century.

In the 1980s, however, the entire mill was vacated, and it was then converted to a public reserve.

There are several relics of the old sawmill that still remain in the area. These, along with the shipwreck that lies on the shoreline, make it an excellent historical spot to visit.


Sydney has a lot to offer travelers, including a range of hidden beauties that you might not be aware of. We looked at some of the most beautiful hidden places in Sydney that you should definitely visit in this post.

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