Why You Should Consider Getting an Anti-Theft Travel Bag

When traveling you want to avoid theft at all costs. Not only is it expensive to lose your valuables, but it’s a major hassle to replace things like passports, laptops, phones, or cancel credit cards while away.

It’s estimated that a whopping 400,000 pickpocketing thefts happen every single day around the world. 33% of all travel insurance claims are for stolen or lost items. Given those stats, it’s a great idea to take a little security while out and about. Having a good anti-theft backpack is an excellent start.

Why You Should Get an Anti-Theft Bag

Anti-theft backpacks are great for travelers in a variety of situations. Bag slashing is rife in popular European tourist destinations or South East Asia, so having wire mesh embedded inside your backpack’s materials gives you a barrier against those thieves.

If you’re on a plane and want to sleep, knowing your valuables are locked up in your carry-on takes a massive load off. Nothing is worse than having your credit card details copied while being asleep on a long-haul flight. 

How to Pick the Best Anti-Theft Bag

Getting a secure backpack from a reputable company is key. In this article we will focus on bags made by Pacsafe. Pacsafe is the pioneer in anti-theft travel goods space, having been around for over 20 years and holding 40+ patents for their anti-theft technology.

Pacsafe’s anti-theft bags feature lockable zippers and are made from cut-resistant materials to protect your belongings, built-in anchor straps or stainless locking cables to protect the bag itself, plus RFID blocking pockets to protect you against identity theft and credit card skimming (another significant risk factor for travelers). Throw in great organization and storage for things like your passport, phone, laptop, and clothes, and you have a portable travel companion to keep your gear safe and in easy reach. 

Which Anti-Theft Bag is Right For You?

Pacsafe offers a broad range of anti-theft bags, spanning spacious carry-ons, backpacks, slingpacks, totes & purses and many more styles. Stasher asked Pacsafe what their most popular anti-theft bags are to cover a variety of situations. 

The Venturesafe G3 25L Anti-Theft Backpack: Perfect for Weekend trips and City Travel 

This anti-theft backpack comes with great locking features and is super durable. The zippers of this backpack can be linked together then slide onto a mechanism you can also add a padlock to. Combine that with the embedded, highly cut-resistant wire mesh material, anchor straps that can be used to securely attach the bag to objects such as chairs and an RFID blocking pocket, and you got full coverage.

In terms of capacity, this backpack is ideal for weekend trips, or just as a daypack when exploring unknown cities. It comes with a padded 15’’ laptop sleeve and a system to fit a hydration pack. The bag is highly water repellent and available in black and navy blue. If you want to go a bit lighter, or get more stuff packed up, don’t worry, 25 Liter and 32 Liter options of this lightweight backpack are available too! 

Click here to learn more about the Venturesafe G3 25L Backpack. 

The Metrosafe LS200 Medium Crossbody: Spacious Hand Bag for Men & Women 

The Metrosafe LS200 comes with comprehensive security features as well: It has a cut resistant wire mesh inlay, RFID blocking pockets, clippable zippers and a strap that you can lock around chairs, tables or other solid objects. 

This spacious crossbody will fit a 10″ tablet and even a large DSLR camera (i.e. Nikon D800 plus and extra lens). It comes with two handy side pockets for water bottles or small umbrellas and has a size adjustable strap: 75-34 cm / 29.5-13.4 in.

The perfect companion to keep your gear, wallet and passport secure in crowded trains and streets.

The Metrosafe LS200 Medium Crossbody is available in four colors. Check it out here.

Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack: Her All-Time Favorite Travel Backpack

This is probably the most popular women’s anti-theft backpack out there. There are good reasons for that: besides the comprehensive Pacsafe anti-theft technologies you are probably familiar with by now it’s lightweight (1.55 lbs / 0.71 kg) and looks fabulous! It’s the perfect size to take on a plane and to explore the city. It easily fits a 13″ laptop plus charger, makeup bag, heels, and some basic essentials.

This wonderful blend of style and sophisticated anti-theft features, also make it the preferred choice of solo travels. 

Get your hands on the Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Backpack here (available in six colors). 

The Metrosafe X Anti-Theft 20L Backpack: For a new Generation of Travelers, a Bag Made from Recycled Fabrics

This 2020 release comes with the most advanced Pacsafe anti-theft features: it’s lockable, cut resistant, has an RFID blocking pocket, can be locked to any stationary object and has a hidden pocket at the back of the bag for fast – yet secure – access. 

It fits a 15″ laptop (comes with a padded sleeve for extra protection) plus a 10″ tablet. It also comes with luggage slides to conveniently slip it over your suitcase handles.

What makes this backpack special is that it is made from recycled fabrics. A neat way to help keep the planet we travel clean for others and also a great gift for conscious travelers!   

See more of the Metrosafe X 20L Anti-Theft Backpack here (Available in three stylish colors).