Property Management Guides: Airbnb House Rules Template and Ideas

Airbnb house rules are one of the most important things on your listing. It allows you to set your expectations and ensure you attract guests who are ready to respect your property.

To make it easy for you, we’ve put together all the information you need to come up with house rules. Browse our tips on creating house rules, ideas for rules to include, and an Airbnb house rules template you can easily copy and paste to your listing.

Tips When Writing House Rules

First off, be polite but firm when explaining the rules. You want to make sure your guests understand the rules help maintain a great space that will also benefit them. It’s also a good idea to personalize the information to make it feel like a welcoming message.

Make each rule very clear with simple sentences and no room for interpretation. Having a bulleted list, capitalizing sentences to emphasize, or providing a visual of rules can make it more appealing. Most house rule lists range between 10 to 12 items.

Be clear on the consequences of breaking each rule. Whether it’s a fee or they will be asked to leave the property, let your guests know ahead of time what will happen.

Ideas for Rules to Include

There are many rules you can include for your Airbnb. You can get as creative as you want. However, remember that your guests are on vacation and want to have a comfortable and relaxing time. Make sure to strike a balance between allowing them to feel at home while also protecting yourself and your property. Here are some ideas to include.

No Unregistered Guests

This rule is important to prevent your guest from booking for one person and bringing in more to prevent paying the extra fee. Airbnb’s guidelines clearly state that unregistered guests aren’t covered by insurance, so you want to include this!

Keeping The Space Clean

From not eating in the bedroom to prevent spill stains to doing the dishes and taking out the trash, you can requests guests keep your place clean. By having this as a rule you can add that you will charge an additional cleaning fee if the space is not clean upon check-out.

Conserving Electricity

Rules can also remind guests to be mindful of the utilities. Save yourself on costs and save the environment by asking them to turn the lights, air, or heating off when they are away.

Noise Curfew

Depending on the location of your Airbnb, having a noise curfew can be important. You want to keep your neighbors happy since they can easily call the homeowners association or even the police. This rule can also prevent parties or big get-togethers.

Pet Allowances

There is a market for guests traveling with pets, and since most Airbnb’s don’t allow pets, you can get more booking opportunities. However, there are cons to consider, including:

  • Guests with allergies won’t book your place
  • The place can become untidy, including hair left everywhere
  • Dogs may bark at night and disturb neighbors
  • There can be a lingering smell hard to remove between guests

And The List Goes On

Other topics you can cover in your house rules include:

  • Checking in and checking out arrangements
  • Hosting parties or events, whether it’s not allowed or needs to be approved first
  • Areas guests can eat or drink
  • Smoking rules and designated smoking areas
  • Bringing their own sheets if they have fake tans
  • Lost key fees
  • No shoes inside
  • Off-limit areas
  • Laundry access or limitations
  • Security suggestions
  • Cost of damages and breakages
  • How to access the property
  • Parking rules
  • Rules against rearranging furniture
  • No illegal substances on the premises

How to Enforce These Rules

While it can be difficult to enforce most rules during your guest’s stay, there are certain things you can do to encourage compliance. Having fees that you will charge after check-out for noncompliance is the main one.

To get off on the right foot, you can include a keyword or phrase at the end of your rules list. Ask guests to email you back with that phrase to confirm they read to the end. There are also gadgets you can install to help with monitoring certain rules, such as installing:

  • Wifi and AC/heating remotes to remotely control the units
  • The Ring Doorbell camera outside to see comings and goings when someone rings the doorbell
  • A device by Noise Aware that monitors noise levels

Airbnb House Rules Template

Here’s a template you can easily fill in with your Airbnb details and edit as you see fit. Just copy and paste below to add to your listing.

airbnb house rules template
Feel free to download this in printable form by clicking here!
Thank you for considering my %listing_type% for your trip to %listing location%. I would appreciate it if you took a moment to read these house rules I will expect you to follow during your stay. Feel free to contact me if anything is unclear or if you have any questions to avoid misunderstandings.

I've put in a lot of effort to make sure this %listing_type% is a comfortable space for guests. If you choose to stay here, please treat it with the same respect you would with your own home. House rules include:

Please respect check-in and check-out times.

Please clean the kitchen after using it and empty the trash at the end of your stay. Non-compliance will result in an additional %money_amount% clean-up fee.

Please refrain from rearranging the furniture and take care when using amenities. You will have to pay for damages that exceed the security deposit.

Make sure to close the windows, lock the door, and turn the lights, air conditioning, and any electronics off before leaving the %listing_type%.

No parties or events are allowed without prior permission.

Please respect the noise curfew of %insert_time%.

No unregistered guests are allowed.

Illegal substances are not allowed on the premises, or I will have to ask you to vacate.

I appreciate you taking the time to read these house rules. If you choose this listing, please confirm you have reviewed the rules within 48 hours of your booking by sending me a message with the phrase %insert_phrase%. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for being a super guest!



Airbnb House Rules Template: Final Thoughts

Using this guide for house rules can make your Airbnb hosting experience go smoothly. Being a super-host doesn’t mean you have to avoid protecting your property. Decide on the best rules for you and edit the Airbnb house rules template we provided to best match your needs. You can also encourage your guests to check out on time by letting them know they can store their luggage with Stasher after their stay and continue exploring the surrounding area.