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Stasher Customer Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: Oct 2023

These Conditions apply to any person (“Customer”, “you”, “your”) who applies to book storage space and services (“Storage”) from any provider of Storage (“Host”) via the website available at https://stasher.com (“Website”) or on the Stasher - Luggage Storage mobile applications (“Apps”) which is operated by Citystasher Ltd whose details are in clause 1 below (“Stasher”, “we”, “us”, “our”) and are in addition to the terms of the Website Conditions, which also form part of and apply to these Conditions. Storage is provided by each Host under the Storage Agreement entered into between a Host and a Customer in accordance with clause 3 of these Conditions.

1. Our Details and our Role

1.1 Citystasher Ltd is a company incorporated in England and Wales with its registered address at 25 Barge Walk, London SE10 0FN, company registration number 09787338, VAT registration number 277 4568 55, email: [email protected], tel: +44 203 355 3544. ICO register number: ZA403276.

1.2 Stasher makes available an online marketplace for Customers to find and book available Storage from Hosts.

1.3 Stasher does not itself act as a Host. Under the Host Conditions, each Host authorises us to act as the Host’s commercial agent to negotiate and conclude each Storage Agreement with the relevant Customer under clause 3 of these Conditions for the supply of Storage, only on the Host’s behalf. The geographical address and identity of Host will be specified in the relevant booking information (“Booking”) and the Storage Agreement. In this limited capacity, we are not a party to the Storage Agreement. We charge Hosts a commission for providing our services to them. We collect the Storage Fees due under the Storage Agreement on the Host’s behalf as the ‘merchant of record’ that you will see on your card or payment account statement, but we do not charge any fees to you.

2. Bookings and Fees Payable to Hosts

2.1 Customers may book Storage via the Website or Apps at any time. Please check each Host’s opening hours via the Website or Apps prior to Booking. To book Storage through the Website or Apps, you must register to create a data account in accordance with the Website Conditions (“Stasher Customer Account”) by following the instructions on the Website or Apps.

2.2 Each Customer agrees to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update that information as necessary to keep it accurate, current and complete. Stasher reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Stasher Customer Account and access to the Website if any information provided to us by you proves to be inaccurate or incomplete. You are responsible for safeguarding your password and agree that you will not disclose your password to any third party. You must immediately notify Stasher of any unauthorised your Stasher Customer Account by emailing [email protected]. You shall be solely responsible and liable for use of your Stasher Customer Account, whether or not you have authorised those actions, unless they occur after you have notified us of any unauthorised use.

2.3 When placing a Booking, each Customer will be asked to provide certain information, such as: i) dates and approximate times for dropping off and picking up items, ii) number of items and iii) any relevant notes to the order. In addition, each Customer will be asked to provide customary billing information, such as name, billing address and contact details. Each customer will also be asked to provide payment card information to a third party payment provider and each Customer’s payment card will be debited at the time of Booking. Once payment is confirmed, a Customer’s Booking transaction and payment is complete, and the Customer will receive an e-mail confirmation summarising his confirmed Booking. All payments by Customers to Stasher and by Stasher to Hosts will be processed through the Stripe online payment system, unless clearly stated otherwise. Payments made through Stripe will be subject to their automatic fraud checks. Please see www.stripe.com/radar for more information.

2.4 Customers are reminded that Storage must be booked through the Website or Apps. Hosts are not permitted to accept cash payment in store and Customers must not attempt to pay for Storage in cash or otherwise outside the Website or Apps.

2.5 The fees for each transaction are displayed in the pricing section of the Website or Apps and are stated inclusive of VAT. Fees are charged on a time of Storage basis, so if a Customer fails to comply with his stated Storage and collection times, additional charges may be debited to his payment card.

3. Storage Agreement with the Host

3.1 Hosts are responsible for:

  • restricting access to the storage area when bags are kept in storage
  • supervising access to the storage area when bags are dropped off or collected
  • looking after the bags in their care
  • locking bags away
  • Verifying a customer's photo ID against the name on the booking confirmation

3.2 The Website or Apps provides the opening times of each Host, and you are responsible for checking that these suit your Booking plans. By making a Booking and paying for Storage through the Website or Apps, you enter into a contract with the Host who provides that Storage on the standard terms and conditions displayed to you during the Booking process (and available here) which also form part of these Conditions (“Storage Agreement”). Stasher is not a party to the Storage Agreement.

3.3 Each Customer will comply with the security arrangements specified or referred to by the Host in the Storage Agreement, including the provision of proof of Booking and proof of identity, inspection of the luggage stored, sealing of bags and/or photographing the luggage to record condition. Unless otherwise specifically agreed in the Storage Agreement, only the Customer which deposits an item may collect that item.

3.4 Each Customer is responsible for any injury or damage to the Host, its property or any third parties caused by the items stored or by any negligent act or omission of the Customer. Each Host is responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, items stored with that Host unless the damage is caused by factors beyond the control of the Host.

3.5 If a Host alters its opening hours (either generally or on a particular day) or close due to unforeseen circumstances and this will affect an existing Booking by you, the Host must inform Stasher by email to [email protected] as a matter of urgency. Where a Host is not open to receive or deliver on a confirmed Booking, we will refund the Storage Fee paid by you and/or, where practicable and with your consent, to arrange a Booking and Storage Agreement with an alternative Host. In the case that you cannot access your bags at your pickup time, Stasher will attempt to make reasonable arrangements to get your bag to you.

3.6 If you fail to collect your luggage at the time stated in the Storage Agreement, the Host must inform us. We will attempt to reach you and arrange for you to collect your luggage at a new time. Failing this, we will arrange for the collection of your luggage from the Host and delivery of your luggage to you, at your expense. If we are unable to contact you, and you have not contacted us or collected your bags within 7 days of the agreed date, or you fail to pay for the delivery of the bags to you within 7 days of the agreed date for payment, we will dispose of your luggage without further responsibility or liability to you or the Host.

3.7 We, Stasher, hereby state that we act as the agent for our hosts in the issuance of invoices for the services rendered. As an agent, Stasher assumes responsibility for generating and delivering invoices on behalf of the hosts to the relevant parties. Any invoices issued by Stasher shall accurately reflect the services provided by the hosts, and all payments received by Stasher on behalf of the hosts shall be duly accounted for and disbursed to the respective hosts in a timely manner.

4. Prohibited Items


  • Travel documents (e.g. passports, board passes)
  • Explosives, fuel, hazardous or flammable materials
  • Pesticides, toxic chemicals, pollutants or waste of any kind
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Controlled substances or dangerous goods
  • Stolen goods, substance(s) or other contraband deemed illegal or unlawful within the country in which you are storing the bag
  • Perishable food items or spoiled food
  • Radioactive materials
  • Jewellery, watches and items made of precious metals
  • Cash or tradeable assets that hold monetary value (e.g. share certificates, stocks, bonds)

The Host may remove and dispose of any item stored that breaches this Condition without notice to the Customer and without any responsibility to the Customer. The Host may also report to any relevant authority any illegal or suspected illegal activities of the Customer or any hazardous item stored. The items listed above are excluded from the guarantee (see section 6) but if the incident is not caused by the storage of one of the items listed then the rest of the items may be covered by the guarantee.

5. Cancellations and Refunds

5.1 Subject to Clause 5.2 the Customer may cancel a Booking and this Storage Agreement at any time after the Booking is made prior to the drop off time agreed in the Storage Agreement (Cancellation Period) without giving any reason and free of charge or other liability, by doing so online on their account, or by giving written notice to [email protected], or by speaking to a member of the Stasher team and making a clear statement that you have decided to cancel the contract.

5.2 The Host will not supply the Storage within the Cancellation Period, unless expressly requested by the Customer. The Storage shall be fully performed when the Stored Items are placed in the Storage Space, at which time the Customer ceases to have the right to cancel the Storage Agreement.

5.3 If a Host is unable to fulfil a Booking, the Stasher team will notify the Customer and provide a refund or, if the Customer requests, arrange Storage with an alternative Host in accordance with these Conditions (and the new Storage Agreement between the Customer and the alternative Host).

6. Guarantee

For bookings made through our website or Apps, we apply a guarantee of up to £ 1.000 (or at the equivalent exchange rate to your local currency at the time of the incident) against loss or damage to your bag or luggage and items stored within them.

There is no protection provided by this guarantee:

  • For any of the items listed as prohibited in section 4.
  • If there is loss or damage caused by, or as a result of war, terrorism or acts of hostility.
  • If you are able to recover any loss or cost of damage from any insurance policy, guarantee or third party.
  • If you are in breach of any other terms and conditions in this agreement.

As soon as you become aware of loss or damage, you must contact us by following the instructions at https://stasher.com/guarantee.

7. Liability

In addition to the liability provisions in the Website Conditions, each Storage Agreement and the exclusion of liability in clauses 3.5 and 6.6 of these Conditions:

7.1 We shall only be liable for loss or damage you suffer directly from: any breach of these Conditions by us, or if we act negligently or fraudulently;

7.2 We shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you under or in connection with a Storage Agreement or the acts or omissions of any Host;

7.3 If you are outside the UK and want to use the Website or Apps, we shall not be liable to you if the Website does not comply with any local laws;

7.4 You shall only be liable to us for loss or damage we suffer directly from: any breach of these Conditions by you, or if you act negligently or fraudulently.

Nothing in these Conditions has the object or effect of excluding or limiting our liability in the event of the death of or personal injury to you resulting from our act or omission.