A garantia Stasher

Every bag booked through Stasher (formerly CityStasher) may have access to a guarantee up to £ 1.000 (or equivalent in other currencies) against theft or damage when left at Stashpoints.

How it Works

Please note that we only guarantee bags booked through Stasher. Make sure you do not pay cash directly to the Stashpoint, because we will only be able to cover items booked through Stasher. Paying directly to Stashpoints is a violation of our terms and conditions.

If your luggage is stolen or damaged while in storage, please contact Stasher and we will help you to process the guarantee.

We always encourage travellers to lock their bags while travelling, especially when storing anything valuable.

Please refer to our list of prohibited items (these are available in our FAQs and our Ts & Cs) - The items listed as prohibited are excluded from the guarantee but if the incident is not caused by the storage of one of the items listed then the rest of the items may be covered by the guarantee.

Although the safety of your luggage is our highest priority, we nevertheless strongly advise you not to store travel documents, keys or valuable electronics (e.g. phones) that might be essential on your trip.

How to claim against our Guarantee

If you have any questions or need to get in touch about theft or damage, please email us at [email protected] or find our phone numbers here.

Please provide us with your booking confirmation, your contact details, an explanation of what happened, and a police report in the event of a theft.