How to Get More Great Reviews on Airbnb (2024 Guide)

Do you own your own Airbnb but can’t gather the desirable amount of good reviews?

We understand you might be a little overwhelmed, especially if you are new to this exciting yet challenging journey!

Afterall, guest reviews can make or break your Airbnb listing.

Keep reading our guide and we will unveil the secret formula to get more great reviews on Airbnb and make your business thrive!

Let’s start, shall we?

How Airbnb Reviews Work in a Nutshell

The way the Airbnb system works is quite straightforward.

Once checkout is complete, hosts and guests have 14 days to submit their review.

However, if the guest went on an Experience instead of a simple stay, they’ll have 30 days to leave a review.

What is more, hosts and guests can only leave reviews for properties that have been booked and paid for through Airbnb.

Adding to that, in case of a reservation being canceled by the host, neither the host nor the guest will be able to leave a review for the stay.

Regarding the publication of reviews, this happens either after both parties have submitted their reviews, or after the 14 day period ends.

After the end of one’s stay, Airbnb will send an email asking both the guests and the hosts to leave a review.

Following the link within the email, both parties will be taken to the Reviews page so they can share how their booking was with the rest of the community members.

Other alternatives to the above way, include:

  • Writing a review directly on Airbnb
  • Leaving a review directly from your Inbox

Following up, the host can post a public response to a review that they received on by their guest, within 30 days.

Keep in mind that as a host, if you are not content with the reviews that you gathered, you can respond in a kind manner but you cannot remove it.

An alternative is to report it to Airbnb if you believe it violates the Review Policy, so they can take action.

At this point you might ask, why are Airbnb reviews that important?

Well, we will jump into that right now.

Why do Good Reviews Matter on Airbnb?

Like any business that wants to strengthen its brand reputation and stand out from the competition, Airbnb is a platform where success is measured at a high level by reviews.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into that.

You get more bookings

Nowadays, customers search meticulously for reviews before deciding whether to buy a good or service.

Afterall, it’s a no-brainer that a large number of positive reviews on your Airbnb property equals more bookings, which translates to more money for your business.

The Airbnb algorithm boosts you listing

Just like the Google algorithm, Airbnb uses its own algorithm that takes into account over 100 ranking factors when determining which property will gain the top spots.

One of these factors is the number and quality of guest reviews, as well as:

  • The listing’s overall quality
  • Its popularity
  • The price
  • The location

If you have managed to gather lots of positive reviews, the higher your chances are that the Airbnb algorithm will push your property to the first page of one’s search.

You increase your credibility

Apart from the Airbnb algorithm, getting more reviews of high quality signifies that you are doing something right; actually more than right.

When people are searching for the right place to stay, they usually take into consideration a plethora of criteria.

One of them is a positively-reviewed booking, which increases your credibility as a host, that being a driving force to attract more guests to reserve your place.

It helps you become a Superhost

Last but not least, gathering more positive reviews helps you ultimately become a Superhost.

Basically, superhosts are hosts with top performance.

Their listings have something in common; a special badge so that they stand out.

In order for someone to become a Superhost, every quarter Airbnb evaluates their performance as a host for the period of the past 12 months for all listings in their account.

If you meet the program criteria at the time of an evaluation, you’ll automatically become a Superhost.

It is worth noting that one of the criteria to qualify for Superhosts is an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.

If you have made it to this point, you might ask; how can someone get more Airbnb reviews?

Let’s see right away!

8 Ways to Get More Airbnb Reviews

Getting more Airbnb reviews is all about achieving the right balance between quality and quantity.

Let’s delve into some effective ways to level up your game!

Way #1: Optimize your Listing

To begin with, it is important that you keep your listing well curated and as optimized as possible.

To achieve that, a key tip as an Airbnb host is to opt for high-quality photos and accurate descriptions that depict and highlight the unique features and benefits your place is known for.

Also, you need to make sure the place is clean and safe, so that guests can trust you and confidently book your place for their stay.

Below, we have gathered some screenshots of a good example on Airbnb, to give you an idea and get you inspired.

The above example is an entire rental unit in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

The picture depicts a cozy space, ideal for couples looking for a getaway.

As mentioned on the listing, it is well suited for a beach break since it’s actually a 5 min walk from Fistral beach.

The listing offers a detailed description about its amenities and emphasizes on its unique features such as the panoramic view and the cleanliness; that’s why it has 5 out of 5 stars in almost everything.

Let’s move on to the next way.

Way #2: Offer luggage storage

Travelers often have to drag their luggage around the city while they make the most of their first or last day in a new place.

After all, quite often flights might arrive earlier than the Airbnb check-in time, putting guests in difficult and unpleasant situations.

One option is to offer early check-in or even purchase a storage unit for your guests’ luggage.

But since an onsite storage space isn’t always possible, you can always use a reliable on-demand luggage storage service like Stasher!

Here at Stasher we’ve partnered with hotels, cafes, and local shops, in over 890 cities worldwide to cater the needs of every traveler, looking to store their luggage for a few hours or days.

What you can do as a host is share a coupon code with your guests so they get a discount when storing their luggage, in one of our 3.900+ locations!

Way #3: Be kind and responsive to guests

What is more, it is vital that you are kind and responsive to your guests.

Try to make yourself available during the day and be responsive from the moment the booking happens by automating guest messaging. 

No matter how stressed or short tempered your guests are, you need to respond in a good manner, trying to understand their needs.

This way you’ll get a step closer to that positive review and see your business flourish!

Way #4: Provide insider tips for local experiences

What a better way to facilitate and uplift your guests’ experience than to provide insider tips for local experiences.

Guests will highly appreciate your guidance and recommendations as a local, especially if it’s their first time visiting a new place.

You can prepare a list for your guests about some worth visiting attractions, places to eat, or a park they can go for a stroll with their kids.

Be sure that their eyes will fill with joy and appreciation.

Way #5: Personalize each guest’s stay

Personalization is a universal gesture of hospitality.

For example, before your guest’s arrival, you can prepare and offer a local gift such as fresh sweets or drinks, to make them feel welcome.

Paying close attention to your guests’ needs and tailoring your services and experiences to cater to each guest’s preferences is a great way to make your guests feel at home.

Way #6: Equip your place with the right amenities

First impressions matter the most, so keeping your space clean and equipped with the right amenities adds to your guests’ overall impression of your space.

Keeping your Airbnb tidy and making sure that you provide basic amenities such as shampoo, hand soap, bath and hand towels, is a great way to offer your guests a comfortable stay that will be worth sharing with other people.

Note: To be ahead of your game, don’t forget to download our full Airbnb host checklist that we created here at Stasher.

Way #7: Offer extra perks

Don’t hesitate to go that extra mile and offer some extra perks.

Besides adding a welcome note and providing guests with guidebooks and maps of the city, you can offer board games, puzzles, or a collection of DVDs.

As long as it doesn’t hurt your pocket, you can also provide some modern entertainment (e.g. Netflix, computer games).

These little but thoughtful gestures will ensure that your guests will have a fantastic and memorable stay.

Way #8: Politely request for a review

Imagine this scenario; you have done everything right, you followed our guide on how to get more great reviews, but you didn’t get a review.

Why? Well, they forgot.

That’s why you can be more proactive about this.

After sending your guests a ‘thank you’ message for their stay, go ahead and politely request for a review.

Don’t hesitate to let them know you’ll leave them a positive review, increasing your chances of them reciprocating your gesture.

Let’s wrap things up with some final words.

Now Over to You

We hope that we got you covered with all the essential information on how to get more great reviews on Airbnb.

Caring for your guests and offering them a personalized stay is part of the Airbnb experience nowadays.

Good communication is key to get outstanding reviews from your guests and soon be considered a Superhost.

And as we mentioned earlier, something that can differentiate you from other hosts and contribute to your 5-star ratings is providing luggage storage options.

So go ahead; become a host and get a 20% discount plus earn 10% commission on every customer you refer!