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Luggage storage Zurich

Luggage storage Zurich


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Where can I store my luggage in Zurich?

Searching for luggage storage in Zurich? One of the principal landmarks of Switzerland's largest city is the massive clockface at St. Peter's. Zurich's famous precision timepieces are merely a reflection of the city's outstanding efficiency. Visitors continuously remark on the user-friendliness of the city's public transportation system. Incredibly, most of Zurich's plazas sport beautiful fountains that bring fresh, drinkable spring water from the surrounding mountains.

You can easily spend an entire day strolling along the cobbled streets of the Old Town. Alternatively, visitors can hire one of Zurich's many available public bicycles to explore the city. Unfortunately, neither walking nor biking can be much fun if you are stuck carrying heavy packs and bags with you. Luckily, you can find safe and affordable luggage storage options in Zurich.

Your Guide to Luggage Storage in Zurich

1. Affordable Luggage Storage in Zurich With Stasher

At Stasher, we take pride in our award-winning customer service staff. We carefully vet our StashPoint hosts to provide you with optimum convenience and security. All of this and much more makes Stasher your best choice for luggage storage in Zurich.

  • For your added security, we include $1000 in insurance coverage for each item you store with Stasher.
  • While most storage facilities charge extra for oversized items, Stasher charges a flat €5 fee, regardless of bag-size.
  • Stasher partners with Premier Inn, Expedia and
  • Stasher has proudly received endorsements from the BBC, EliteBusiness, and Lonely Planet.

How much does it cost to store your luggage in Zurich?

Stasher charges a low flat fee of €5 (5.44 CHF) per bag per day for luggage storage in Zurich.

Where are the StashPoints for my luggage in Zurich?

You can find convenient StashPoint hosts near Bahnhofstrasse, St. Peter's, Grossmunster and Fraumunster. We also have StashPoint locations near Zurich's main transportation hubs.


Use our interactive map to find your most convenient StashPoint in Zurich.

Opening Hours

Most of our Zurich StashPoints allow you to drop-off and pick-up baggage 24/7. It's always a good idea to double-check your chosen StashPoint when you reserve your luggage storage.

How to store your luggage with Stasher

Locating one of our many StashPoints is a piece of cake! 

  1. Find a location that suits your schedule by using the map 
  2. Book online
  3. Drop off your luggage! 

Our booking process takes just a couple of minutes so you can make the most of your day in Zurich. With Stasher, there are no size restrictions so you can store whatever you please. Furthermore, many of our StashPoints are open 24/7, and our award-winning customer support is committed to providing you with the best service possible!

Things to Do in Zurich

Although Zurich prides itself on efficiency, don't let that give you the impression that the city is stuffy in any way. Zurich maintains an edgy, avant-garde side that shows itself through the city's art galleries, hip restaurants and trendy boutiques.

During the two world wars, artists flocked to Switzerland because of the country's neutral status. A precursor to Surrealism, the Dada movement started in Zurich as a protest against the absurd atrocities of World War I. Author James Joyce wrote Ulysses during his extended stay in Zurich during the war. The Zurich James Joyce Foundation hosts the most comprehensive collection of the author's work in the world.

If you're up for an evening of live music and alcohol-fueled shenanigans head to Zurich West, the city's red-light district. Visitors looking for a more relaxed experience can pass an afternoon at one of the many riverside cafes. Travellers with a sweet tooth can sample some legendary Swiss chocolates from Zurich's many chocolatiers. Art lovers definitely should not miss the colourful stained-glass windows designed by Russian Jewish artist Marc Chagall at the Fraumunster.

2. Luggage storage and lockers at the Flughafen Zurich (Airport)

Where can I find luggage storage near Flughafen Zurich?

The Left Luggage area next to the Service Area in car park 2 offers two options for luggage storage.

Hours of Operation

6 am to 10:30 pm, seven days per week

How much does it cost?

Travellers can store backpacks and suitcases for 12 Swiss Francs (CHF) each for 24 hours at the attended office. Alternatively, you can rent a locker from Left Luggage. Prices are 9CHF (small), 11CHF(medium) and 13CHF(large).

In comparison, Stasher only charges €5 per bag (approximately 5.44 CHF) per day.

Useful information about the Zurich Airport area:

  • You can pick up your Zurich Card right at the airport. Good for 24-72 hours, Zurich Cards give you unlimited access to public transportation and free or discounted admission to museums and other popular attractions.
  • Trams outside the airport will take you to the city centre. If you use your Zurich Card to get downtown, you will have almost entirely paid for the 24-hour card.
  • The Circus Salto Natale sits just across the freeway from the airport. If you happen to be in town from mid-November to the end of December, you can catch their spectacular holiday show.

3. Luggage storage near the Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station)

Where can I find luggage storage near Zurich Hauptbahnhof?

Travellers can store luggage at the SBB Travel Center at the Zurich Hauptbahnhof.

Opening Hours

7 am to 9 pm, Monday-Sunday

How much does it cost?

The SBB Travel Center charges 12 CHF per bag per day. That's more than double than Stasher's low €5 fee per bag. Lockers are also available at the Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Prices range from 7-12 CHF for 6 hours. Costs can quickly add up if you need to store your bags for an entire day.

Useful information about the area around the Zurich Hauptbahnhof

  • Walk right out of the front door, and you'll be at the beginning of Zurich's legendary shopping street, Bahnhofstrasse.
  • Zurich's three main churches lie just east of the southern end of Bahnhofstrasse. Cross the bridge to get to Grossmunster.
  • A quick walk north from Grossmunster on Munstergasse will take you to Spiegelgasse and the Cabaret Voltaire, former home of Zurich's Dada movement.
  • If you exit from the north of the station, you will find Museumstrasse and the Swiss National Museum.

4. Luggage Storage at the Zurich Sihlquai Bus Station

Where Can I Find Luggage Storage at the Zurich Sihlquai Bus Station?

There are no luggage lockers at the Zurich Sihlquai Bus Station. There are, however, other companies offering luggage storage in the central Zurich area.

Opening Hours

Opening hours vary by company.

How much does it cost?

Local companies charge €6 (6.60CHF) per bag per day. That's more than Stasher’s low fee. Especially with multiple bags, those extra euros can be significant, especially in an expensive city like Zurich.

Useful information about the Zurich Sihlquai Bus Station area

  • The Sihlquai Bus Station doesn't have an actual terminal building. Look for a large marked parking lot.
  • You can find restroom facilities and food options in the businesses nearby.
  • Walking south from Sihlqual will take you to West Zurich and the city's red-light district.
  • Sihlquai lies right on the Limmat River. You'll find many peaceful riverside spots to relax while you wait for your departure.


Easy to book online at short notice, and a good price. The location was easy to find, very central and the service in the shop was lovely. Luggage was kept safe and it all felt completely secure so I’d definitely use Stasher again.

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